Zoe- Chapter-2, Zoe in Gwalior


The day arrived when Zoe’s parents and Paly’s mother travelled for Gwalior. Gwalior is a city in central India known for palaces and fort. Gwalior was emerging as an educational hub for nearby states as the lifestyle and education was a way cheaper than the metro cities.

Zoe with her parents reached Paly’s hostel. It was the first time she saw a girl’s hostel, there were around a hundred or more girls residing in the building. Zoe looked like a kid but her attire was quite outdated and she looked like an alien with her specks in traditional attire. Girls whispered at her back. They settled down in the hotel nearby.

The next day was her exam and she was nervous as it was a government university spread in wide acres of land. The university was teaching 99 different courses and ranked 7th largest university in Asia.

Zoe’s father’s bell rang and her maternal uncle informed about the result of Saint Carmel’s. She scored highest marks in English and lowest in Maths she scored well in rest subjects. Her PI round was selected in the second lot due to her fewer marks in Maths hence they need to wait for the next 20 days to get the date confirmed.

Shivaji University was very reasonable as it’s under government also if you hold amongst 16th position you will also get scholarship hence the fee will be almost 70 times lesser than Saint Carmel.

Zoe went for the exam the University was fully packed with students all over India. Finally, she finds her way to the examination centre and took a sigh of relief after looking at the test paper. It was way easier for her. She was happy after her exam and returned to the hostel the result was to be declared in the evening on the other day.

The hostel was having two & three-seaters sharing a room. Few occupied a single room Paly’s roommate was about to vacate the room hence it was decided that Zoe will be staying with her. They visited palaces and fort went shopping during the rest of the time.

Zoe met with Archie, Paly’s friend she was a quite humble and polite girl. She belonged from the same state so Zoe felt homely.

Here comes the day of Zoe’s examination result was to be declared. She went with her parents and was waiting for the announcement to be made.

Will Zoe be able to get admission in Shivaji University or she will return to Kolkata?

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Zoe-Chapter1: Page 2

Zoe landed Kolkata with her parents to get admission in college. She was a bright student but she wasn’t interested in preparing for medical examination. She wished to be Masters in Business Administration hence turned down other options.

The day Zoe landed bad luck followed her with strikes in Kolkata, she went to various reputed colleges and discovered that Bachelor’s of Business Administration was yet not introduced in courses others already closed their admission process.

Finally, she filled her form for a very well known college which was established in the British period. Zoe was nervous because Saint Carmel was a very reputed college and the competition would be really tuff.

Meanwhile, they searched for a few more private colleges and they were charging quite a high fee. She wanted to move to Delhi as the capital had a much better option but Kolkata was her native place so parents were not convinced. They suggested another town which was emerging to be an educational hub in the state. But at the last moment, Zoe with her all courage denied studying there.

The day arrived where she went with her parents for the written exams. She was nervous and confused she wore a salwar suit (Indian dress ) and was waiting at the entrance of the college. There were so many other candidates who appeared to be older than her. Zoe completed her schooling at a quite early age, she touched her parent’s feet and went towards the examination hall.

The paper was divided into four subjects, general knowledge, English, Reason and Maths. Zoe was poor in Maths, she didn’t like to practice as it seemed a foreign language to her it was difficult to understand. Zoe’s parents interacted with others and got to know that 99% of students dropped for a year to prepare for this exam. However, she finished her exam and returned with a confusing face. She wanted to get admission there but was nervous because she somehow knew that it will be difficult for her to meet the standards.

Zoe was waiting for her result and started preparing for a personal interview round meanwhile, her father was talking to his family friend suddenly he suggested him to try for the university his daughter is in. However, Zoe’s father didn’t want to send her so far but she convinced her parents to take her once for the entrance exam. They booked a ticket for Gwalior and thought to take a try, Paly her family friend submitted the examination form. Shivaji University, a government university and well known those days where almost 30000 students applied for 60 seats.

Will Joe be able to clear the written exams of both the colleges? Which city will be her destination? To know to stay with me.

Part 1-


Zoe-Light of Moon

Chapter 1: Page-1

Today is a very important and life-changing day of high school students. The result will be declared at 10 am, Zoe was panicking at her room while her father went to check the result.

Zoe worked hard for her exams and now is the day which will decide her future. Zoe is fair and fluffy, a girl with brown hair and tiny eyes who carried spectacles. She is beautiful but her beauty is hidden under her attire which her mom used to select for her, her dress sense was old-fashioned and has very fewer friends. She liked to stay at home doing nothing, she is lazy and bunks her school and tuition always. However, she seemed to be studious but the truth was she’s forced to study. Her parents are very protective of Zoe.

Finally, her father returned home with a smile on his face and proudly cheered at her. She scored very good marks which were way beyond their expectations. Her parents were busy calling all relatives and informing about her result.

