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Propaganda by the Chinese government to mislead the common Chinese.

I am sharing the screenshots of a recent chat I had with a Chinese friend
who is saying that CoronaVirus is not from China as there is no evidence.

Very unfortunate, Chinese citizens believe what the government feed them. Yes, China is the country where all global platforms for social media communication is banned.

They can’t use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or any such means. Wechat is the only source.

Even they can’t use the giant search engine “Google” they use Baidu, for blogs they use Sina blog.

The communist party governs all the platform’s and telecasts news according to the same. The TV shows are limited, difficult for foreign companies to work there.

As I run a small business and I teach Business English to Chinese professionals. Though working in that market past four years it’s difficult to penetrate, I need a Chinese partner as well as for marketing I need to pay a huge amount to the media agencies running over there as it’s difficult to promote.

I am sharing the screenshots of a recent chat I had with a Chinese friend of mine, please check

Just read the conversation, how the common citizen is denying that Corona has spread from China.

When the entire world is fighting against Coronavirus, we are locked down and quarantined, their life is back to normal also they are selling their products where our economy is down and people are losing jobs, salary-cuts, people are jobless. Above all, their masks and kits have been of sub standard and returned by different nations.
Read to know how WHO saved China, until Jan 23, WHO tweeted that there is no human to human transmission.

China controls many votes in WHO due to its political relations with many countries who are almost dependent on China for its economic, military and political reasons. 

One of my Chinese friend, posted on Facebook stating that China is a victim and the author is a Chinese correspondent of the Bangladesh post.

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