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Lessons we learned from CoronaVirus.

1. You realised that living in your house is just a lavish cage, nothing else. Now you understand, how your wives(homemakers), parents feel at home.

2. The life of animals in a cage is depressing and frustrating, the same way you get bored they also do.

3. Nature can destroy the whole of mankind just one blink of the eye.

4. The most powerful, economical country has already emerged and now it’s crystal clear.

5. Staying at home, 24*7 we revealed the actual nature of a person.

6. God is busy to listen when we need him most.

7. No holy books, priests, sacred places can help us in bad times.

8. There are many good people who are trying to help.

9. Women are the real superheroes after nurses and doctors who are feeding and taking care of the whole family.

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10. It’s not only women’s responsibility fo cook, but men also must know.

11. Maintaining hygiene is important.

12. Allowing the earth to breathe fresh air brings clean water and pollution-free air.

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13. Politics is more important than lives, in India its politics with religion.

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