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Ideas to surprise your partner after the lockdown is over.

We all are locked in our homes to fight against Corona for 21 days. This is a hard time for many couples who are not together at this moment. Some stay with their parents and even talking on the phone has become difficult for them. Some couples are staying in a long-distance relationship and they are away from their love as well as family. Everyone wants this phase to over and get back to our normal lives again. I have always been in the long-distance relationship hence anytime we meet it’s our Valentine’s Day. In all these eleven years, I have always shown my affection, love, care by sending gifts through courier or by online portals. You need to cherish the moment of reunion and celebrate it more than any other events of your love life. So when are you sitting at home idle you can show your talent on some of the arts and crafts. Before I share my ideas with you, let’s first know more about the origin of this festival. Earlier formal messages or letters were sent on the day. Then cards replaced messages. 1. Ideas to celebrate after lockdown : After lockdown still, it’s not safe to visit crowded places, if still, you want you can wear a mask and go for a long ride. So this suggestion is mainly for boys. 2. Gift something to your girls, as they didn’t go shopping for a long time or you can pamper her by booking Urbanclap services.3. Now, this is creative and girls can do. I have done this and sent a big box to my boyfriend a long time back. I remember when I was in graduation and bought 14 different gifts included, shirt, sweater cards on all 8 days, roses, chocolates to tell him how much you missed him.4.Handmade gifts: You can make handmade cards, a lot of videos and image you can search on YouTube and Pinterest where they teach you how to make cards or gifts. Explosion card box made by Mimi I made this explosion card 3 years back, so it’s not in good shape now. You can easily learn to make it or you can order in Amazon there you will find readymade cards or can be ordered as well. Similarly, you can make handmade cards, sketch and paintings. Fabric painting on bed sheet by Mimi 3. Scrapbooks: A beautiful idea to write your feelings, and rejoice the memories spent together by attaching pictures of all moments in a scrapbook is something that can make your lover shed tears. 4. Love message bottles You can write short messages and pour them in cute bottles and gift them to your lover. Again you can find this kind of gifts on Amazon and other online portals. Combine all small gifts and fill them in a basket, tie the basket with ribbon and your gift is ready. 5. Start: An innovate idea of gifting is you can find many apps where you can find how the starts were positioned on the day you met or said “yes”, got married and you can take a print out and frame it. Gift this to your love. 6. Cook romantic dishes when you meet: Pamper your lover or husband with homemade food, bake a romantic cake, prepare some favourite dishes for him and add more zest, seasoning, enthusiasm and sweetness in your relationship. You can comment so that our lovers can get more ideas to celebrate the beautifully.

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