Nillie- Judge her or adore her

Chapter-5 Page-14

Ritika was disturbed because it’s already been a week, yet no one knows where exactly Nillie is.

Her parents were pressurizing her to search for her sister though she was avoiding because she knows that Nillie is smart enough to take care of herself.

But now it’s a matter of concern, not because of her sister, but that now all the family members are worried and tensed.

Ritika called Kartik :

Ritika: Hello

Kartik: Hi, wassup?

Ritika: Good..actually..actually I need your help.

Kartik: What happened? Yes you know naa..that you can always count on me? Tell me

Ritika: I need to find where my sister is staying, my parents and Akhil all are very worried about her.

Kartik: Do you have any idea where she might be staying? We can report to the police, they will find her out.

Ritika: No need to drag police because she’s not missing. She is in constant touch with everyone, it’s just that she doesn’t want to return back, being an adult she can make her own decision.

Kartik: You are right, so what do you want?

Ritika: I have a plan but I need your support.

Kartik: Plan!!! (asked shockingly) tell me what plans do you have.

Ritika: I know where we can find her, she has an old friend who is in the industry and Akhil told me that Raghav knows where she’s staying.

He has an office in Andheri, we can go and check.

Kartik: So if you know the person, then it’s sorted. You can simply call that friend and as you are her sister, he will give you the address immediately.

Ritika: That’s not so easy, Akhil has already tried and he rejected to provide him with the address. I don’t share a healthy bond with this person, so he is definitely not going to give me. What we can do is simply find Nillie and confront her.

Kartik: I am in. Not an issue but sounds so filmy, I will suggest you at least give a call to your sister first. If she gives you the address then it’s fine, ask her to meet. That’s a more decent way rather than confronting her that way.

Dude, despite whatever happened between you two, she’s is still your family. Checking her out and asking others is not nice, please understand.

Rest is your decision, I will go with you wherever you say.

Ritika: Maybe you are right, I will contact her but it’s impossible to forget everything. I am doing this all because she ran away from her home and responsibilities. My wounds have not yet healed.

Kartik: I know, it’s difficult. Though I still don’t know the actual cause. This is how we remain united in a family, ego and attitude don’t work here, a true family member is someone who stands in difficult times.

Ritika: You are right, but what if when a family member creates a mess in life. You can’t forgive that person, it really takes time. Anyway, I have to go now we will meet at the same place in the evening.

Kartik: Cool 👍

Ritika hung up the call, she checked her sister’s number thought to call then she stopped. She thought of messaging her on WhatsApp but reaching out to unblock her, she didn’t feel like.

She got more disturbed as past memories started to roll along with the tears.

This is not just a sibling fight, there was distrust, lies, adultery and much more. The most difficult part was that until date, she has never been able to tell anyone what all has happened.

But now she actually knows that her sister is an expert in using people for her own benefits and then throwing away. Bitching behind her back or stabbing is something which she is really good at. But how can she do this to her own sister?

When there were children, they loved each other a lot, Nillie was a loving, caring and protective elder sister. Time passed by and they grew up but the sisterly bond became weaker and weaker.

From normal fights to complaints and then after the incident with Sushant they never spoke to each other in these years.

Sushant was Ritika’s school friend and first love. Like many couples, they dreamt of marrying each other and happily live together and forever but all promises broke, the dream turned evil and life unbearable to survive 21 months back.

2 years back, Ritika was placed in a multi-national company and joined in the Mumbai office. She was happy to get a new job and Nillie was now happier that now she can fulfil her dreams by settling down with sister. Sushant who was already working in a different city and both were maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship.

Both were so much in love, both their families knew about each other. Although Ritika’s family always kept objecting, that didn’t make her change the decision.

She introduced Sushant to her family members and he helped Ritika’s family a lot during Nillie’s marriage. Like a son, she went with them for shopping, managed the caterers, decorations and other responsibilities.

Ritika’s parents were very happy to find a helping hand despite that they kept on saying ill about him and warned her not to be much serious.

Her mom always taught to never acknowledge others support. Nillie learnt by heart but Ritika didn’t because of Sushant; he always used to say ” Never forget who helped you, even a small help much be acknowledged and thanked”.

What happened between the two? Sushant seemed to be such a decent guy, then why adultery was mentioned?

Every secret will be revealed and all questions will be answered. New pages will be published, next week. Keep reading and please be safe and follow the rules to avoid CoronaVirus!

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