Chapter-3; Page-10

Zoe was so much in the belief of spiritual activities. She started doing planchette very often.

Zoe had a gym friend, Niti a single mother of 2 kids, she ran a beauty parlour for her living and practised spiritual activities. She was a believer in God, meditated & worshipped for hours and hours. Zoe was so attracted towards Niti and her spiritual practices. Niti knew palmistry, she was a fortune teller, they used to share their experiences and knowledge.

Zoe not only was her gym friend but also her loyal parlour customer. Niti had relationships with multiple guys and she discussed her unsuccessful married life, along with her spicy dates with random men with Zoe.

Zoe was discovering that having a boyfriend is very common also an interesting matter to discuss. She made a perception that beautiful girls must have boyfriends because she heard of comments which got poured in her mind.

Possessing a boyfriend; a style statement is the new learning she absorbed.
She continued talking with Sam and Rudra however, Rudra was in daily contact but Sam called her only twice or thrice a week.

She built feelings for both the boys and wondered who will be the dream boy. She already lost hope in Rudra as he disclosed about his girlfriend, she considered Sam on the first place as he was his only friend when she had none.

One evening, when Zoe was studying suddenly Rudra called him ;

Rudra: Hey!

Zoe. : Hello!

Rudra: What are you doing?

Zoe. : Just preparing for my internal exams. You tell

Rudra: Please do me a favour, call at my girlfriend’s mother number, once she receives say that you are a friend of Gunj and when Gunj will be online, I will speak to her. We will be on Conference-call.

Zoe had no prior experience in helping friends in these cases, she denied. Rudra requested her several times and finally, she got convinced.

She dialled the number and Gunj’s mother picked up.

Zoe: Hi Aunty!

Gunj’s mother: Yes, who’s on the line.

Zoe: Aunty I am Gunj’s friend, I was trying her number for few days but her number is switched off so I dialled your number. Kindly pass the call to her.

Gunj’s mother: From where are you calling? How do you know her?

Zoe: I am calling from Gwalior now, I was preparing medical exams with her in Kota.

Gunj’s mother: She is not in the home now.

Zoe: Please tell her to call me when she comes, bye aunty.

Gunj’s mother hanged up the call, Rudra was on the line, he heard everything.

Rudra: Her mother already suspected that I was behind this call.

Zoe consoled him to wait as Gunj might call her back.
Rudra kept on talking about Gunj how he taught her Biology and though she was dumb in studies, he taught her because she was his girlfriend.

Zoe kept on listening to him, the tales of his love life.

The next morning, Zoe had the mid-term exam she prepared for her exam and went to college. She was afraid of what if due to short attendance she isn’t allowed to sit in the exams. She has missed many classes after she joined the gym.

She rushed to the notice board where the list of students was mentioned who were eligible for exams.
Zoe wasn’t allowed to sit in 3 exams due to short attendance including this subject. She requested the teacher but went in vain.

She returned to her hostel and directly went to Archie’s room. Archie consoled her that it was normal to miss papers as she has a chance to sit in rest 2 mid-terms and only 2 mid-terms marks were considered. That was the first time, she started taking exams lightly. She was panicking as what to say her parents as they will trash her if they get to know.

Zoe was having lunch with Archie when her father called. She lied to her father that she gave the exam though it didn’t go well.

This was the first time she lied to her parents but she found that her parents weren’t upset so telling lies and hiding truth is good to keep parents out of worry. A new thing she learned today.

Zoe is not the simple girl anymore, she is absorbing good and bad lessons.

Worried about Zoe’s career, what will happen to the school topper?

Will Gunj call Zoe?

Zoe will have a boyfriend ever?

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Simple, obedient and studious.


An average student who enjoys all colours of life.

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