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Nillie: How can a person get fed up with the limelight, I feel a star must get brighter and brighter as the Sun so that all the stars fade away under his light.

Parth: The day you will appear to be in my place, you will understand the emptiness within me and wish to be a planet who holds the world within himself.

Nillie: So this is the loneliness talking, I can’t be the world for you but yes I would love to place my satellite to explore the world in you.

Parth: laughed..this dialogue is actually nice, really you made my day. May I know the name of this beautiful lady who brought a smile in my face.

Nillie: I am Nillie and I won’t lie that I have always been a big fan of yours but seeing you today, I am more curious to know the real you more.

Parth: I have always been surrounded by fans and people who want me to build a base for themselves or click selfies with me. You are among the very few who want to meet real Parth, not the reel one.

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Suddenly a beautiful lady came in mid of the conversation, she is extremely beautiful, fair and fab. She is 5’5 inch tall and slim, her name is Sanjali she’s was looking alluring in her blue & black dress.

Sanjali: I was finding you everywhere and you are standing here. Media wants to click pictures of us. We need to start promoting for our upcoming movie this is the perfect time.

Sanjali is a close friend of Mimi and she is a known face in the industry. She is a great dancer and is has signed for an item dance in Parth’s movie.

Parth: Okay you go, I will join you in a minute.

Sanjali bore into Nillie and left them to join the media interaction.

Parth: Aahhh. Nillie it was nice to know you, this is my card, my personal number is mentioned here. If you need me anytime, I am a call away.

Nillie came closer to Parth and placed her lips to Parth’s cheek, Parth’s heart started to beat faster.

He’s a superstar, many fans and girls have tried to kiss him, he had multiple relations and link-up with many beauties but this was different. A women came closer to him, strange women, who made him feel comfortable, such a bold woman yet elegance in her eyes and charm in her smile.

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Nillie: I am a stranger in this city, a sweet gesture means a lot to me. You have a golden heart, I won’t contact you for your help but I will pray to God that he gives a chance for me to get you to know more.

Parth gave a nervous laugh he hugged and left, Nillie was seeing him going away holding the card and thinking of how to enter in his life. Parth is a big shot he can change her life. He gives a chance to many newcomers in the industry and their life changes in one night.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Raghav who put his one hand in her shoulder and the other hand on the card.

Raghav: Wow Nillie! You got Parth’s personal number in just a small conversation. Even I don’t have his number till date, I contact his manager always. He doesn’t share his number generally.

Nillie: You know what, this is Nillie’s magic!

Raghav: I completely agree, that’s why I adore you so much. Shall we go back to the party?

Nille and Raghav danced, laughed and enjoyed the whole night.

So are you curious to know what happens next?

Will Nillie be able to fulfil her dreams with the help of Parth?

Parth will realise that she isn’t different from others, just her approach was?

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