Little things of Happiness.. #, Happy #Joy.

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Give me the name of one person who doesn’t want to laugh or have fun?

Some of you might raise your hand saying that my boss, wife, husband, the teacher doesn’t seem to be a happy person and hates happiness. That’s not so true but the situation is we are so much under pressure and stress because of so many responsibilities, tasks to do, handling escalation, completing targets and worrying every day for our family, running after money, fulfilling necessities, trying to cope up with the changing scenario.

Every day is a challenge, COVID-19 the global pandemic is the biggest fear within us not because we will get infected with the virus but I can see salespeople are worried as they aren’t able to meet up targets and the bosses are creating more pressure.

Job aspirants are worried because of all companies has kept upcoming positions on hold.

A husband is worried because he is unable to meet his girlfriend and can’t see her on video call as his wife is also at home. Ironically, an Italian found to be COVID-19 positive after he secretly met his girlfriend.

20 March, is celebrated worldwide as International Happiness Day, conceptualized and founded by Jayme Lillian in 2006.

The ulterior motives were to remind that happiness is a fundamental human right.

The 2020 International Day of Happiness campaign theme is ‘Happiness For All, Together’”.

It’s difficult to avoid a happy person, an innocent smile helps you release all stress and anxiety.

How to find happiness

Happiness is an emotional state of mind when you feel satisfied, positive, pleasure and contentment.

You can find happiness in simpler things, monetary value can only add your happiness is a myth.

I have heard since childhood, my parents say that too much happiness will soon give rise to sorrows.

বেশি হাঁসি টোটো কান্না- বলে গাছে রামশর্মা

Actually, this fear has also a name, this is known as Cherophobia.

If money is what you need to be happy, then let me tell you a happy person earns more compared to the unhappy one.

Sunbathing or spending more time in the sun makes you happier.

Watching or playing sports increases happiness.

Hug your child more, when they will grow up as adults they will be happier.

Every day try to find pleasure in small things.

Set a goal and once you achieve you will find happiness.

Be with someone who makes you laugh.

Maintaining social distance with people who grills your mind.

Keep your place neat and tidy, make your bed every day.

Don’t invest your energy and brain in overthinking, overthinking brings negativity hence dissolves happiness.

Dancing and exercise make you happy.

When you make your own decisions and discover the positive results make you happy.

Try to be satisfied with whatever your life gifts you.

Personal growth and development bring happiness and positivity.

A happy marriage is a key to success and happiness.

Wonderful support system keeps you happier even in adverse conditions.

Having several close friends leads to happiness.

Having pets relieves stress and anxiety hence makes you happy.

The more you smile, the more stress-free you are.

Vitamin B-6 is the source of happiness also known as “mood vitamin”. Have more oranges and bananas.

Singing makes you feel good as it releases endorphins.

People in relationships are happier than singles. Find a partner for yourself.

Spending money on the person you love, make you feel happier than spending on yourself.

Eating chicken, nuts, chocolates or milk boosts calmness and happiness due to the production of Serotonin.

Happiness is affected due to the following causes

As I stated that in today’s world we are all busy, your happiness depends on the atmosphere you are in, office culture, friends & family, neighbours all play a vital role in keeping you happy.

You had a hard day at work and when you get back home your mother/mother-in-law, wife/husband keep on complaining and nagging around. Every day they tell you how unhappy they are.

A society where no one recognises you, fewer friends and all busy. Can you just imagine, how difficult your survival is?

What you want is a moment of silence, a sound sleep.

Position and social status are proportional to laughter.

The higher up in the hierarchy you are in the group, the less you will laugh.

That’s why our bosses laugh less as a sense of responsibility and obligation comes in their way.

Depressed or unhappy people laugh or smile more.

Happiness depends upon the outlook of your life. Hence, dissatisfied with whatever you possess will give rise to unhappiness.

The richer you become, the more expensive your happiness are.

Fact check: Women are unhappiest in their life around the age of 37; men around the age of 42.


As stated, though it’s difficult for a few to remain happy still try to find happiness in little things you get. We just have one life, it’s your choice if you want to waste it by cribbing, nagging, complaining, treating bad, hating, fill your heart with negativity and bitterness or remaining happy.

People want to be in the company of a happy person and are attracted to a smile more than the make-up or a girl applies.

Ability to make one person happy will change their world.

Similarly, girls are attracted to a man who has a strong sense of humour.

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