Zoe- Chapter-2, Zoe in Gwalior


The day arrived when Zoe’s parents and Paly’s mother travelled for Gwalior. Gwalior is a city in central India known for palaces and fort. Gwalior was emerging as an educational hub for nearby states as the lifestyle and education was a way cheaper than the metro cities.

Zoe with her parents reached Paly’s hostel. It was the first time she saw a girl’s hostel, there were around a hundred or more girls residing in the building. Zoe looked like a kid but her attire was quite outdated and she looked like an alien with her specks in traditional attire. Girls whispered at her back. They settled down in the hotel nearby.

The next day was her exam and she was nervous as it was a government university spread in wide acres of land. The university was teaching 99 different courses and ranked 7th largest university in Asia.

Zoe’s father’s bell rang and her maternal uncle informed about the result of Saint Carmel’s. She scored highest marks in English and lowest in Maths she scored well in rest subjects. Her PI round was selected in the second lot due to her fewer marks in Maths hence they need to wait for the next 20 days to get the date confirmed.

Shivaji University was very reasonable as it’s under government also if you hold amongst 16th position you will also get scholarship hence the fee will be almost 70 times lesser than Saint Carmel.

Zoe went for the exam the University was fully packed with students all over India. Finally, she finds her way to the examination centre and took a sigh of relief after looking at the test paper. It was way easier for her. She was happy after her exam and returned to the hostel the result was to be declared in the evening on the other day.

The hostel was having two & three-seaters sharing a room. Few occupied a single room Paly’s roommate was about to vacate the room hence it was decided that Zoe will be staying with her. They visited palaces and fort went shopping during the rest of the time.

Zoe met with Archie, Paly’s friend she was a quite humble and polite girl. She belonged from the same state so Zoe felt homely.

Here comes the day of Zoe’s examination result was to be declared. She went with her parents and was waiting for the announcement to be made.

Will Zoe be able to get admission in Shivaji University or she will return to Kolkata?

Stay with me to read the fourth page.

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