Zoe-Chapter 3


It was afternoon and no one was on the terrace except Zoe and Paly.

Zoe freed herself from Paly’s grip, she was shaking with fear as the attack was quite shocking for her, she maintained a distance and said :

Zoe: You do whatever you want to, you didn’t want me to stay and now why are you complaining!?!

She ran away immediately after saying this. Paly was like an elder sister to her, before. Though Zoe never liked to visit her family friends house with parents, she was the only one whom she relished. That was a really very emotional moment though she knew that was the end of their friendship.

Lashy was talking to her friend when Zoe entered with the confusing and frightening face.
Lashy found something was wrong with her and made her comfortable so that she could speak up.

Meanwhile, Paly was still in the terrace, she immediately dialled Zoe’s mother number.

Paly: Hi aunty, Zoe is going out of hands, she never talks to me or comes to meet me. She has made new friends and she ignores me as if I am a stranger.

She continued.

I am her local guardian, I helped her to get admission here and now what I am getting out of it.

Zoe’s mother: Dear child, she chose Gwalior only because of you. We wanted her to study in Kolkata or nearby so that she could be under our supervision. We also accepted her decision because you were there. But when we reached you occupied the room and she had to manage all by herself. Archie and other senior friends helped her to survive.

We will talk to Zoe about this and understand her issues, you concentrate on your studies and don’t bother about her.

Zoe’s mother hung up the call, she was quite worried about Paly’s sudden call and the way she was shouting at her.

However, things became normal after Zoe narrated the whole story to Lashy and Archie, they laughed at Paly and started avoiding her more after the incident.

Zoe discussed with her parents and their parents took it lightly as well.

Zoe always wanted to join the gym and groom herself, one fine day she joined a gym and started following the diet plan.

The gym was quite basic but the gym owner was a great trainer. He invested his time on each member.

One evening, Zoe opened her Orkut account and found “Rudra’s” request on the top.

Rudra’s Message: Hi, it’s Rudra, I hope you remember, we went to the same biology tuition and were in the same class.

How silly was that, how could Zoe forget Rudra, he was her burning desire. She felt extremely giddy & shy whenever Rudra was around her. Rudra used to think Zoe had an attitude problem as she never talked to him but it occurred to be the butterflies flying inside that made her nervous & excited at the same time made her tongue-tied invariably but now things have changed, Zoe has changed.

She felt like her heart will leap out from the chest, she added him instantly.

Rudra was online as well and they started chatting.

Rudra was preparing for Medical Examinations in Kota (a hub for Medical & engineering preparation ) both shared their numbers.

Time passed by, now Zoe & Rudra were good friends they used to chat and talk a lot.

Those were the days, calls were expensive, WhatsApp or similar apps were not been introduced in India. Sms, phone calls and listening to FM channels were the only purposes of using a phone.

Throughout the day they kept texting each other & at night Rudra called Zoe, they used to talk for hours & hours & hours…..

After vigorously gym and diet, in just 45 days, Zoe lost almost 9kgs of weight.

Zoe transformed herself, from fat to fit.

Groomed her dress sense, she looked ravishing, more charming and beautiful than before. Her features rose sharply within her chubby cheeks. Zoe was growing from a kid to a college girl.

She had beautiful, sparkling yet small eyes. She was overloaded with cuteness, her face looked fresh and the smile on her face made people forget their worries.

She had brown wavy hair with a fair complexion, she made boys head turn wherever she went and girls loved to be in her company. She had a golden heart with a good sense of humour, she was caring & loving for her friends.

On the other hand, Rudra was fair and had sharp features with big, brooding and intoxicating eyes. He was of average height and had well-maintained physique with the fine jawline and V-shaped body.

Rudra went to Kota for his medical preparations, he was a bright child but he got distracted there. More than studying and scoring marks in tests he started scoring on girls.

Rudra had around 6-7 girlfriends, few relationships started at Kota few girls were from Bhagalpur itself.

He maintained a diary to remember the important dates, like & dislikes of each girl. In this bunch of girls, he was in love with one girl, however, the girl left Kota yet they were struggling to continue that relationship. Rudra missed her and went to visit her town for a few times.

One day, Zoe was cooking lunch for herself a message appeared,

Rudra texted: I love U….U

Zoe read the message, she was surprised and shocked at the same time.

Rudra was a Casanova, Zoe was unaware of Rudra’s character, she was blushing as she read the message. Rudra was Zoe’s crush, Zoe never expected that her crush will propose to her ever.

On the other hand, Rudra used to send this message to every girl to know the intention of that girl.

Will Zoe fall in Rudra’s trap? Will Zoe admit her love towards him and allow Rudra to cheat her? Will Paly get affected by Zoe’s group?

Guess and tell me the answers or be with me for the next part of the journey..!

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