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What to do with those #thankless #Ungrateful #non-appreciating people.

Today we have reached the phase of our lives where we can just look back and figure out those people who actually used us to get their work done and then kicked you off, whom you helped out of humanity and they never acknowledged or gave you the credit.

The irony is that you cannot call that person and remind them of all you have done for them.

I have actually experienced such people in life but a person affected me most and the option I have is to just let go.

I remember, I allowed that person to stay at the place, being an Indian we believe that guests are God, so I hosted her not just once but a couple of times. I was living in a small room with a single bed so every time she was there, I left my bed and slept on the floor just to give her the comfort, went with her everywhere she wanted me to be, took leaves from my work just to support her. Cancelled my meetings just for her shopping. But each time after leaving my place used to talk behind my back and I being a fool every time I thought that she might change and realise to appreciate but that never happened.

I had no expectation but only one thing I expected is that she will just convert to a nice human being.

Any task she used to give me, I always finished that first, hampering my work.

She added me as an editor to write the bio for her page and then removed me soon after that.

In the middle of meetings, she used to call me up to check her work and being such a fool leaving everything I gave her all priority and attention.

I was available 24*7 for her on calls until the day I realised that whatever you do even if you give your life for her, she won’t get satisfied this is her nature and this is not just for me, this is how she is, so I started ignoring her and stopped helping her. But she still poisons other’s ears against me and shows her hatred.

Based on my learnings and experiences, I am sharing the following:

My parents always taught me to help others and remember those who help me in my bad times.

An old woman recently told me to forget all the support and help I have done and there shouldn’t be any expectation.

It taught me that never help such kind of person again in life. Your acts of kindness can’t change the thinking of a person.

You have to understand who you are going to help,

Count of thankless people is rising day by day who anticipates a lot from you but never return back. It’s okay that they don’t return the favour.

Cool..Never expect anything!

It’s always advised never to expect in return of your kindness. You did it because you have a good heart.

But what about those black-hearted people?

When they will learn to show gratitude?

These type of people always remain unhappy and mentally sick. As they keep on expecting from others they are never satisfied. They constantly plan strategies to rupture and bring troubles in others lives.

Maybe they succeed for a small span of time, at the end, they will be the one who will lose everything.

Stop being available for them

It might be very difficult to ignore those who are close ones or a part of the family, boss, colleague or friend but learn to say ‘NO’.

Show a cold shoulder to them during calls or whenever they eagerly want to enter into your life and friend’s circle.

Formulate limitation

Don’t entertain ungrateful people, you will end up hurting yourself.

They should better know their own limits to seek help from you.

You should also better set your boundaries so that no one exploits you, disturbs you and disbalance your life-style.

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