Nillie- Judge her or adore her

Chapter-6 Page-16

All the dancers were practising the dance with the choreographer. Sanjali was already at the spot, getting ready in her van.

Everyone was waiting for Parth to arrive at the spot.

Raghav got a call from Parth’s assistant saying he is stuck in the middle of some other shoot so he will be unable to join today.

The crew decided to shoot Sanjali’s part and leave for the day.

Poor Nillie, she was expecting to meet him but now it seems all went in vain. But it was Nillie,when she dresses up for the reason it’s must get noticed and the motive fulfilled.

She then dialed Parth’s number.

Parth responded the call

Parth: Hello!

Nillie: I know that you won’t recognise my voice, maybe you will not even remember our conversation.

Parth: Sorry, are you someone who is so easy to forget?

Nillie: I don’t think so, but the person I am talking to is a Sun, under his light stars like me fade away.

Parth: You remind me of someone. Also you have my personal number maybe you are indeed someone very special.

Nillie: Aww so I am still in your memories, dig a little, we just met a few days back.

Parth Are you that lady in saree, I remember you now, we met at Mimi’s birthday party.

Nillie: Now you see, I am someone, even celebs can’t resist.

Parth: That’s because you are a star which is radiant and has a luminous light of it’s own.

So what are you doing now? You just want to talk over the phone or would you love to know me more over dinner?

Nillie: I would love to know you more with a glass of wine.

Parth: Perfect, so how about meeting at 7 pm today? Miss..

Btw, what shall I call you?

Nillie: My parents named me Nillie.

Parth: Such a unique name so see you Nillie at St. Regis dot 7.

Nillie: I will be there, bye.

Nillie was in cloud nine, so simple it was for her, she’s not just a beautiful girl but a gracious approach landed her smoothly in the limelight.

She turned back where Sanjali was already in front of the camera, ready for the shot. She’s looking all glamorous, gorgeous and beautiful. Nillie got lost in her own dreams.

On the other hand, Ritika was still thinking if she should call her sister or not.

She finally dialled her number, the bell rang but Nillie didn’t pick the call.

She thought to call again but Kartik called up.

Kartik: Hey!

Ritika: Hi!

Kartik: Have you heard the news? India might soon go into lockdown mode. It’s advisable that you store some ration for yourself specially buy masks and sanitizers.

Ritika: Yes I read about it, I was planning to buy all the necessary items on the way to home.

Kartik: Yes please, do that on an urgent basis and take care of yourself!

Next week, witness the date of Nillie and Parth.

Will Nillie replace Sanjali in this album?

Ritika the spy, will she be able to find her sister? Get all your answers in upcoming pages.

The whole nation participated in the curfew today to make it a success.

Stay safe by staying at home. 🙏 The easiest way to serve nation.

For the first time in the history of humanity, united we fall, divided we stand.

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