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27th February, Bhopal-Akhil’s flat.

Akhil woke up from his sleep. Someone was continuously ringing the doorbell and calling on his number. He screamed,” coming wait”.

The whole flat was a mess, bottles of whiskey were rolling over, flies were flying all over the used glasses and utensils. Anyone could say that the flat has not been cleaned for a long time.

Akhil’s heart pumped with anxiety, he guessed, Nillie is standing outside. He opened the door and all his smile went away seeing Paras.

Paras: Hey brother!

Paras gave a tight hug but soon he realised the cold vibe of his brother.

Akhil was aback by Paras sudden arrival. He was not expecting him to be here, at least not this time.

Paras: What happened? You seem so upset. Where is bhabi( sister-in-law)?

He went inside in search of Nillie and looking around the surroundings he soon realized that everything was not fine. He turned back and looked towards Akhil.

Akhil narrated him everything, showed him the divorce papers.

Paras: So now, what you want?

Akhil: I don’t want to leave Nillie, I still love her. I think we should talk, she will come back. She has taken the step out of resentment.

Paras: Do you really think that?

I have never shared you but your friend, Sahil shared me something years back.

Akhil: I asked you not to take his name ever.

Paras: Yes but now it’s the right time and I cannot keep these inside me anymore. He was your best friend. You asked him to help Nillie and get some shows. He also made an album with Nillie then and later you guys had a fight over Nillie. You never listened to his side of the story.


Akhil: How did you know that we had a fight? Do you know that he proposed to Nillie even knowing that I loved her?

Paras: Come on, Sahil was my good friend as well, he was like a family member.

I didn’t tell you then because you were blindly in love with Nillie even you are in the same zone but she was always ambitious and focused.

He told me everything since then I knew the girl was not good for you but I always wanted your happiness so I didn’t say anything.

Akhil: Enough is enough, you are crossing your limit. If you can’t help me at least don’t create more problems.

I don’t want to hear anything about her, don’t forget she is still your sister-in-law and my wife. You may leave now.

Paras: Relax, calm down. I am sorry, I take my words back. Whatever you say, I will follow but please don’t live alone here. Let’s go home, mom misses you so much.

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Akhil: I want to be alone now, I will come later. I need to go to the office now.

Paras: No problem, as you wish but I can’t live you alone here. I will come back to the evening and stay with you. Bye for now.

Paras shut the door and left. Akhil sat on the chair, Paras stirred down his memories. Sahil was a close friend of Akhil’s. They used to spend time together, he was fun-loving and caring. He was very good at everything and wanted to become a movie star. He used to perform in many shows and was a well-known YouTuber then but now he is a star in the Bollywood industry. He gained his success in just 2 years of time.

When Nillie was in Bhopal, Akhil asked Sahil to take her in some of the dance videos.

What happened between Akhil and Sahil?

Nillie was the main cause of their fight, what was the reason?

You will get to know when you turn the next page.

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