Her turning point was the day when the tuition teacher challenged her mother that she won’t be able to score good marks. She promised her mother, that she will score good marks so she studied night and day.

She informed the same teacher about her result who was biased for a few students one of her favourites was Zoe’s crush named Rudra. Zoe was a shy natured girl and never interacted much with Rudra though they were in the same class and went to the same tuition teacher. She received a call from the school, they wanted to congratulate Zoe so asked to visit her. She got ready and went to school. All the teachers congratulated her, the principal offered sweets and blessings, her picture was clicked and published in the newspaper. She had fewer friends she interacted with very lesser people though she had a great sense of humour. She was like fresh air for her friends as she was a charming personality, made her friends laugh on her jokes.

Because of her introvert nature, she was mistaken as a girl who carries a lot of attitude including Rudra but doesn’t know what was the thread between them whenever Rudra was nearby Zoe butterflies wobbled in her stomach. She was the kind of girl whom no boy will consider to make her girlfriend and she also knew that and always lacked confidence in herself.

Here came the turning point of her life when her parents agreed to send her away for higher studies. But it was already late as even her parents didn’t know her potential they didn’t apply earlier in colleges. They travelled to a metro city for her admission, she approached many colleges and but admission process were already closed.

Will Zoe be able to fulfil her dreams? Ever she will meet her crush?

To know the next part stay with me.

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In a long-distance relationship during the lockdown or Quarantine phase?

This is for you.

This blog is for those couples who are in a long-distance relationship or unable to meet their lovers due to lockdown phase,I maintained my 10+ years long-distance relationship being miles and miles away from each other.

I agree it’s difficult to maintain the long-distance bond and many couples tear apart.

We also faced the difficulties as you do, when we were as college students it was difficult to sustain due to :

  • Financial Crisis
  • Immaturity
  • Lack of physical presence of a partner
  • Finding Your partner nowhere in weekends, sickness and during the thick & thin time.
  • Missing your partner

But at a certain age though departing is never happy we get habituated to it.

Few tips to help us to maintain the charisma, here they are :

  • The excitement of reunion: In a long-distance relationship or lockdown phase, the best moment is when we will book our tickets and then the countdown begins. It keeps your bond lively & fresh. After missing each other and urge to spend time together as we did earlier will make our bond stronger.
  • Preparing yourself for the day: After the lockdown phase is over and we will plan to meet, we will go for shopping, start making plans and buy lots and lots of stuff to gift our partner. Excitement is always at its peak.
  • Cherish memories: Departing is very painful but the happiest part is we built memories.
  • Ignore fights: The best part is we ignore fights and arguments because it’s there in our mind that if we continue this fight we have a few hours left and ruining it is not a good idea.
  • Fulfil the wishlist: Everyone does discuss their to-do list with their partner either it’s a long drive or being or a romantic dinner date. We do miss our partners, we all wish to fulfil dreams of our love during this short time frame. These are the “Awwwwwww” moments now coming to the point, trust me it’s not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Any suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

Stay happy & cherish your life because you are precious !!


Chapter-3 Page-10

Nillie: How can a person get fed up with the limelight, I feel a star must get brighter and brighter as the Sun so that all the stars fade away under his light.

Parth: The day you will appear to be in my place, you will understand the emptiness within me and wish to be a planet who holds the world within himself.

Nillie: So this is the loneliness talking, I can’t be the world for you but yes I would love to place my satellite to explore the world in you.

Parth: laughed..this dialogue is actually nice, really you made my day. May I know the name of this beautiful lady who brought a smile in my face.

Nillie: I am Nillie and I won’t lie that I have always been a big fan of yours but seeing you today, I am more curious to know the real you more.

Parth: I have always been surrounded by fans and people who want me to build a base for themselves or click selfies with me. You are among the very few who want to meet real Parth, not the reel one.

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Suddenly a beautiful lady came in mid of the conversation, she is extremely beautiful, fair and fab. She is 5’5 inch tall and slim, her name is Sanjali she’s was looking alluring in her blue & black dress.

Sanjali: I was finding you everywhere and you are standing here. Media wants to click pictures of us. We need to start promoting for our upcoming movie this is the perfect time.

Sanjali is a close friend of Mimi and she is a known face in the industry. She is a great dancer and is has signed for an item dance in Parth’s movie.

Parth: Okay you go, I will join you in a minute.

Sanjali bore into Nillie and left them to join the media interaction.

Parth: Aahhh. Nillie it was nice to know you, this is my card, my personal number is mentioned here. If you need me anytime, I am a call away.

Nillie came closer to Parth and placed her lips to Parth’s cheek, Parth’s heart started to beat faster.

