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The wait is over, the result is out Zoe went with her mom to check the result. There was a room in which few officers were sitting in front of computers and candidates were mentioning there enrollment number and the officers were mentioning their result.

Zoe: My enrollment number is 22567

Officer: ( searched result ) Your rank is 15.

Zoe was so happy to know that amongst thousands of candidates she performed so well. Other candidates looked at Zoe and admired her intelligence. Her parents were feeling so proud of her.

Now Zoe had two options either she can wait for the next date for PI round and get into a renowned and expensive college or she can be a university student and pay very less amount for her graduation and save her parents money. Moreover, a government university degree holder has more value as it is not so easy to pass the exams.

The very next day Shivaji University starts admission which goes throughout the day. You can’t miss even a minute as thousands of students are waiting for your seat. A minute’s delay and you lose your chance.

So finally it was decided that Zoe will take admission in Shivaji University. The admission process starts from 9 am next morning. So the family after confirming their decision went to bed. Zoe’s parents got emotional that they have to live without her child.

Zoe reached on time the next morning at the auditorium with her parents, they grabbed a seat and waited for the procedure to begin. They were assuming that they will get free in an hour’s time as they expected they will be called according to the ranks.

The admission process started :

The Indian government has reserved access in government jobs, higher educational institutes and legislatures.

So the scheduled tribes, scheduled caste, army wards, university employee wards, foreigners, Other backward classes names were been called irrespective of their ranks.

Zoe and her parents waited for their turn, time passed by from 10 am to 2 pm and then 2 pm to 4 pm. They were hungry, anxious and exhausted and at last when the clock ticked 5:10, general caste was called according to their ranks.

Finally, all process was done and here comes the new phase of Zoe’s life. The college will start after 20 days and Zoe returned to Bhagalpur a city in Bihar where she lived with her parents.

Zoe packed all her belongings but she couldn’t manage to get her tickets a week later from the day of joining.

Her parents cried because she’s the only child and was leaving them for studies 1112 km away from home.

Zoe was ready to leave with father while she saw her father was in her room.

Zoe : Dad, why are you sitting her.

Father : (Sobbing) 😪Now this room will be vacant after you leave.

Zoe : The way you are crying, it makes me laugh you are looking funny😛

Both started laughing and hugged each other.

Zoe reached the hostel with her father though they were relieved that she will be staying with Paly, Paly is four years elder to her and has seen her from birth. They entered the hostel and soon was informed by the hostel owner that Paly has decided to occupy the whole room and won’t stay with another roommate. They were aback to hear the uninformed change. Now she has to find a new roommate who will be entirely strange. Her father stayed there for a day helped her to settle down. A 17-year-old girl Zoe was in a strange city among strange people all alone.

She got a new roommate name, Rita. Her father left for home early morning and she returned to her hostel with her all belongings. Her room was on the 3rd floor nearby staircase, it was a two-seater room. The hostel consists of more than 70 rooms. Zoe climbed the stairs and knocked on the door of her room at 8 am but her roommate didn’t open the door for 2 hours, she waited outside. She was confused and afraid, she didn’t know anyone and being an introvert girl she didn’t know to interact with others. She sat at the staircase and waited for her roommate to wake up and open the door for her.

Rita is of short height and a bulky girl she’s a 3rd-year student of engineering. It was Sunday morning and all the girls were roaming around the bay, giggling, talking and working. Zoe sat helplessly and waited for her roommate to open the door, it was August and was hot outside.

Did Rita open the door for Zoe? How will be her new roommate? Will she manage to survive all alone? What will happen when Zoe will start her college from the next day?

Wait for the release of Part-5, till then cherish and enjoy reading the blog!!

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