Akshay Kumar- won our hearts with donations and contributions.

Superstar Akshay Kumar pledged to donate 25 cr to PM-cares fund to just lives of people.

#Coronavirusoutbreak #Coronavirus fund

The man again won our hearts but not this by his acting talent or skills. He has shown to the world how big his heart is.

His latest tweet attracted the eyeballs of media, the general public, politician, stars and even our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Superstar Akshay Kumar pledged to donate 25 cr to PM-cares fund to just lives of people.

Where we can see lacs and lacs of labour are walking to reach home, despite the lockdown people have gathered on the abundance, we actually see the real face that still we have a huge part who depends on daily wages and are agonised with hunger and are deprived of the basic necessities to stay at home.

This is not the first time, the nation has praised Akshay Kumar, let’s find how each and every time he stood up.

In 2017, Akshay Kumar donated 1.08 Crore to families of CRPF martyred Jawans.

He donated even for the flood victims 2 crores earlier for the Assam floods, 1Cr for Chennai floods in 2015, Bihar floods with 1Cr.


Contributed and helped the farmers who committed suicides in 2016.

In 2019, Akshay Kumar donated 5Cr for 40 martyrs families during Pulwama terror attack.

He donated around 1cr to the Fani cyclone victims, Orissa in 2019.

Akshay Kumar is someone who has won hearts with his mind-blowing action, comedy, dancing and acting since decades but he is a real hero not just of Twinkle Khanna but for the entire nation. Every year he releases movies based on moral values and social awareness.

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One reply on “Akshay Kumar- won our hearts with donations and contributions.”

Mr. Khiladi Kumar has once again proved that he is not only Khiladi but also a Deshbhakt and that to prove one’s patriotism, one need not to necessarily join politics, one can practice patriotism in every field , from every nook and corner of the world.

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