Zoe-Light of Moon

Chapter 1: Page-1

Today is a very important and life-changing day of high school students. The result will be declared at 10 am, Zoe was panicking at her room while her father went to check the result.

Zoe worked hard for her exams and now is the day which will decide her future. Zoe is fair and fluffy, a girl with brown hair and tiny eyes who carried spectacles. She is beautiful but her beauty is hidden under her attire which her mom used to select for her, her dress sense was old-fashioned and has very fewer friends. She liked to stay at home doing nothing, she is lazy and bunks her school and tuition always. However, she seemed to be studious but the truth was she’s forced to study. Her parents are very protective of Zoe.

Finally, her father returned home with a smile on his face and proudly cheered at her. She scored very good marks which were way beyond their expectations. Her parents were busy calling all relatives and informing about her result.

Her turning point was the day when the tuition teacher challenged her mother that she won’t be able to score good marks. She promised her mother, that she will score good marks so she studied night and day.

She informed the same teacher about her result who was biased for a few students one of her favourites was Zoe’s crush named Rudra. Zoe was a shy natured girl and never interacted much with Rudra though they were in the same class and went to the same tuition teacher. She received a call from the school, they wanted to congratulate Zoe so asked to visit her. She got ready and went to school. All the teachers congratulated her, the principal offered sweets and blessings, her picture was clicked and published in the newspaper. She had fewer friends she interacted with very lesser people though she had a great sense of humour. She was like fresh air for her friends as she was a charming personality, made her friends laugh on her jokes.

Because of her introvert nature, she was mistaken as a girl who carries a lot of attitude including Rudra but doesn’t know what was the thread between them whenever Rudra was nearby Zoe butterflies wobbled in her stomach. She was the kind of girl whom no boy will consider to make her girlfriend and she also knew that and always lacked confidence in herself.

Here came the turning point of her life when her parents agreed to send her away for higher studies. But it was already late as even her parents didn’t know her potential they didn’t apply earlier in colleges. They travelled to a metro city for her admission, she approached many colleges and but admission process were already closed.

Will Zoe be able to fulfil her dreams? Ever she will meet her crush?

To know the next part stay with me.

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