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The positive impact of Coronavirus in India.

2020 started with a virus, the earth choking with pollution. The humongous threat has not only affected human lives but has affected the economy globally as well. Not just our generation, even our parents haven’t witnessed all these before. A massive lockdown has made life a standstill, 144 section has been implemented in various cities. We are all confined to our homes, only a few grocery stores open, and all the non-essential stores shut down. Even the cab services have been deterred until 31st March.

We are constantly chasing money, working day and night to give ourselves a good lifestyle. The developed countries get a chance to spend some quality time with their families during festivals or winters but countries like India keep on working every time, day and night. Many companies have a 6 days working policy and just get a day off to their employees.

Besides all the bad situation we are dealing with, we can still see a glimmer of happiness by looking at the positive aspects of lockdown.

Decrease in air pollution

Air quality has improved significantly in all the parts of India. Especially the metro cities where everyday people witness overcrowded streets, highways and flyovers and number of vehicles plying down the streets have reduced resulting in a rise of air quality levels in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru and other major metro cities.

Not just in India but the whole world is enjoying healthy and good air after decades. Pictures were taken from satellites proves that.

Return of dolphins and fishes

Due to less footfall around the river or seaside, halt in the movement of ships and steamers sailing on a daily basis, after decades people witnessed the return of dolphins at Kochi fort in Kerala, also in Mumbai as per the videos tweeted by celebrities like Juhi Chawla.

In Italy, dolphins and swans are returning to its canals, waterways and ports.

Spending time with family.

People are able to spend some time with their families. Especially kids are having fun, they are able to get more and more attention from their parents which they craved for.

Enjoying home-cooked food

In this busy world, where everyone is so busy, we don’t get enough time to cook food and prepare special dishes, as it takes longer time than usual. However, now everyone is enjoying discovering their cooking skills.

Adapting to a world where stocks are limited

As it’s advised to stay at home unless it’s an emergency. People are trying to live with the sources they have and satisfying themselves with the limited stock.

Witnessing a phenomenal life

When we will turn as parents or grandparents we can share our experience with the upcoming generations. Not just our generation even our parents haven’t experienced this scenario before. We are adapting to survive.

Education is not everything

As we can see that even educated people are behaving like an idiot, hiding their travel history or avoiding to be isolated.

Our prime minister requested to clap, ring bells or utensils, at 5 pm to cheer from our balconies to those who were actively working during the lockdown period for us.

At some places, it went wrong as people gathered in mass to beat utensils, danced and walked on roads at 5 pm.

So we got to know that education is not only important but a sense of awareness and knowledge is the other factor as well. As the proverb goes, half knowledge is dangerous.

The sky is blue

As factories are closed and almost no pollution on roads we can see the clear sky with less pollution.

We are getting more hygienic

Sanitizer in India wasn’t a popular or essential product for us. Also, people never used to wash their hands so many times like now.

Focusing on talent

You get time to focus on your passion, dreams and talent. Enhance your writing skills, dancing, singing, photography etc..

Doing daily chores

As most of the families have given paid leaves to their maids so daily chores are been handled by family members. Everyone has got their own duties now, it’s like a big boss house these days.

Many celebrities are posting their videos working at home. Be it be Sara sharing her cooking video or Hina posting a Tiktok video everyone is working.

Stay safe and stay at home 🙏

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