Zoe- Chapter 3 Transformation begins


Rita left the room in a day and Zoe felt victorious. Zoe started interacting with hostel mates also girls of her floor started visiting her room after Rita left.

Those days Orkut was popular in India. Zoe also created an account on Orkut, She found many school friends there, she added Sam and a few more friends. She wished if she could find Rudra, he was still not out from Zoe’s mind.

Now she had made friends, it became easier for her to settle down. It’s been two months now she has adjusted herself to the hostel life. However, Zoe’s mother was still in pain of departing from her child, she spent hours and hours in Zoe’s room, sleeping in her bed to feel the presence of her only child. She called every hour to hear her voice. Zoe’s father was upset to see the situation of both mother & daughter. He decided to talk to her, one day while Zoe’s mother was crying in Zoe’s room, her father sat silently near to her, said :

“It’s painful to see you both crying like this. You need to be strong and make her as well so that she can adopt. It was her choice to move to another town and you supported her. If you both behave like this, I will bring her back, you both stay happy then”.

Zoe’s Mom: You book the tickets for Gwalior asap. I want to see her.

Nile and other friends often came for group studies in her room. Archie returned after the semester break, they both started sharing a great bond and spent time together.
Archie was a beautiful girl with long and straight hair, she was slim and fair but she was very strict for Zoe and treated her as a sister.

On the other hand, Zoe had Archie and few more friends now in the hostel, college mates and a few online friends one of which was Savy her new chat buddy with whom she spent hours and hours chatting daily, a gentleman, they only texted each other on Orkut. But besides all, Sam and Zoe both got busy in their own lives, the daily phone calls became alternate and then reduced to once in a week.

One evening, Zoe found a pending request from her classmate who was one of Rudra’s best friend. With an intention or hope, she added him that someday Rudra might send her request as well.

Therein Bhagalpur at the same time, Zoe’s mother was packing her bags to travel to Gwalior next day. Zoe was excited to meet her parents finally and she went to the store to buy a few snacks for them.

Finally, the morning arrived, Zoe’s parents were about to reach in the evening. Every minute of the wait was getting difficult for Zoe. Finally, their parents arrived, her mother was tired but her eyes sparkled seeing Zoe’s face. They hugged each other but their parents were now relaxed to see that now their child is able to live alone. They met with all her new hostel friends. Zoe with her family went for shopping and hopped at restaurants. After two days, Zoe’s parents returned but now they were relieved to find their child happy.

Zoe found a new roommate Lashy, she was Archie’s friend and senior of Zoe. Three of them became very good friends. Lashy was a tall and slim girl came for studies from a small town. She was studying at a private college. They used to spend all the time together. Zoe didn’t like going to college as the government teachers used to miss their periods but Zoe bunked her class because she loved spending time in a hostel, a new family for her.

A Sunday morning, Archie knocked on the door of Zoe’s room with news of Paly’s return. Three of them gossiped and discussed over the friendly equation Zoe, Archie and Paly will share now.

Paly & Archie were classmates but Archie had built a stronger and close relationship with Zoe now so did Zoe.

Paly was jealous to find that Zoe has built a good friendship bond with Archie. Zoe avoided Paly as much as she can. She was hurt what Paly has done.

Zoe always wanted to join the gym and groom herself, she joined a gym and followed the diet plan. She started reducing weight.

Here the tensions in the hostel started to rise more as Archie avoided Paly which made Paly lose her temper. Paly wanted Zoe to be with her and obey her.

One afternoon, when Zoe was taking a brisk walk on the terrace. Paly came to Zoe and said:

Paly: What’s your problem? Why you are not talking to me? You are becoming over smart after shifting here. Don’t forget, I am your local guardian here, I will complain to your parents how you have bypassed and made friends with others and what you do here.

Zoe didn’t say anything and turned around to leave. Suddenly Paly forcefully pulled her hand to stop her.

Now, what will happen? Will they both will be able to clear their differences?

Will Rudra ever connect with Zoe?

Stay with me for the next part.

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