Holi party 2020

Holi is at our doorsteps. The festival of colours, happiness, love, forgiveness, food and friendship. It’s is the festival of spring. Also the saddest part, last Indian festival. Now we have to wait for Raksha Bandhan.

Holi is a historical and ancient festival, which is celebrated almost in all parts of our country. Not just India, the festival has spread its colours to other Asian and western parts.

Holi 2020

This year holi is on 9th and 10th March.


It is speculated that Holi is been celebrated several centuries before Christ. Earlier is was known as ‘ Holika’. It is mentioned in Puranas, Vedas and by different poets from the reign of Chandragupta.

Holi celebration in India

Holi this festival has renovated itself time-to-time.

From colours mixed in waters to organic gulal(colour) which is skin-friendly to saving water. But the luckiest part being a 90’s kid, I have enjoyed all. Now holi means events, parties, DJ, dance, gujiya, malpua(Indian traditional dessert), Dahi Bhalla and much more.

Let’s take a tour of India, so first I am going to take you to:

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My native place: West Bengal

Holi is known as Basanta Utsav or Doljatra there. Bengalis celebrate holi a day earlier than other parts of the country.

Holi in West Bengal: 9th March.

Doljatra is celebrated in Assam and Orissa as well. Doljatra is based on Radha and Krishna, Lord Krishna proposed Radha on the day.

Similarly, in this part of India people play with colours which are called ‘phag’ there.

Phag, abir or gulal is the respect, honour, affection shown to elders, family and friends. During the day kids play holi and evening time, phag or abir is applied to the pictures of deceased forefathers, feet of all elders and on the cheek and forehead of same age groups or younger ones.

In Shantiniketan, functions are arranged where artists perform. It was first started by Rabindranath Tagore.

Now let me take you to the place I grew up: Bihar

Now the festival has shrunk down to a day’s festival. Earlier it used to be a 3 days festival with:

Dhul khel( playing in dust)

Choti holi and main holi.

Holika Dahan at evening.

As I grew up in Bhagalpur, Bihar I remember that our holi used to start at 7 am in the morning until the time our parents didn’t take us home.

Our parents were also busy playing holi with their friends. Basically, my parents experienced holi being played with colours and families preparing pidhikiyas, Dahi Bhalla malpua when they settled down in Bihar.

Holika dahan : 9th March, 2020

Timings: 05:54 pm-08:20 pm

Playing with colors: 10th March

Now let me take you to Uttar-Pradesh

The main hub of Holi in India is Uttar-Pradesh. Playing with colours actually started from the lanes of Mathura and Vrindavan and spread all over.

Bhang (Cannabis): Holi of UP is impaired without Bhang, thandai and bhang k ladoo (traditional Indian food and beverage) along with all the mathris and gujias.

It is also celebrated as the harvesting season, people throw water balloons, colours and drench each other with water here.

If you ever travel to UP during holi, you will find

Lathmar holi or Barsana Holi: In this, women hit men with sticks.

If you want to refresh your childhood memories or play the ancient holi then you must go to Mathura.

Holi in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai

In these metro cities, events are organized where you can experience rain dance, pool party, DJ, an unlimited buffet, music and dance, playing with colors and lots more.

However, in Mumbai, they have matki celebration as well.

In Goa, you can enjoy holi in beaches.

Holi Events 2020


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Goa Holi Beach Party

The Grand Holi Party

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Taj Land’s end: Zoom Holi Fest 2020

HOLI Party 20-20 In-Resort

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Safety & Precautions

Due to the Coronavirus and H1N1 outbreak, gatherings are not advised.

Even our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has announced that he will not be attending any events this year.

Many events have been cancelled due to the same cause.

29 cases of Corona Virus have been confirmed until now in India.

It’s better to stay safe at home, enjoy the festival with family.

Prepare special dishes, be your own DJ and let the home speakers take the charge.

Enjoy movies at home.

Wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers.

Happy Holi and save Holi to everyone!!

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