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Nillie performed some dance video in Sahil’s YouTube channel. One day, Sahil got a major project. He got his first break for an album.

Akhil: Dude please cast Nillie in your opposite. She dances so well, your pair seems to be better.

Sahil: ( hesitatingly) Dude I…..I….don’t have any problem but this is not in my hand. Let’s see if the director and producer agree.

Akhil: I know you can convince them. Do it for me, last time, please. Nillie is all impressed with me and before marrying her this will be the best gift.

Sahil: Let us both go and converse to the director. Well, I need to leave now.

They both went to meet the director. He asked for some time to decide because he was already considering to cast a well-known model.

After a few days, Sahil called Akhil.

Sahil: Hey bro! What’s up?

Akhil: All good, you say. How are you doing?

Sahil: All good and I have good news for you. My director is ready to cast Nillie for the album but he has one condition.

Akhil: What condition?

Sahil: He watched our videos as well and wants to cast you in the video. He wants the trio to work in his album.

Akhil: I can’t dance in front of everyone, you know I am such a pathetic dancer.

Sahil: You have to do it for me and Nillie.

Akhil: Please try to persuade Mr. Raj to consider his decision again.

But Nillie and Sahil both convinced Akhil to dance in the video. Akhil agreed and the shoot began. They enjoyed a lot during the whole shooting. Akhil every morning used to prepare his steps and reached to the rehearsal spot to practice with them after office.

The shoot soon completed and during the release day, they went for the launch and they were surprised to find a new model was introduced as the lead for the video against Sahil. The album got released and they got a 30 second of screening where Akhil and Nillie were shown dancing together with Sahil.

Akhil was full of anger, he drank at the launch party and went to Sahil to talk.

Akhil: Ashamed to call you my friend, why you did this? At least you could have denied if you were not interested to launch Nillie.

Sahil: I wanted to talk to you for a long time but couldn’t get time. There was a reason that I did this. The girl is not good for you. I can explain…

Akhil: (stopped Sahil in between) now you are blaming Nillie, wow what a friend you are. You removed her from the album, you backstabbed and now you are blaming that poor girl. What will I tell her, now?

I gave her high hopes and my friend did this to me. What was the reason, tell me?

Sahil: You are highly drunk, we can talk later in details.

Akhil: (screamed) Tell me now.

Suddenly Nillie came there, she held Akhil and supported him as he was unable to stand properly due to heavy alcohol.

Nillie: Let’s not create a scene here, you can talk to him later. Let’s go from here.

Akhil: No I need to talk to him, every time I supported this guy since childhood. He didn’t have money to promote his videos, I helped him. I bought him tripods, I was always there for him whenever he needed anything and just one help I wanted from him and now he is saying ill about you.

Tears rolled down from Sahil’s eyes, with the heavy voice he uttered.

Sahil: I know you love her a lot and you have always helped me. I always loved you more than a brother. She is not good for you, you choose her or me.

Akhil stood silent after listening to what he said.

Nillie: Let’s go Akhil, everything will be sorted.

While Akhil was on the way to drop Nillie, she said the actual motive of Sahil removing her from the album.

Nillie: I never knew that he can stoop to such level. He liked me and proposed to me during the rehearsals. I rejected his proposal but never knew he can do this to me.

Akhil: I am sorry because of me, you had to see all this.

Nillie: I really love you, let’s get married soon. If you are with me, I will get all success but you are most important to me.

Akhil got happy as Nillie was such a generous girl who agreed to marry her even all this happened to her.

Sahil tried to contact him but Akhil never replied. Paras tried to set up a meeting between them but failed. Sahil got busy in his life. He heard about Akhil’s marriage and moved on from his life. After 2.5 years again Sahil’s name was taken.

The phone rang and Akhil came out from his memories.

Was there another story apart from what Nillie described?

Why Sahil and Paras disliked Nillie?

Why Sahil removed Nillie from the album?

Only Sahil has the answer, will Akhil mend up his relationship with Sahil?

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