He’s a superstar, many fans and girls have tried to kiss him, he had multiple relations and link-up with many beauties but this was different. A women came closer to him, strange women, who made him feel comfortable, such a bold woman yet elegance in her eyes and charm in her smile.

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Nillie: I am a stranger in this city, a sweet gesture means a lot to me. You have a golden heart, I won’t contact you for your help but I will pray to God that he gives a chance for me to get you to know more.

Parth gave a nervous laugh he hugged and left, Nillie was seeing him going away holding the card and thinking of how to enter in his life. Parth is a big shot he can change her life. He gives a chance to many newcomers in the industry and their life changes in one night.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Raghav who put his one hand in her shoulder and the other hand on the card.

Raghav: Wow Nillie! You got Parth’s personal number in just a small conversation. Even I don’t have his number till date, I contact his manager always. He doesn’t share his number generally.

Nillie: You know what, this is Nillie’s magic!

Raghav: I completely agree, that’s why I adore you so much. Shall we go back to the party?

Nille and Raghav danced, laughed and enjoyed the whole night.

So are you curious to know what happens next?

Will Nillie be able to fulfil her dreams with the help of Parth?

Parth will realise that she isn’t different from others, just her approach was?

Keep reading Nillie and don’t forget to like and share!


Read this if you are getting Squeezed in a bad job.

I am writing this blog to share my learnings I experienced after grabbing an opportunity from a pathetic company. Hence I would like you to know while job-hopping.

I worked in a company for almost 36 days and on the very first day, I got to know that I made a blunder opting for it even after having two offers in my hand.

Key points to research :

  • Online search: Surf glass door /indeed for reviews and ratings.
  • Search on Social media: Search company’s page on Facebook and also hunt people on Facebook/Linkedin. The more employees you find working with that company the more you can understand the strength of the company.
  • Don’t entirely rely on the company’s website: You will find many companies with an attractive and promising website though the reality is quite the opposite.
  • Take a tour of the company: The first and important lesson I learnt was on the first day itself. The day I joined I witnessed that the company was missing all the basic facilities and then I realized that at least I should have noticed before.
  • Check your offer letter: Thoroughly go through the offer letter, your salary annexure, designation and columns mentioned.
  • Clear your doubts: Before you join, be clear with the HR policies, payday and other facilities. Don’t trust the rosy pictures that are shown to you, neither rely on the imaginary projects.
  • Take feedback from employees: After I joined and interacted with the employees I learnt that they have no fixed pay-day and they are paid after a month and half of their work or even later. They need to plead for their salary even.
  • Working environment: Though it’s not possible to judge the organisational environment and judging the satisfactory level of employees on a single day or even after a couple of rounds of the interview still give a try.
  • Sign after reading documents: Read your offer letter, appointment letter or any other documents carefully and then sign it. Companies contract and clauses are mostly one-sided be careful.

I hope you do agree with my learnings do share if you have more opinion.

Be safe & happy because you are precious!

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How to handle life problems

We face so many challenges in our life as the graph of the journey of our life never goes at the same pace.We see the downfall and we struggle to lift ourselves. Life is full of drama and emotions, the same you experience while watching Game of Thrones😉What motivates us is our responsibilities, willingness to fulfil our dreams, optimistic attitude.We are at the age, where we are struggling in personal & professional life. Nothing goes smooth, when we try to balance our personal life, our professional life suffers and visa versa. We are not experienced in handling all situation hence when we try to keep everything in place all seems to get Jumbled & jolted up.Factors when we can make lemonade from the lemons life gifts us :1. Try to be happy: This is the most important factor when we are happy we ignore many silly things and handle the issues lightly. Our brain responds to give better and quick solutions to it.2. Remove Negativity: A negative mind is most dangerous and it tends to be highly self-destructive. A negative mind forces you to think worse of any person, circumstances and creates trouble. The human brain is more sensitive over bad things, when something ill happens to us we mourn, we mourn for our heart-breaks, job-stops and multiple issues however when we are happy our brain doesn’t enjoy the gala time for long.Hence when we are upset with something/somebody we tend to release toxins and start assuming situations which might not happen, we stay more unhappy.3. Be creative: Enhance your creativity, do something which you ever wanted to learn or do. Start painting, swimming, dancing etc…4. Start hitting the gym or Zumba : Thirty minutes of walk on a treadmill removes depression. When you return after the gym you will yourself feel relaxed, energised or you will be so tired that you will instantly fall asleep.😴5. Build a network: Make more friends, I will suggest building your strong bond with existing & close friends, the friends whom you trust & are always there for you will make you feel more secure. Play games with them, go for outing, shopping, chill at your place & keep yourself busy.6. Stop discussing the matters that make you upset :I would rather suggest you not to discuss your problems with everyone, people generally don’t like to hear others, they listen to gather gossip and pass the information to others. Only the closest friend of your’s will understand your problem. Discussing the issues will only make you sad it never brings happiness or gives you a solution. After a certain age, we must stop sharing problems with our family even when you know that it will only make you pare worry nothing else will come out of it. So once you feel that you are feeling lightly hearted after you shared your problems stop crying over the same.7. Work on your maturity level: I have seen so many people old enough but highly immature. That kind of person never turns up to be an example for others.8. Be your own counsellor: The best part to end this blog with the most important ingredient to prepare this lemonade is this point.Always motivate yourself, try to understand your mission & visions, effects & circumstances of the steps you take. Think before you act & ask yourself how would you feel if this is done to you.Let me know if the suggestions helped you in any way, share your experiences with us in the comment section.Stay safe & happy, because you are precious….!!


