Read this if you are getting Squeezed in a bad job.

I am writing this blog to share my learnings I experienced after grabbing an opportunity from a pathetic company. Hence I would like you to know while job-hopping.

I worked in a company for almost 36 days and on the very first day, I got to know that I made a blunder opting for it even after having two offers in my hand.

Key points to research :

  • Online search: Surf glass door /indeed for reviews and ratings.
  • Search on Social media: Search company’s page on Facebook and also hunt people on Facebook/Linkedin. The more employees you find working with that company the more you can understand the strength of the company.
  • Don’t entirely rely on the company’s website: You will find many companies with an attractive and promising website though the reality is quite the opposite.
  • Take a tour of the company: The first and important lesson I learnt was on the first day itself. The day I joined I witnessed that the company was missing all the basic facilities and then I realized that at least I should have noticed before.
  • Check your offer letter: Thoroughly go through the offer letter, your salary annexure, designation and columns mentioned.
  • Clear your doubts: Before you join, be clear with the HR policies, payday and other facilities. Don’t trust the rosy pictures that are shown to you, neither rely on the imaginary projects.
  • Take feedback from employees: After I joined and interacted with the employees I learnt that they have no fixed pay-day and they are paid after a month and half of their work or even later. They need to plead for their salary even.
  • Working environment: Though it’s not possible to judge the organisational environment and judging the satisfactory level of employees on a single day or even after a couple of rounds of the interview still give a try.
  • Sign after reading documents: Read your offer letter, appointment letter or any other documents carefully and then sign it. Companies contract and clauses are mostly one-sided be careful.

I hope you do agree with my learnings do share if you have more opinion.

Be safe & happy because you are precious!

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