How to handle life problems

We face so many challenges in our life as the graph of the journey of our life never goes at the same pace.We see the downfall and we struggle to lift ourselves. Life is full of drama and emotions, the same you experience while watching Game of Thrones😉What motivates us is our responsibilities, willingness to fulfil our dreams, optimistic attitude.We are at the age, where we are struggling in personal & professional life. Nothing goes smooth, when we try to balance our personal life, our professional life suffers and visa versa. We are not experienced in handling all situation hence when we try to keep everything in place all seems to get Jumbled & jolted up.Factors when we can make lemonade from the lemons life gifts us :1. Try to be happy: This is the most important factor when we are happy we ignore many silly things and handle the issues lightly. Our brain responds to give better and quick solutions to it.2. Remove Negativity: A negative mind is most dangerous and it tends to be highly self-destructive. A negative mind forces you to think worse of any person, circumstances and creates trouble. The human brain is more sensitive over bad things, when something ill happens to us we mourn, we mourn for our heart-breaks, job-stops and multiple issues however when we are happy our brain doesn’t enjoy the gala time for long.Hence when we are upset with something/somebody we tend to release toxins and start assuming situations which might not happen, we stay more unhappy.3. Be creative: Enhance your creativity, do something which you ever wanted to learn or do. Start painting, swimming, dancing etc…4. Start hitting the gym or Zumba : Thirty minutes of walk on a treadmill removes depression. When you return after the gym you will yourself feel relaxed, energised or you will be so tired that you will instantly fall asleep.😴5. Build a network: Make more friends, I will suggest building your strong bond with existing & close friends, the friends whom you trust & are always there for you will make you feel more secure. Play games with them, go for outing, shopping, chill at your place & keep yourself busy.6. Stop discussing the matters that make you upset :I would rather suggest you not to discuss your problems with everyone, people generally don’t like to hear others, they listen to gather gossip and pass the information to others. Only the closest friend of your’s will understand your problem. Discussing the issues will only make you sad it never brings happiness or gives you a solution. After a certain age, we must stop sharing problems with our family even when you know that it will only make you pare worry nothing else will come out of it. So once you feel that you are feeling lightly hearted after you shared your problems stop crying over the same.7. Work on your maturity level: I have seen so many people old enough but highly immature. That kind of person never turns up to be an example for others.8. Be your own counsellor: The best part to end this blog with the most important ingredient to prepare this lemonade is this point.Always motivate yourself, try to understand your mission & visions, effects & circumstances of the steps you take. Think before you act & ask yourself how would you feel if this is done to you.Let me know if the suggestions helped you in any way, share your experiences with us in the comment section.Stay safe & happy, because you are precious….!!

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