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Chapter-5, Page 15

The day arrived, everyone was happy after all it was Nillie’s marriage. Ritika and Sushant enjoyed a lot, both sang and dance.

Sushant returned back to resume his work. After a week, Ritika returned to Mumbai as well.

While she was on the way from Mumbai airport to her flat, Sushant called up

Sushant: Ritika, I want to say that never ever come to my place again. I don’t want to see you here.

Ritika: What happened? Did someone object? Why are you saying like this? I have been calling you since morning and you, neither you replied to my messages nor called me back and now you are behaving this way.

Sushant: Nothing, just never come here.

Ritika: Why?

Sushant: Because I am coming to your place. Finally, my transfer request has been accepted and from next month onwards I will join at Mumbai office.

Ritika almost jumped out of joy from the taxi seat.

Ritika: OMG!! No more long-distance relationship, we will be together finally!!! Now we can sit together at the Marine drive. No more lonely weekends and missing each other.

Sushant: Indeed, finally we are going to be together,but the sad part is I can’t live nearby you. My office is in Navi Mumbai.

Ritika: Arey that’s okay, atleast we can now be together every weekend. Now we can plan weekend trips or just relax together.

Sushant: I know, I love you, Ritz

Ritika: I love you more!

Sushant: My mom wants me to get married now, she was saying that she wants to meet your parents.

Ritika: I think, we should wait for some time. Nillie just got married, as she wanted a lavish marriage, my father spent a lot. Even I contributed, and I am left with very less savings. After, six months we can think about it.

Sushant: You are right,no worries. Now I need to go, call you later, bye love.

Ritika: Bye!

Ritika: Yes mam, I am sorry.

Ritika heard someone calling her name, she turned back, her manager was standing right at her back calling her name.

Manager: What happened? All well? You seemed to be so upset.

Ritika: Just feeling a bit tired.

Manager: You can go to home, if you are not feeling well. You know, Corona is spreading rapidly so it’s better to take immediate precautions.

Ritika soon realised that it can be a great idea to gid rid of office work,she acted of feeling unwell.

Ritika: Past 3 days, I am suffering from sore-throat. Today I am feeling very tired.

Manager: You should immediately leave for the day. It’s already 4 pm and you don’t need to come office tomorrow, firstly get your check-ups done.

In fact, we are also planning to ask employees to work from home and close office for a week.

Ritika: Okay Mam, I am leaving then.

Ritika was happy with her performance. She patted her own back and headed towards home.

Here at Nillie’s flat, she’s getting ready to leave for Raghav music album shoot.

Parth and Sanjali were about to start the shooting today.

Nillie is all excited, to meet Parth again. She left for the location and walked towards Raghav, who was discussing with the directors and producers about the scenes.

Both the actors have not arrived yet.

Nillie: Hi, Raghav

Raghav: Hey! My girl is here.

He shouted at a spot boy:

“Spot dada(brother)! Please arrange a seat for Mam and bring her a cup of coffee”.

Raghav: I am a little busy, can I join you after sometime.

Nillie: Yes ofcourse, don’t worry, no need to be formal here.

Be safe and make the Janta Cerfew a success 🙏

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The kind of excitement you create in every story is unimaginable. I can’t wait to read the next part , I’m really amazed by your writing skills

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