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Chapter- 6; Page-17

During the lockdown period, enjoy reading Nillie- Judge her or adore her

Enjoy reading Nillie, A e-novel during #Quarantine # Lockdown #Coronavirus phase.

At the shooting Spot, Sanjali finished her shoot for the day but there was a heated discussion ensuing between Sanjali, director-producer and the team. The team were asking for a few more dates as Parth couldn’t make up today.

Sanjali: I already told you before that I have a trip to Rome, Italy. I am performing there so I can’t give you dates in between.

Director: I understand but you know this is only an album and we want to release in a short time. Dates will clash with Parth again if we have to wait for a month as you are saying. Parth will start his movie shoot and then he won’t be able to give us any more date.

Sanjali: Why don’t you ask Parth to get some way out? Due to him, we couldn’t shoot today.

Director: He is a legend you know, we can’t point the finger at him, and so do you.

You need to calm down..!! you take some time, Sanjali. Have your lunch, see how you can manage and we can figure this out after lunch.

Arey bhai! Madam k liye kuch thanda, garam manga do. ( Director addresses spot boy to give her something to drink).

Spot boy: Mam what will you have coffee, cold coffee or cold drink?

Sanjali murmuring: Bullshit! Senior actors… We girls are always exploited in this industry.

Sanjali: Sun idhar aa, paise pakad ek vodka r nariyal Pani kharid k cocktail bna k le aa, ja bhai!

Aur sun.. jo bhi bache change sab tera

(Listen, take this money, buy vodka and coconut water, make a cocktail and bring, keep the change). Sanjali called out her manager and started to discuss about the dates.

Raghav was also there during the argument, he went back to Nillie for lunch.

Raghav: Hey Nillie! I must say, you are looking ravishing today. I think there will be no shooting after lunch today, we can go somewhere.

Nillie: What happened? You said that Parth will come to meet today ?

Raghav: Parth is actually stuck due to some work which was unavoidable. He could not

Nillie: Oh! is it, so sad. I just came to see him today though I am not feeling well.

Raghav: What happened to you?

Nillie: Nothing, just feeling feverish. Why the heroine is upset?

Raghav: This is nothing new, everyone has their own ego and throw their tantrums. You will get used to this when you enter this industry, maybe then you will not recognise me as well.

Nillie: Maybe or maybe not, I will appoint you my manager ( both laughed). Let’s go and eat now, I am so hungry.

Raghav: So what I was saying, how about spending the day. We will go to some club first and later at my place from there?

Nillie: I really want to, but as I just said, I am not that well. I will go home and take some rest but do not worry, I will not leave you so soon, will be with you until 5.

Raghav: Cool, I will drop you then.

Nillie: Don’t worry about me, focus on your work, we can meet tomorrow as well.

Both went for lunch. In the meantime after the lunchtime was over, the director went inside Sanjali’s van to discuss.

Sanjali: Listen, I checked with my manager. I have to leave for my show but what I can do is to return immediately after the show and finish my shoot. Make sure, you take the dates from Parth before the shoot starts because this item dance can be a milestone for me and set my bar. I cannot compromise on that.

Director: Okay, you just give me the dates and I will take care of everything.

Cool! Shall we complete the close-up shots now?

Sanjali: Fine! I will get ready in 30 minutes and we can resume.

Did Nillie hide something? Yes, she didn’t say anything about the telephonic conversation neither informed Raghav about the date?

Is Sanjali going to Italy? Why Sanjali why?? You should stay at home now, stock your food and don’t step a foot out. Even if you urge for Vodka.

Stay safe and be at home 🙏 We are saving the world!!

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