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Best hand painted home decor items of the year.

Due to lock down many of us started their own business.RoMi Handicrafts laid their first stone in September 2020.

RoMi handicrafts offer ingenious handpainted decorative items, lamps and lighting in the Indian market.

Be it the creation of art or building customer relationship, unswerving loyalty is my virtue.

Somoshree Bhattacharyya

Within a short span, it received humongous love and support from all over the country.

RoMi Handicrafts products are used for:

  • Interiors
  • Home decor
  • Wedding decorations
  • Party and function decoration
  • Return & corporate gifts
  • Gifting purpose &
  • Many more…

Let’s have a look over the handicraft items that you can easily purchase online to decorate your beautiful interiors.

All products are unique and converted from traditional, waste and antique products for today’s elegant, classy and glorious makeover.

1. Handpainted antique lanterns electric lamps.

The incarnation of the old iron lantern/ laltein/ hurricane into the handpainted electric lantern lamp. You can light up your place with the handpainted iron lantern which comes with an electric bulb. The paintings on the glass of the lantern make it more beautiful and vibrant.

Purpose: Hospitality industries interiors, home interiors, organic and vintage style interiors, giftings, corporate and return gifts, wedding and party decorations.

Art: Pakistani truck art, contemporary design, mandala dot art.

Completely handpainted with different types of acrylic and pearl colours.

2. Handpainted Bottle lamps

India has now started to decorate their space, occasion and homes with handpainted bottle lamps.

You can decorate and cultivate a star-studded romantic ambience to your home, garden, resorts, restaurants or even you can use them for party and wedding decorations.

These products are always in huge demand for gifting purposes and a wedding return gifts and corporate gifting.

3. Hand Painted Wooden trays

An enchanting serving handpainted trays with creative designs that make a statement on your presentation. It adds a dash of style to your interiors and kitchen decor.

You can use them as dresser trays, serving trays, decoration and gifting purpose.

4. Handpainted bed sheets

These bedsheets will lighten up your room with its charisma, magnetism and creativity.

You can simply book online or contact RoMi Handicrafts and they will provide you with freshly painted bedsheets with love and care.

5. Wall decor paintings

Upgrade your home makeover with real handpainted home decor items on wooden boards, frames and canvas boards.

Different kind of paintings offered by RoMi Handicrafts will make your living room, dining room and bedroom more graceful and attractive.

Founder & Maker:

Somoshree Bhattacharyya is the Founder and Maker of all the products manufactured by RoMi Handicrafts.

Her creative mind and blessed hands launched her painted products in the market online, soon it was adored and admired by all.

Handicrafts are the second-largest source of employment after agriculture in India.

RoMi handicrafts have the goal and vision of growing and bringing more talented young creative painters under one umbrella to make your home and life beautiful.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of forbearance and patience. Middle-class families don’t understand the concept of business as a profession. If we see the positive side of Covid-19 it gave us new aspirations and courage to fulfil their dreams.

Somoshree Bhattacharyya

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