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Who is responsible for spreading COVID-19, Tablighi Jamaat or Government?

Update: Enforcement Directorate has filed an FIR for money laundering against Maulana Saad.

The entire social media, news channels are flooding with the news of Tablighi Jamaat and now this has become a burning topic which has taken the turn to religious angle.

While, we all have different beliefs and practices, and we take comfort in religion and its practices, this is not the first time that religion has led to create havoc to humanity, society and the whole world.

Case in point is the irresponsible behaviour of particular sect in muslim community, The Tablighi jammat, which has led to sharp rise in the number of cases in India and has endangered further spread. Not just India, Tablighi congregation has led the spread the various in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Pakistan as well. For the first time the city of Raiwind in pakistan is under complete lockdown due to the same.

But a question arises, we knew it well that it was just a matter of time, that the virus will eventually get to India in large scale, as it has already engulfed China, Europe and many other counties. It already entered in India during January albeit in a limited way. India had already implemented strict travel as well as various other measures to contain it. Then how this congregation happen?

At the first place, we seek answers, how did this happen and why did the Markaz authorities, did not postpone the event after the alert?
Given the fact that they were denied permission to hold a 50,000 strong gathering in Delhi prior to this as well.

All the programs were decided in advance, so they had a list of all those participants from India and abroad.
Already in February, the same Jammat congregation has led to massive spread in Malaysia and other South Asian countries, and one should be judicious enough and well aware that the foreigners might be prime carriers.

On the second place, why the state government had no idea about such religious gathering of this scale where 3000 of people are heading towards one place? Why the Delhi government took time to respond?

We need to see both the perspectives. There were certain reasoning given by the jammat as well saying that
“due to the sudden cancellation of rail services across the country on 21st March 2020, a large group of visitors who had to depart by way of railways got stuck in the Markaz premises,” Tablighi Jamaat said in its statement.

And then the nationwide lockdown was announced by PM Modi on March 23, hence they were left with no option but to stay put.

They have accused the Delhi police administration of showing apathy towards their repeated requests for arrangements of transportation facilities of visitors to their home states.

But if they really asked for the arrangements, why did immediately actions were not taken?

In China, as I have my business interest over there, even though things are getting normal yet everyday authorities come to check the body temperature.

She added that Chinese people are disciplined. We very well know, how disciplined Indians are, sad but true.

I am in touch with numerous Chinese nationals and have been publishing various blogs, since the virus engulfed China. Everyone follows rule, and obeyed the orders. Meanwhile in India, we see people defying to the utmost degree. Even some are scoring their political and PR goals out of it, clicking pictures and videos for either volunteering or providing some materialistic help.

We are living in a show-off world, where everyone wants to stand out. Rather than helping in true sense, the ulterior motive is to find a position for themselves.

I have seen a few pictures and videos of literate fools who are making videos and posting pictures without taking safety measures. In India, the government is not checking the body temperature of each and every individual. We don’t know who might be the silent carrier. Sanitising, wearing gloves, wearing masks, maintaining distance are the simple precautions one forgets while taking pictures.

So coming back to the topic, 48 foreigners who attended the Markaz travelled to other parts of India to preach at remote locations. This opens a pandora box of India’s security policy where people come on tourist visa’s, instead do religious activity and later travel to different parts to do the same as well.

And you will be surprised to know that the police station is located right next to the Markaz building.If there were request made, what took police so long ? Not only that, a large gathering attracts a lot of noise and activity, didn’t anyone notice?

As per the video on 23rd March where police were convincing to evacuate, why immediately they didn’t took necessary steps by calling in healthcare departments and reaching out to the higher authorities.

Also, my question is why on 23rd the police were still convincing the attendees, when even holi events were cancelled to restrict public gatherings.

So my question is-

Why did the Delhi government allowed the event to happen at the first place?

How come no one came to know that thousands of people have gathered in one place?

Delhi being the capital of India, the checking should have been more strict.

Forget Tablighi, labours in 1000s have gathered in Delhi and UP borders due to lack of basic facilities.

When they got to know about the Jamaat, why immediate actions were not taken?

The government is as much as responsible for spreading the COVID-19.

Lastly, thanks to those who are raising politics out of these and instigating Hindu-Muslim propaganda.
In these situations, were we don’t know where our God is and we cannot expect any help either, the real God- the doctors who are our saviour in these difficult times, are getting stones hurdled at them.

Making videos, memes, passing inflammatory statements is not right in this situation.

Tablighi Jamaat is the bombshell or targeted to hide the Government’s failure? tablighi-jamaat-at-nizamuddin-the-new-super-spreader-of-coronavirus/

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