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9pm 9mintues update, India unites again to fight with Coronavirus..Modi’s way

#9pm 9 minutes update

This is the time when we lit up today, the whole country united to fight against the virus. A ray of hope, positivity arose into our hearts with the flame of Diya.

The pandemic CoronaVirus has made our life worst, we never expected of it. Suddenly, everything stopped near us, we are locked down, nothing new happening in our lives.

Akshay Kumar lighting candle from his balcony.

Today this nine minutes again proved the symbolic unity that persists in our country, whatever situation be it, we are standing together.

Virat & Anushka my favourite couple

People like me who didn’t find such logic yet we supported the cause because of our countrymen. This 9 minute is something which brought smiles at so many faces. Girls got busy in clicking selfies, apart from the saree and couple challenge they have got a new and trending activity to do.

In my society, I can see diyas, lights, candles everywhere, people are flooding the news feed with videos and pictures of diyas and candles.

Cricketers lit candles

We Indians however, tried to maintain the discipline this time. Across India, people have come out to their balconies or terrace, without violating the lockdown, the country is lit up and I can see the spectacular view from my balcony and social media.

Even a few of my friends wished happy Choti Diwali along with the Diya. The entire atmosphere reverberated with the chant of “Go Corona Go” & “Bharat Mata ki Jaye”.

However, few people took this as a celebration and lit up the sky with fireworks. The mother nature, which has been relaxing over the past few days was woken from her slumber.

The whole of India lit candles and together, be it be rich or poor, young or old, celebrities or commoners, lived one more historical moment.

Remember, this was not any festival but entire India was glowing in its absolute resolve. When the entire metropolis, cities, towns, villages are lit by our lights, we can see people powering a nation.

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