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Must Watch on Netflix during #Lockdown #Quarantine mode #Coronvirus

As we are relaxing and chilling with Netflix a few series and movies we can pick during spare time.

When you enter the world of Netflix you will find n number of option to confuse you. Every series that’s there doesn’t match your choice.

We will end up our time-wasting in the search of a show that matches our taste and preference and if we get nothing we will get bored.

So let me refer you by sharing the shows I watched and liked, let’s see if our choices match.

1. She

This is on top of the trending list now. The Indian series released on 20th March, 2020.

Created and written by: Imtiaz Ali & Divya Johri

Lead actress,Aditi Pohankar, is playing the role of a police constable who goes undercover and impersonates as a sex worker to expose a gang who are involved into drug – ring. During the journey,the simple girl also enjoys to explore the potential in herself.

Click here:

2. Guilty

This ranks 2nd on the list now after She replaced the movie. Guilty is a Netflix original drama film produced by Karan Johar under Dharma production.

The film released on 6th March,2020.

Must Read:

I got attracted because of Kiara Advani’s new look. Colored and highlights with tattoos on her body.

The story starts with the interrogation where the lawyers are investigating for a case. This is about #Me too movement where Nanki’s ( Kiara Advani ) boyfriend is accused by a girl for rape case. This story evolves around finding out the real fact where Nanki find the traces with the lawyer defending his boyfriend.

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3. Locke & Key

This is an American supernatural horror series. The season 1 premiered on 7th Feb, 2020.

After her husband’s mysterious death, she moved with her three kids to the ancestral property, Keyhouse.

The youngest kid starts discovering magical keys that unlocks power soon he involves his siblings. Obviously there is an evil woman who is also searching for the keys to become more powerful.

There are total 10 episodes and I liked watching this series. Waiting for season 2.

Click here to watch:

4 Stranger things

I will say this is the most favourite series of mine.

This is an American sci-fi and horror series which has already released 3 seasons. It is about a girl with supernatural powers who saves the world and her friends from the monsters of other world. All the actors have acted so well that you will get attached with all the characters.

This series has a huge fan base from all over the world. This series has already received multiple awards.

To watch, click here:

5. House Arrest

This film was released on Netflix in Nov,19. We can seriously relate to the story during this situation.

Ali Faizal plays a character who never left his apartment in these six months and has no upcoming plans to leave his flat. This is a comedy film and you will like the plot and presentation. Actors have done justice with their acting.

This film is directed by Samit Basu and Shashanka Ghosh.

6. The Witcher

The Witcher is an American fantasy series, you will watch a lot of witches, monsters, enchantment and witchcraft.

The first season released on Dec, 19. If you like to watch action and adventure then you will love it. The second season will release in 2021.

To watch, click on:

7. Little things:

It has already released it’s 3 series and people loved watching the innocent, comedy and romantic series. Both the actors are so real you will feel that you are just keeping into the real life of a cute couple.

These are a few series and movies I shared in detail. I will name a few I watched on Netflix.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S- My and our all-time favourite, FRIENDS is available on Netflix along with a few other popular series.



Big Bang Theory

Altered Carbon


Sacred Games

You can enjoy other Indian Netflix movies like:


Ghost stories

Qarib Qarib Single again a masterpiece, you must watch this as well.


Lust stories

Be safe and stay at homešŸ™

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