Zoe-Chapter 3; Page-9

I love U.

Zoe was blown by the message. She was holding a cooking pan on one hand and the phone was on the other hand. She was demented of worry and excitement. Her crush proposed her but at the same time, she didn’t like Rudra proposing her within 3 months of friendship.

Though she was flustered and her heart was ready to guard down, finally after staring at the message and thinking for a few minutes she controlled her emotions and texted :

What..??… Are you out of your mind, we are just friends and I don’t like all these…..

After texting him, Zoe was quite confused she maintained her dignity by refusing, she didn’t like Rudra’s early proposal, however, at the same time she was upset in denying to the person, she actually felt for.

Zoe took a deep breath, continued preparing her lunch. She received another text from Rudra

I love the alphabet U, not you. I love all other alphabets as well ☺☺

After reading the message, Zoe was mad at Rudra but she was happy to reject the proposal, it would be really shameful if she had accepted it.

Things went normal, both didn’t discuss the same topic again. Rudra’s respect for Zoe increased. They started becoming good friends. Rudra shared about his girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Lashy decided to leave the hostel and shift to a flat with her friend. She informed Zoe a week before shifting, Zoe got upset and cried a lot as Lashy was a good roommate and her friend, she requested to change her mind but Lashy was already firm at her decision.

Finally, the day came when Lashy was ready to move she was waiting for the cab, Zoe went with her to help with her baggage and bid goodbye.

With heavy heart, She was waving to Lashy standing at the hostel gate, suddenly her phone rang, it was Rudra’s call she forgot her loneliness and started talking to him.

Rudra was upset as the girl he liked wasn’t responding any more. Her parents got to know about their relationship and became strict with her. Rudra was unable to contact her for a month, he was upset and said that it’s difficult to forget her. Zoe silently listened to him, she had no experience of love and it’s feelings but she was upset about Rudra.

Rudra kept on talking about her girlfriend and how they spent time together. The day passed with a heavy heart.

Archie was also in her hometown when Lashy left but Zoe was now adapted to the hostel life in these 10 months. It was easy for her to manage alone and spent her time with the rest of the hostel mates.

Zoe being a science student was facing difficulty in accounts. She tried hard to study and kept struggling with Journal, ledger and statistics but only succeeded in scoring passing marks. However, she passed with good marks in Semester 1 but she was now distracted from studies, her focus was on the gym and grooming herself.

Finally, she got a new roommate, named Sonali.

Sonali knew planchette, planchette is basically a board and is famous for calling spirits. Sonali taught Zoe planchette, it was quite adventurous and exciting to call spirits and know about the future.

They, however, didn’t have a board a piece of paper was used were on one end they wrote all alphabets and on the other end digits from 0-9 were written. In the middle a coin was placed, one circle was drawn at the centre and four more circles were drawn adjacent to the centre circle, under which four notes were written





They used to call spirits by placing the finger above the coin, the coin was not to be touched once the spirit comes automatically your finger will step on the coin and it will start moving to answer your questions.

To call a spirit, you need to chant continuously :

Any spirit in the vicinity please enter into this coin.

Once you are done with your questions thank and request the spirit to leave.

Sonali taught Zoe and they started doing that quite often, it required proper concentration it took time to call a spirit. One day, under Sonali’s supervision Zoe practised herself and spirit came soon.

Sonali declared that as Zoe is a child with a clean heart that’s why the spirit came so soon.

They used to ask silly questions if they will pass their exams if they will have a boyfriend and his name…

Zoe one day asked the spirit if she will have a boyfriend

The coin moved to “Yes”

Zoe shared her new experience amongst her college friends and they used to do planchette together.

Some of the predictions were correct that made Zoe believe more.

Zoe felt like a star among her friends.

Her experience with Sonali was quite adventurous, however, she shifted to another room the next month and Zoe was all alone in the room again.

Planchette is dangerous, calling spirits can cause one’s life. Is Zoe in danger?

What will happen to Rudra love-story?

To know, be with me on this journey…

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