Do you believe in future predictions?

Here are a few future predictions.

We all have heard about intuition and studied about five sense organs but it’s also believed that we have a sixth sense.

Have you ever felt that there is something else which can sense danger, observe or feeling the aura of a person?

We generally say that ” I didn’t like the vibe of the person” or ” I think that I am forgetting something”.

We have watched many shows where a person can communicate with the dead bodies or can predict the future.

A very popular Hollywood movie “The sixth sense was based on a person who could speak to dead people also there were many Bollywood movies and web series based on the same script. Recently, I watch a web-series on Viu app where a person gets inside to the brain of a coma patient to know the crime as easily solves the cases getting into the mind of dead bodies and helping police to find out the criminals. This is so much, a person like this can help police then we won’t need to wait for the postmortem or forensic reports, isn’t it?

That’s crazy, in our India we have so many saints who tell us about the power of meditation and train our mind accordingly. They can predict your future and tell you what’s going in your mind.

I remember while I just started my career after studies, I went to Gwalior to spend time with my friends and from there I landed to a baba ( Saint) in Gwalior. He was very famous for his future prediction and can exactly tell you what’s going in your mind. He used to charge only 10 Rs from the followers who came for a consultation, out of curiosity I also went with one of my friend.

Must Read:

So everyone was sitting on the floor and the baba was sitting on his throne; it was exactly not a throne it was a kind of cemented place. So one of the volunteers gave me a small piece of paper where a number was mentioned and followers were being called accordingly so mine was ninth. It was an open space so we can hear the problems and issues of all.

There were many ladies sitting who were worried because of their husband’s and his family majorly. So the problem and solutions we’re given instantly.

Listening to there problems, I realized that I have no problem then now I do have a lot of issues.

I was there to know about my career, future if I will get a better job, about my love & relationship( though it was secondary then) but yes I wanted to know about that as well.

So my number came, the baba asked my name, he closed his eyes and meditated for a few seconds and then looked at me and smiled. He lifted one of his hands and started reading looking at it. There was nothing written, to my astonishment he said

Arey yar main jitni talented Hun waise mere sath Kuch hota nai hai,meri job jaisi lagni Chahiye waise kab lagegi?

Mere sath to Kuch Acha hi nai ho rha

Arey yar main BADA admi kab banungi.

Hey dude i'm so talented but I never get job according to my skills and talent. When will I get a good job and earn wealth, name and fame.

The irony was that I have a habit of using “is yar” very often and the Saint started with this. Till today, I have no answer how he did that because it’s the way I speak and he didn’t speak the same way to others.

But what is more interesting what he said. Pay attention to it, because this is going to be epic.

You will become very famous one day, you will have your own factory. The factory which you are working now will be yours one day or you will start something similar to it.

Mine was most positive compared to my friends, so I was on cloud 9 though the important factor was that I was working with IndusInd bank then so how it’s possible to own a bank or start a new bank. You have an angel with you who will always protect you and no one can ever harm you.

I am not Ambani’s daughter who can just call her dad and say, I am quitting my job, dad, because now I want to start up my own ” Bhattacharyya bank”.

So at present, I don’t own any bank nor a factory. Yes, I do have a start-up which is not yet profitable or on records of giving me fame.

I haven’t appeared on any magazine’s from page yet with a quote ” young and talented Entrepreneur” nor any reporter came to interview me, let’s see if I can accomplish my dreams before I die and predictions of baba come to be true.

Also talking about the angel, I haven’t met her yet but yes one thing I have endured that nothing wrong happened to me till date and the best part is those who conspire against me has failed or got punished, not always but yes sometimes but don’t know about the fact, but I am not promoting superstitions over here let me be precise and clear about it. I just shared my experience but with age, I stopped believing in astrology, stars or miracles of gems.

This was my story but we have heard and read about so many future predictions done and mentioned by media.

I remember the future predictions done by an octopus was famous, he always correctly predicted the winner of the football cup.

Famous future predictions:

In 1660, Robert Boyle predicted that transplantation will be one of the most important tools for curing diseases. No doubt, that our technology has advanced and his prediction became true.

By 2022, people will be fluent in many languages. I am not sure if it’s going to happen though I can speak in three languages yet I am not able to read or write in the Chinese language in spite of having my business in China and interacting with them on daily basis from 6 years. I think I will be the only person who won’t be able to prove the prediction correct.

Passwords will be abandoned, it might happen because already our phones have the face recognition method so I suppose within 5 years this will be more effective in every field.

We will be able to communicate with our close ones even after death through virtual reality. It might happen as Ray Kurzweil, futurist and director of Google is the one who introduced this idea.

An asteroid might destroy us in 862 years, this kind of news I am hearing since 2000 yet I and my earth is safe.

The widow of a victim the September 11, 2001 attacks proclaimed that many victims had premonitions on the subject of this brutal day. Her husband had vertigo the morning of the attacks while on his way to work. And well before the 11th of September, he often said he didn’t see himself living beyond the year 2001.

The sinking of the Titanic was also future predicted.

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death, a few days before he was killed.

We can find many such predictions in our day to day lives, share me yours and if it came true.


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