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Things to do at home during Quarantine or Lockdown

Today entire India is participating in Janta Curfew. A curfew which is made for the public by the public. Our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi, called up the curfew today, i.e. on 22nd March which starts from morning 7 am-9 pm. However, all the schools, most of the IT companies, colleges, malls, cinema halls, pubs & bars we’re already been closed by the state government till 31st March yet people were coming out of their houses. Many companies are still working. Why Janta Curfew A day’s lockdown is a primary initiative by the government to stop the spread of the virus. However, rumours that coronavirus survives for 12 hours and lockdown phase for 14 hours to break the chain is a myth. According to a study, the virus could remain in the air up to 3 hours, up to 4 hours on copper, 24hours on cardboard, 3 days on plastic or stainless steel. So as it’s advisable to stay at home even some of the state government has issued that if someone is found on the streets will be arrested if he argues or doesn’t obey the rules. Let’s now come up with a point what can we do today. Many of them will spend quality time with families. There are many people who stay away from families, most of the bachelors don’t know even to cook and has no cooking facilities with them. Most of them will be sitting alone. Sleep until you get tired Always you dreamt of sleeping for a longer period but still, there were so many things to do on Sundays even. Today is the day, Janta curfew starts at 7 am, who cares you sleep till 23rd March, just get up to have some food, story your energy and again get into the hibernation mode. Watch shows or Movies Netflix is not only the only option to chill, but you also can get spoilt by YouTube, voot and a few other free apps where unlimited shows, series and movies are uploaded. Otherwise, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, zee and similar other apps are there. You always dreamt of having a day where you can just sit and relax, today is the day. Make Tiktok videos Don’t such watch TikTok videos, like me today, make some. Unleash your acting talent and let the world know about it Join Online Classes This advice is for those who are already working from home past a week and will continue until 31st March. You are already saving your time and energy by working from home so utilise that time for your own personal development. You wanted to do some certification courses or learn some language and literature. There are many such online classes that are providing you online learnings. Face time/ video call Call your all close ones, family and friends and talk to them. Build your bond again. Exercises at home Those who are missing the gym you can do simple exercises at home. There are so many apps on your mobile and videos on YouTube. Turn on the music and begin your day. Cook-bake-eat-repeat Best time to discover the real chef in you, prepare new recipes, play with spices and desserts and add smiles on the face of yours and family members. Clean your house I know it’s not Diwali yet now it’s the time you can clean your house. You always wanted a day to dedicate in cleaning while staring at the dust on windows. Come on, stand up! Play some music and start dusting! Wake up the artist in you Everyone has a hobby and wanted to become a singer, dancer, artist one day but later on ended up to be a sales manager, executive, engineer, HR, admin etc.. Today painters let some colours šŸŽØ roll down to your canvas. Show your moves dancers and singers you have your audience. Also, you can make videos or click pictures of your art, upload them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and let the world see your talent, follow and like it. Write your heart out People like me who love to write can try again, pen down your life experiences, journey, poems and stories. D. I. Y and Crafts There are so many DIY videos we watch daily on Facebook and always wished to try a few. Today is the day. Meditation and yoga Meditate and allow your mind to get calm, give it some rest and bring positivity in you. Try some yoga postures and be fit! Indoor picnic Families, it’s your time, decorate the house with the theme of picnic and enjoy your meals sitting together. Romantic dinner Couples lit up the fairy lights, cook your favourite food, pour some wine and let the romance heat up. Play with your kids Give time to your kids they will always cherish the memories lifetime. Coronavirus is a global pandemic, everyone is scared but I was also looking at the other side. Master in make-up skills What you always wanted? To apply a perfect make-up in no time, so this is the time, learn from free tutorial videos. Thanks to CoronaVirus Couples who always wanted more time to spend together has a golden opportunity to spend quality time together. But I tell you this is not going to work for married couples, locked together 24*7 more than two days is life-risking. Children who always wanted attention and time from parents are getting enough of it. Granddads and moms are finally able to see all their kids nearby. House in festive mode again. You have realised how life is sitting at home all day. So please šŸ™ take care, make Janta Curfew a success. .

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