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The untold story of Neha during Lockdown.

The woman is the saviour, actual hero during this lockdown phase where she is both working from home and taking care of her family single-handedly. Being independent is easy, Salute to those women, who turned a house to a home!

Neha woke up at the same time to prepare tea and breakfast for her family. The lockdown period is going on, the maid is on leave and Neha single-handedly has to take care of six members. Her daughter is only 3 years old and a son who is 7 years old is enjoying his holidays. Her in-laws are aged and she has to take care of their food and medicines. Her husband is working from home these days just like her.

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Everyone is busy and dependent on Neha despite the fact, that the mother, daughter-in-law and wife has her own office duties.

This is not just the story of Neha but a similar situation to every woman in our society.

Where my student and friend, who owns a company in China shares about equal rights and responsibilities herein India the society is built-in such a way where everyone expects from a women.

We have watched many videos where celebrates are doing their daily chores. Where celebrity mom’s cry in front of the camera to say how difficult it is to handle the child all by herself. This is a simple issue in every family.

We women work at home every day. The burden is doubled where the company is providing us with our salary, still acknowledging and allowing us to work from home. On the other hand, our thankless family never pays us, neither acknowledges us. We are the saviour, actual hero during this quarantine but our husband laughs on the cheap jokes and tell us how difficult is to remain in his own house with his wife 24*7.

Neha after doing all her household activities was thinking about it seating in the balcony with her laptop. There were a few escalations, 3 missed calls from colleagues and WhatsApp messages. It was already 11 yet she has not done a single work apart from logging in on the given time.

This has become her daily routine, it’s been already 11 days now and still, the country will remain lockdown for another 20 days.

Sometimes she feels to get rid of all these and go to the Himalayas.

Anyway, like other days, she finished her work, but the baby to sleep and headed towards her bedroom where her husband was talking to a friend.

Husband laughing..

Husband: Yes I have stored all the food, sanitizer for 2 months. I don’t need to go out. The only problem is the government has a ban on liquor items.

Friend: Yes you take care of yourself, where is Neha? She’s here or at her parent’s house?

Husband: She is here only, dealing with your wife for 24 hours is so difficult, why this Corona Viri Corona Viri D….( sang musically).. Both laughed

Friend: Still it’s good that your wife is with you during this lockdown period, at least you don’t need to take care of your food and comfort. My wife went with kids at her parent’s house during Holi and now she is stuck over there, I feel so lonely at times.

Neha’s husband saw Neha looking at him with anger, he thought it’s better to hang up the call.

Husband: My friend, you are happier at least you are in peace. Well let’s talk tomorrow, I have some work, good night.

After disconnecting the call, he addressed to Neha

Husband: Are kids sleeping?

Neha: Yes

Husband: Good, now I can do my work peacefully.

Neha sat with her laptop to complete the pending work, her husband unlocked his phone and started to watch Netflix.

Neha: Please put the volume a little bit down, I am unable to concentrate.

Husband: You always have a problem anything I do, I can’t have my me-time as well since morning I am just working, the whole time there is so much of noise and now you have issues with me.

Neha: (yelled) I am more frustrated than you, maids are not coming, I have to take care of children, your parents and do office work. What you do, make fun of your wife every time with your friends.

Husband: How dare you yelled at me? I have given you so much of comfort, now that you have to work as all wives do, you are showing tantrums.

They both start to fight and suddenly Neha’s husband slapped her again, chocked her neck and started to beat her, she also slapped him in return.

After all this, Neha lay down on one corner of the bed, kept crying and soon fall asleep, at midnight her husband came closer to her.

He wasn’t guilty of what he did, he justified himself stating how Neha provoked because of that he was forced to take such action.

Artist: Rajarshi Chakraborty (15yr-old)

The next morning, everything seemed like normal.

This is what is going on in many families, you will never figure out the suffering of a woman.

The society is there to make fun on women, cracking husband-wife jokes and making funny Tiktok videos, this is truth.

It’s not any movie that the heroine will file for a divorce after her husband slaps for the first time.

Salute to every woman, who deal with the physical violence, abuse, insult every day still wants her kids to get raised in a so-called Indian ideal family.

Salute to every woman, who refuses to leave his husband because she loves him a lot and forgives every day.

Salute to all the woman, who has no option to go rather than staying with her husband.

Salute to every woman, who turns a house to a home. Living independent is easier but living for others is what an idle woman does.

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