Mysterious facts in world.

There are so many places and incidents which are unsolved or unknown to us. There are a few things which are unexplained by Science and a few things which are so weird, people can’t explain it.

I suppose almost all of us has heard about the Bermuda Triangle and the underlying causes.

We have heard about many haunted places and houses where ghosts live. Some believe that they have seen UFO and aliens. Let me share some lesser-known mysterious things today.

There are many mysterious things in the world. In this blog, I am naming a few:

Eternal Flame Falls

Eternal Flame Falls, this curious natural manifestation is a real ambivalence to behold. It’s a small waterfall located in the Shale Creek preserve, it emits natural gas that can lit the small blaze or flame.

The city of Atlantis

This is a fictional island though many books in history states to believe that there was an advanced city.

Atlantis was named after a DemiGod and it might be 11500 year’s old.

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Many of the time mankind and empires were destroyed. However, according to Plato, Atlantis existed he wrote around two books on the subject.

People have lost wealth even their lives to look for Atlantis.

The ambivalence of musical pillars-Vittala temple, Hampi, Karnataka.

This temple consists of 56 pillars and they produce sound when tapped, but Britishers tried to unveil the mystery during their rule by breaking two of the pillars, they could find nothing inside. However, dabbing on them has been prohibited in order to conserve them.

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Kongka Pass State- India-China Border

Remember Jadoo from Koi mil gya?

We have watched many movies who shows the existence of aliens and their excursion to earth.

Indian Army has been noting innumerable sightings of unidentified luminous and radiant objects near Ladakh around India–China border. According to some army officials, these objects are not drones or satellites, and according to the astronomers who investigated the manifestation, these are not meteors either. These flying objects reportedly look like spaceships and it has become a common sight to see them entering the base and fleeing away and nonetheless, it is unspecified.

Floating stones- Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

According to the epic story, Ramanaya we have read that Lord Ram built a bridge from the stones popularly known as Rama Setu or Adam’s temple.

It was said that the normal stones we’re lifted and “Rama” was written on it and then they were thrown to the sea which started to float. Few stones have been found from that place, which tends to float and scientists are yet to identify the manifestation of the floating stones.


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