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How to deal with bad | negative|poisonous people.

We are surrounded by people who envy us, harm or betray. Not just Julius Caesar was backstabbed by Brutus, now and then a person is been betrayed and backstabbed. In my life, I have witnessed a person whom I helped a lot, going beyond my nature and extent but she poisoned others against me and kept on talking ill to me about others. Based on my learnings I am writing this blog.

We will find this kind of negative personalities in our family, office, friend circle.

We can cut down ties with few poisonous people once you know it’s easy to kick them out of our lives.

However, in some cases, showing the exit door isn’t possible. We have to deal with them and handle them. This blog is about dealing with such kind of people in our day-to-day life.

This is what my experience says, I have a good observing skill and I can judge a person easily, understand their traits so this is a boon for me as I can reckon their upcoming steps.

Limit yourself

You must always know where and when to stop. As we know, the toxic elements in our lives will never appreciate your efforts.

Hence, it is better to help them to an extent that won’t bother or upset you later or hinder your personal or professional life.

Less Communication

Have limited communication with them as it won’t give them the authority to discuss your lifestyle and problems to others.

Also, less communication will help you to get negative advice or suggestions in your life.

Because I have witnessed such kind of people in my life who have always provided me with antagonistic suggestions, notions, recommendations, advice to me hence it created trouble in my life or led to fights with loved ones or made me depressed.

Least you reply to them, more you make your life peaceful.

Forgive them but never forget what they have done.

It’s not easy to forget, for me, certainly not. I keep a count of everything done to me whether in a good way or bad.

But it is necessary to forgive the things and move on as it is part and parcel of life. Human beings are social animals and we cannot keep the things in our mind till life ends.

But that doesn’t mean you must forget what they have done to you. A formal relationship is good for them to create a positive environment but forgetting and letting them enter again means you are feeding a snake to insert venom within you and your life.

Never allow them to disrespect you.

Be it your co-worker, family member, in-laws, no one on this earth has the liberty to humiliate you.

If anyone ever tries to, show them their limits and set your boundaries.

No need to change or counsel them.

No need to show concern to them as they are not here to take counselling from you.

They are never wrong and it’s never their fault, they love to blame others.

In real life, I have experienced people like this who come to me or called me to share their problem, discuss their issues or to gain sympathy. I knew that the person is wrong and the problem can be easily resolved hence when I tried to show them the path, I was asked not to in an indirect way as it was a one-way exchange of information.

If you have any other suggestions or experiences feel free to share with me.

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