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Have you also felt the silence under the terror of the Virus?

2.6 billion people in the world are partially or fully under lockdown.

Yesterday evening, Rosy stepped out of her house to buy grocery. Sarjapur road,Bangalore being one of the bustling roads, was silent, all the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, clubs and bars everything was closed.

Chills ran through her spine as she saw that few groceries stores were open but they had very limited products to sell. All of their selves which used to be arranged with all kind of food items and other products was empty.

2.6 billion people in the world are partially or fully under lockdown.

The country has announced lockdown for 21 days, after walking around 3km she found a supermarket whose shutter was half-closed, she entered into the store and found that it was full of people who were shopping out of panic. She couldn’t manage to find a basket for herself even so she decided to buy only the necessary stuff.

She was not able to stock enough, she was worried, what if, she gets no chance to buy anything for the next 21 days, what if, the lockdown extends.

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One girl passed by, she was carrying 2 baskets full of Doritos. Finally, she returned with the necessary stuff.

Next morning, she woke up, her company has already initiated work from home, now she felt relaxed that she has 2 hours more to sleep, no need to take bath, get ready and spend one hour on traffic to reach office.

At 10 a.m. she started to work, hours passed by and she kept on working, soon she realised after a few days that work from home is not relaxing at all. Earlier she had fixed working hours but now every day stretches upto 14-15 hours.

Every day when she returned from office, she could hear the tracks of music playing from the clubs but today they were all closed, all the lights of those happening places were switched off, the shops whose shutter were half-open was more frightening, it was the same she always watched in Hollywood movies which shows something is outside, someone can kill you anytime, monster or aliens have attached to a city.

But she never imagined that she could ever experience all of these in real life.

Rosy didn’t leave her home for the week, she ordered wheat, milk, water from the nearby shops. On the weekend, she got bored and decided to step out, the weather was good, a cool breeze was blowing, earlier the big apartments she never noticed because of the busy traffic she discovered that the flats have bigger balconies and beautifully designed.

She is new to the city, she has no friends here also she is not so familiar with the place. What helped her to remain connected to the world is only her phone. She used to spend the rest of the time watching Netflix or talking to her friends and family.

On Sunday, again she went for a walk, few people were outside of their house wearing masks, in her colony, the roads, as usual, was silent. Supermarkets now have to indicate social distancing by marking on the road. They have restricted time limits, as per the law.

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