Nillie- Judge her or adore her

Chapter-5 Page-13

Akhil picked up the call, Ritika was there on the line.

Ritika: Hello Akhil?

Akhil: Hi Ritika, Nillie is there with you in Mumbai?

Ritika: No she isn’t with me. I called you because I thought that you might know where she is. Maa said that she is in Mumbai.

Akhil: You haven’t met her yet? I thought she is with you that’s why I was less bothered.

Ritika: No she is not staying with me. Well, I will try to find her, if you get to know her address let me know.

Akhil: Yes I will for sure.

This was something new to Akhil, he dialled Nillie’s number but she didn’t pick. He started to think about all the connections of Nillie. Checking his phone book, he found Raghav’s number. How could it slip from the mind, he’s the one who has given all-dancing opportunities in Mumbai since a year. How badly Raghav has tried to convince both of them to settle down in Mumbai.

Raghav picked Akhil’s call:

Raghav: Hello

Akhil: Hello Raghav, Akhil this side

Raghav: Akhil, sorry dude, I don’t recognize you by your name.

Akhil: I am Nillie’s husband.

Raghav almost choked listening to that. At one instant he thought of disconnecting the call to avoid fights but then he realised running away will worsen the case and his own image.

Raghav: Oh yes, yes Akhil bro! I remember you, sorry I was in the middle of something so couldn’t recall instantly. Please tell me what can I do for you?

Akhil: Do you know where’s Nillie?

Raghav: She is in Mumbai, I think you already know.

Akhil: I know that she is in Mumbai but where is she staying there?

Raghav: Don’t worry, she is safe and staying with a friend.

Akhil: Give me the address, I want to come and meet here.

Raghav: I am afraid, I can’t give you the address without Nillie’s permission as you both have filed a divorce case and she doesn’t want to see you.

Akhil: This is our personal matter, don’t get involved in this. You just give me the address.

Raghav: I will give you after she permits me to. I have to go now, catch you later. bye…

Akhil: Hello…hello.!!!!

The call was already disconnected. Akhil was getting all frustrated now. He wanted to find Nillie and ask her the reason for the step he never thought of.

He got crazy and kept calling Nillie continuously. She didn’t reply. Out of frustration, he started drinking and called up Ritika.

Ritika: Yes Akhil, tell me did you get any information?

Akhil: Raghav knows where Nillie is, he denied to tell me.

Ritika: What? That, Raghav, she is still in touch with that loser!

Akhil: She has always been in touch with him. Do you have no idea? They are good friends.. Not just good friends..they are best friends.

Ritika: friends, anyway now what do you want?

Akhil: I thought you are in touch with Raghav and you could get the address. Can you?

Ritika: I never liked that loser also weren’t in talking terms ever. I will be the last person on earth whom he will tell about her den.

I have an idea, Raghav has an office in Andheri, I have a friend over there and we can check if we find any traces of Nillie.

Akhil: That will be a great idea, meanwhile I will also book my ticket and come to Mumbai.

Ritika: No need to come now, let us know something about Nillie. I will let you know then you can book your ticket. Well now I need to hang up the call, my boss is asking for me.

Akhil: Okay bye! take care!

Ritika wasn’t able to concentrate on her work.

How will she track Nillie?

What will happen when Akhil will reach Mumbai? Will he able to meet and convince Nillie to return back to his life.

Page 14 will be published this Saturday.

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