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Is lockdown making your depressed?

Know and Overcome with me.

If you have opened the link to read the blog, I can assume that you are unhappy and trying to find out if you are really depressed.

Mental health study shows that after the lockdown due to Coronavirus depression and anxiety has spiked.

The study found that 25 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men exhibited clinically meaningful symptoms of anxiety, 23 per cent of women and 21 per cent of men showed signs of depression, and 15 per cent of women and 19 per cent of men were stressed.

Reason of depression:

  • People with lower incomes have higher rates of depression, 32% have lost their income.
  • People are forced to isolate.
  • Free mind and no work attracts negative thoughts.
  • People are in fear and stigma that comes with the virus.
  • Many people who stay away from family in flats or PG’s are forced to stay away from their parents.
  • As they are all lockdown, they can’t even meet their friends or loved ones.

It was said that by 2020, depression will be one of the leading cause of death and disability.

Depression is the most common disability in women.

Symptoms of a depressed person.

A depressed person avoids eye 👁️ contact.

Exception: My close friend has a habit of looking towards the sky while talking. Seems like this rule doesn’t apply on her.

They will keep a distance from you and start feeling unloved and unwanted.

People who laugh even on silly jokes are most depressed.

Also read:

Decisions made subconsciously.

More prone to colds and illness than non-depressed people.

Changes in the sleeping pattern; either you sleep more or less. Hypersomnia or imsomnia.

You over-think and your mind creates stories that haven’t occurred.

You are not able to forgive someone.

More prone to harm themselves or having suicidal thoughts.

You get angrier, anxious, aggressive.

You feel hopeless and lose interest in everything.

The depressed person talks more slowly and keeps thinking.

Overcome from your depression:

The best medicine is Sunlight:

Sunlight helps in secreting serotonin. The most depressing season is winter.

Keep yourself busy.

Another important weapon: 🎮 Video Game

🍌Bananas & chocolates: Reduces stress.

Singing & dancing helps you to avoid anxiety & depression.

Dreaming and crying is good to come over depression.

I hope the blog has provided you with adequate information.

Being into depression is extreme pain. It kills us every time and every second. If you can make yourself fall into depression, you are the one who can overcome it.

Be your own counsellor, only you know what is best for you!!


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One reply on “Is lockdown making your depressed?”

There is NO NEED for this lockdown or wearing masks. The evidence is unarguable now with Sweden and practically no deaths but “cases” (of which it is now certain are many false positives). Yet this inhumane draconian rule stomps on and on. Its jackboot of tyranny unrelenting. Heads broken in London by the TSG attacking people undertaking peaceful antilockdown protest. A one sided media with only small and brave independants speaking up. We now living in a dictatorship.


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