Things to do for a happy Relationship.

When I look back to this more than a decade-long journey of my relationship. I realise how I built and managed to create this beautiful story of my life is a lesson in itself. Trust me, my life was once miserable and dark, I faced heartbreak, got depressed, tried to move on. I am a normal girl like you and we all face these situations, sometimes I wish to have a guardian angel to show me the right path in my love life.

At one point in my life, I had broken up with my boyfriend who soon is going to be my husband. Things became better between us after each fight when we thought it would end.

I also want you to know the magical spells that helped me to maintain this successful relationship.

We started our relationship when we were teens and now we are grown up, matured and independent, when I look back to our journey there were so many things which made us overcome all these obstacles that bring it to an end.

My advice might help some married couples or the unmarried ones and believe me, my suggestions are based on real-life experiences.

I say these are the miracle of our Successful Love Relationship.

1. Choose right partner: I agree, love is not calculation, love just happens and it’s magical. We fall in love suddenly and unknowingly But when it really comes to picking your partner for this long journey, it’s very important for us to judge and observe. We have flaws and nobody is perfect in this world but what matters, is when you realise that the other person is ready to change for you and you are willingly changing your nature for him/her. Trust me, our heart is no fool, the inner soul can identify the right person for us.

Here are the BASIC check through which one can find out if one’s partner is the right person or not

  • He treats you and respects you
  • He makes you feel special and is ready to cut ties with exes.
  • The eagerness to meet you and talk to you.
  • He is focused on his career and you believe that he is going to be the matured, stable and understanding partner for you to give you a balanced and satisfying life.
  • He loves his family and knows his responsibilities, trusts me if your partner doesn’t love his family & then the commitment in this new relationship will always be questionable. If a person can leave his family for you, he can leave you for any other reason as well.
  • The efforts that your partner makes to be with you and keeps you happy, realizes his love towards you and I tell you less expressive partner is more loyal.

2. Understanding your partner: This is one of the strongest pillars without which your relationship can never breathe. Understanding and respecting your partner’s needs & desires is utmost important.

  • Understand your partner’s mood and react accordingly. All couples fight, but if we can really figure out the basic reason for the fight, it gives a sense of comfort to both.
  • Understand your partner’s ambition, goals and have faith is what helps both of us to gain a peaceful life.

There come various phases where we go through a financial crunch, family problems, career issues and it’s the time when you stand together. There were times when my partner and I faced difficulties in all other aspects and we lived upon each other with a hope to get the peace of mind.
This is the phase when our warmth and comfort holds the relationship and makes the bond even stronger.

*Later you can make your partner realise his mistakes and behaviour once the situation is managed and your partner is ready to listen 😀

3. Caring: This world is full of opportunist, troubles and worries, your care is what eases the inner child in your partner. Your partner irrespective of their genders loves to care, pampered and loved.

Mark my words, even simple touch of care can leave a long-lasting impact and your partner will crave for this for the rest of their life from you and only you.

Preparing a favourite dish or surprising your partner with silly gifts is always a romantic idea.

Make your partner feel special and trying to keep them happy going beyond your comfort is love.

4. Never compare your life with others: Never ever in your life think about other’s love life or discuss another person in an unhealthy way. Every story is different, you are much happier than many other unsuccessful love stories.

Try to be happy with what you have and how your life is.

Patience: “Patience is the key to success”, indeed it is, many relationships fail because we lack patience in our life. We are not ready to compromise, understand the responsibilities, our expectations are high and the present scenario doesn’t match.

Think once maybe this is the phase where the burden seems to be heavy but will your life be happy and settled after you quit?

Is your relationship harming your self-esteem or you are afraid to fulfil your responsibilities?

You will get your own answer, in my case patience is the key factor which is why we are together.

Thanks for reading my first blog, your suggestions are appreciated and I think I will come with another topic in my next blog something which is very common in our life.

Why don’t you suggest something in the comment section…..

Stay happy & cherish your life because you are precious … !!