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How to deal with #haters #jealous #envious people in life.

According to studies, people who gossip more have the highest tendency of remaining unhappy, angry and aggressive.

Haters gonna hate you no matter how hard you try to please them.

Envious people in our lives are the biggest strategy makers, they will first become your friend then they will try to mould up your and divert from the goals you want to achieve by creating fear and uncertainty. Jealousy leads to hatred.

It’s very easy to figure out the person who is not our actual friend or well-wisher. Let us understand the nature of a jealous or envious person.

Nature of a jealous person

  • They will try to damage your strong connections ensuring that you have no support system to fall back on.
  • They will be very sweet in front of you and at your back will try to jeopardize your reputation Infront of others, trying to dust the dirt on you.
  • They will praise you, the moment you turn back they will start making snide comments about you.
  • A person can be jealous of many things, like your relationship, career, lifestyle so they would love to point on the loopholes.
  • Jealous, hatred or envious about your relationship is most common in India. It’s easy to shake off with a friend but here even the family starts to hate and get jealous to the new person entering in the life of other family member. The most difficult is to deal with these kind of personalities, a few will show the hatred openly and the other will try hide intention.
  • Jealous people actually suffers from inferiority complex hence to make themselves superior and running for power and fame will try to first make you out of the race.

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  • People who actually hate will be the plan spoilers. The hard you try to simplify things by hanging together and meeting, they will refuse to do that. On the contrary, they will create a false story and mention that you are avoiding them just to gain sympathy. The ulterior motive is to diminish your intention and to play the victim card.
  • The most-reported type of jealousy is between siblings. Siblings are best friends, probably in childhood.

The equation keeps changing as we grow, history sets many wars and rivalry between siblings even now we can see, siblings fighting over ancestors property or refusing to accept and admit the new family member.

  • Jealousy is actually a complex behaviour and varieties of emotions and sentiments.
  • Depending upon showing anger, rage, fear, abandonment, dereliction and humiliation.
  • They will always try to pull you down by giving the worst advice by stating examples of their own bad experiences.
  • A little mistake from you will give them a chance to exaggerate. A little failure will help them to build negatively impacted and shady, dark fort in your head where no hopes and positivity peep in.

Keeping a person by your side who is the envy of you or hates you badly, is the suicidal weapon we are carrying with us. They will plan with your brain and make your life miserable and depressed.

Dealing with jealous people

  • According to studies, people who gossip more have the highest tendency of remaining unhappy, angry and aggressive. A good observer can judge an envious person even if they talk for the first time. If a person on your first conversation, says bad about the family members and how he or she is not liked by the close ones also saying how miserable her life is and she is trying to cope up with it. It’s advisable to stay away from such people.
  • In some situation, you can’t cut knots with such people even if you know that they dislike you, better to keep them away from your closed ones. Never involve them in your group, Why to give them chances to create troubles in your life?
  • Understand when someone throws false compliments, people are largely mistaken to understand the real motives of a person. Everyone likes to be praised but a person who actually supports you might support you in front of others but will point out the mistakes you made. An envious person will praise you falsely in private so that you make the mistake publicly and the whole world laughs at you.
  • The face is the mirror, notice the facial expression of a person while talking to you.
  • They like to speak about their success and belittle yours.
  • The body language you can notice, a person who envies you or is jealous of you, have the tendency of crossing their legs while you speak about your achievements, successes or accomplishment because of they will feel insecure and get uneasy, anxious, skeptical or apprehensive about it.

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