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Effects of drinking water for weight loss

1.Water Believe me, the best weight loss drink for you is water. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. It contains zero calories and makes you fuller so it decreases our ability to consume more calories. Drinking just water is not so satisfying so let’s see what we can add more to water. 2. Detox drink Detox drinks are your best buddies in your weight loss process. Not just for reducing weight, it also does a miracle to your skin and gives you radiant skin. Some detox drinks:
  • Make your detox drink with cucumber, mint & lemon. For effective weight loss, you can add slices of ginger in it.
  • Fruit detox water: You can take any fruit as such watermelon, orange, apple, papaya and add mint and lemon.
  • Keep it overnight, and drink your water early in morning. Refill your bottle again and you can drink two hours after your refill. Benefits:
  • Zero-calorie drink
  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Makes you feel more thirsty so you drink more hence reduces your food intake.
  • 3. Milk tea Most people advise drinking green tea or tea without milk and sugar. On the basis of my experiment, drinking milk tea without sugar is far more effective than green tea. I tell you why adding 73 calories won’t harm you much Milk tea suppress your cravings for food more than green tea. It makes me feel more satisfying . 4. Black coffee with Lemon It’s an energy drink, it will boost your metabolism and make you more active. You can have this drink before stepping up for the gym or feeling tired during office hours. Even if you feel hungry you can have this drink, I would prefer to drink once a day. 5. Apple cinnamon tea Cinnamon is effective for weight loss, you can get this drink easily in supermarkets or online. If you are unable to find, Apple cinnamon tea you can simply add cinnamon in your water drink it lukewarm. This drink is preferable after lunch. 6 Chamomile tea After a long tiring day, it’s time for us to relax and have your last drink which is chamomile tea. It helps your body to relax, stress-relieved and good sleep. You can easily find the tea in stores or purchase it online. Let me know, your special drink and share your feedback with us after having my advised drinks. Mail at: Follow me at Instagram: somoshreebhattacharya Find my Facebook page:

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