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Precautions to fight with Coronavirus.

This blog mentions the safety measures suggested by the Chinese people and according to studies on how to protect ourselves from Coronavirus at home. What to eat and how to take care of a quarantined patient. What and how to eat along with the home remedies mentioned.

Yesterday our honourable prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi addressed the nation and informed that the whole country will be on complete lockdown mode for 21 days.

We are asked to stay at home to save ourselves and our family from getting infected. Only essential items are available in the market. The intention is to break the chain of transmission.

As I teach Business English to Chinese professionals, I discussed with them yesterday about the current situation. They were in the same situation as we are now. The clampdown has been taken must earlier so let’s help and support our nation.

My student and owner of a Company advise us.

Based on the research and studies, I am sharing the preventive measures that you should take to protect yourself even at home.

All points she mentioned.

Preventive measures at home to avoid CoronaVirus.

  • Wash your hands before putting the mask and after removing.
  • Disinfect your dustbin where you thrash your masks.
A Chinese friend of mine believes in prayers, we also have various chants and mantras to fight with virus and disease.
Watch the video of mahamari stotram
  • Take proper rest and get sufficient sleep, staying at home doesn’t mean you watch Netflix whole night.
  • Take some time for exercising.
  • Frequently wash your hands with proper handwash and follow the steps of handwashing properly.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper while coughing or sneezing.
  • Do not touch your mouth with dirty hands and be more careful if you are outside.
  • Sanitise your phone and laptop each time you take them outside.
  • Disinfect the doorknobs and any product you bring from outside.
  • Maintain indoor ventilation.
  • Allow air to pass in, fresh air is required during the lockdown period.
  • Even disinfect your air-conditioners.
  • Disinfect your grills and windows.

After returning from outside, immediately take a shower and wash the clothes that you wore with Dettol and detergent. Don’t touch anything especial

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What and how to eat.

  • Try to avoid the consumption of meat now but if you do make sure to wash and cook it properly.
  • Improve your immunity system, though we are staying at home yet try to involve protein-rich diet involve curd, turmeric, basil leaves, beans and green vegetables.
  • Buy fresh meat or by-products, avoid preserved meat, chicken or fish.
  • At this point, try to separate utensils and knives for raw meats and cooked one.
  • Avoid gatherings, staying at home doesn’t mean that you host parties, or attend others.
  • If possible, disinfect your milk and food packages.
  • Drink hot beverages like tea, coffee, turmeric powder with milk.
  • Eat citrus fruits daily.
  • Drink lukewarm water
  • Avoid consuming ice cream or chilled beverages.

We are been hearing so much about Coronavirus day & night. We find so many videos and articles on coronavirus. If we login to Tiktok we find funny videos or informative ideas.

We all know that there is not a cure for coronavirus until now. However, the latest updates State that vaccination has been invented and has gone for a trial. If it succeeds we can win the global battle.

I have recollected information and sharing here so that you be safe and sound.

Home remedies

  1. The most important thing, try to avoid public gathering. If you feel sick stay at home.
  2. Use alcohol-based sanitizers, though all sanitizers contain alcohol, buy immediately one which has 60% of alcohol in it.
  3. Use sanitizer very often.
  4. Wear masks, buy N-95 masks, it’s available in surgical store or you can order online through Amazon, Flipkart of various other sites.
  5. Coronavirus is spreading more through physical contact than by air. So it’s better to wear hand gloves.
  6. Gurgle with lukewarm water and add antiseptic products like turmeric, potassium permanganate, salt .

Herbal medicines

Some of my Chinese friends mentioned about herbal remedies.

Chinese ancient practices involve treatment through herbs.

To name a few:

  • Radix astragali (Huangqi),
  • Radix saposhnikoviae (Fangfeng)
  • Fructus forsythia (Lianqiao)

You can find more information on :

Look what I shared: Coronavirus Alternative Treatments: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs Help? – MedicineNet Health News @MIUI|

Even China is using traditional medicines to cure patients of coronavirus.

I am sharing the chat where my Chinese friend mentioned about the traditional way of curing the infected person.

In fact, in China people have started working and getting back to normal life.

One of my Chinese friends from Hunan city shared a video while she was returning from office.

China is resuming to work.

How to Quarantine a person

We know that a lot of people who are quarantined, so let us understand first how to detect a suspected case.

  • A person with travel history who has returned from foreign even at this point who has travelled domestically follow the instructions if they have communicated by flights or trains.
  • A person must stay in a single room as Sonam Kapoor did.
  • Avoid all visitors and even the entrance of another family member.
  • Disinfect all the furniture.
  • Clothes and utensils used by the quarantined person should be washed separately.
  • Only one individual should take care of the person. The caregiver must always wear a mask and gloves.
  • Wash your hands, after coming in touch with the objects used by the quarantined person or coming in touch with him.

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A reader of my blogs and stories from China reader’s group throwing light on the benefits of lockdown.

People with low immunity, suffering from other health issues like diabetes, elderly people, pregnant women, the problem in respiration, a sufferer of chronic disease are prone to get affected and the condition can get worse.

Any individual who is suffering from cough, fever or diarrhoea should immediately go for a check-up.

Be safe and avoid public gatherings till then!!

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