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Why do we dream? Meaning and causes.

What is dream?

We all dream every day and each time we fall asleep. Dreams are short-visual stories that we watch sometimes it might be adventurous, funny, frightening, happy, spiritual or evil.

Our brain plays certain videos or we can say frame stories based on our experiences, feelings, characters.

This is an interesting topic for scientists and psychologist and still, trying to find out the actual reasons for dreaming.

Real facts on dreams

  • Rapid eye movement occurs when we dream as the brain is more active.
  • We fantasise in dreams and do all such activities which we aren’t able to perform in real life.
  • A small part of the population never remembers a dream.
  • Even if we recall a dream, likely to forget after some time.
  • Trying to understand a dream is called dream-interpretation.
  • People spend an average to six or seven years in dreaming.
  • We also have black and white dreams along with the coloured ones.
  • Most of the bad or negative dreams come at 3 am.
  • During sleep, we have experienced sleep paralysis as well.
  • Dreaming is overnight therapy.
  • Dreaming makes us more creative.
  • It’s believed that dreams have meanings, brains create a story according to our life experience, our subconscious mind then shows us the causes and solutions to it, remembering our dreams will help us in problem-solving.
  • Dreams sometimes also warn about the problems we are going to face in the near future and also the end of it.

I remember, a few years back every night I had evil and bad dreams. This was because I was having a bad phase of life. One night, I dreamt myself walking alone on a beach, thunder & lightning as if a storm was coming. I faced the storm and later on the storm was over. I was again rain dancing, smiling, laughing with my friends.

After that, I genuinely faced the most difficult days of life and after a month everything changed. My life was more sorted and beautiful than before. I got everything that I was looking for sometimes dreams predicts your future. I really do feel that.

Countrywise belief in dreams

Dream interpretation is in practice since 3100 BC according to the evidence left by Mesopotamia.

In ancient history, there was God of dream and temple were build.

In Egypt, during 2000 B.C. people used to write down their dreams.

In China, it was believed to have two souls one who remained with the body and the other which is free.

In Judaism, dreams try to teach us about something based on our experiences, we can learn the meaning through interpretation.

In Hinduism, a dream is one of the three stages of life that we endure during our life span. The other two stages are being the waking stage and the sleeping stage.

Dream more and sleep well!!

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