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Body shaming is nothing new.

Emily a 25 years old girl, got married in a well-educated family. One fine day, while Emily and her sister-in-law were preparing snacks for a family function. They suddenly heard her mother-in law’s discussion with her relatives.
Must Read: Both my daughters-in-law are not beautiful. “Sheila kali hai, height bhi Kam hai”(Sheila is not fair and slightly short-sighted )and Emily ki aankh choti hai, billi jaisi lagti hai” ( Emily’s eyes are small, she looks like a cat). She continued, my sons deserve more beautiful girls, after all, they are so handsome.
Must read: Though both Emily and Sheila are highly educated still they are bullied and body shamed by their own family members, they are the bride-in-a-hostile-family.
Zoe was a fat girl and since childhood, she was bullied in school, she was always suggested to eat less and start exercising. People laughed behind her back. She locked herself in the room and every day she used to pray to God to make her slim. On the other hand, Amanda waited for a miracle to happen which could make her skin tone lighter. In our society, we are not just been judged by nature but immensely judged by the looks. We have often heard people taunting and commenting on us. The mindset of people can’t change so easily but the Government has always taken a stand to abolish this discrimination. ASCI ( Advertising Standards Council of India) has always taken time to time measures on the advertisement. In 2014, ASCI states not to reinforce advertisement that communicates negative social stereotyping on the basis of skin colour. In 2018, the government banned creams which contained steroids. Government announces 50 lacs fine Or jail for 5 years on ads communicating urge of fairness. This rule is implemented at any means whether in the form of advertisement whether audio-visual, banner, online marketing, poster. Etc. Companies cannot advertise that sends a message that people are upset, discriminated, neglected or crying on the basis of skin tone, obesity, weight & height. I hope all the Emily, Sheila, Zoe and other beautiful girls get to live in a world free of unbiased people.

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