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Read what exactly Trump said rather than reading outlines

Sunday evening, President Trump requested to release the hold on hydroxychloroquine. Click on the link, to read in details:

Never thought of that by April, we will be heading to a disaster, the pandemic, Virus has already killed so many people all over the world.

According to Hindustan Times, President Donald Trump on Monday spoke of “retaliation” if India turned down his request to lift the hold on US orders.

I watched the entire video and at 30minutes 39 seconds a journalist asked the question, have a look:

Journalist: Are you worried about the retaliation to your decision to ban the export on medical goods like India Prime Minister Modi’s decision to not export hydroxychloroquine.

President Trump: I don’t like that decision, I have not heard that it was his decision. I only know that he stopped the export for his country. We are in very good talk, I’ll see if it’s like this because India does very well with the United States from many years it has been taking advantage of the United States on trade so I will be surprised if he has taken such decision. If he allows the supply then it’s okay but if he doesn’t then there will be retaliation, why wouldn’t there be?

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