AP police shares the precautionary measures to take after Vizag Incident.

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Coronavirus cases in India touches 56000+

According to the recent report, 1886 deaths have been confirmed and 16,540 has recovered.

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Uber loses nearly $ 3 billion in lockdown.

Uber shared it’s earning report today stating a loss of around $ 4 billion in the first quarter.

However, Uber Eats was effectively flat on a year-over-year basis.

Uber has now invested in a scooter company named ‘Lime’.

Uber fired 3700 employees in just three minutes over Zoom call.

Today, the head of the customer service Ruffin Chaveleau, informed that they are eliminating 3500 frontline customer support role. She addressed the employees that it’s the last day of their work and fired 3700 employees.

Uber has already reported a loss of around $ 4 billion in the first quarter.


Daily mail

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