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Chapter- 6; Page-17

Enjoy reading Nillie, A e-novel during #Quarantine # Lockdown #Coronavirus phase.

At the shooting Spot, Sanjali finished her shoot for the day but there was a heated discussion ensuing between Sanjali, director-producer and the team. The team were asking for a few more dates as Parth couldn’t make up today.

Sanjali: I already told you before that I have a trip to Rome, Italy. I am performing there so I can’t give you dates in between.

Director: I understand but you know this is only an album and we want to release in a short time. Dates will clash with Parth again if we have to wait for a month as you are saying. Parth will start his movie shoot and then he won’t be able to give us any more date.

Sanjali: Why don’t you ask Parth to get some way out? Due to him, we couldn’t shoot today.

Director: He is a legend you know, we can’t point the finger at him, and so do you.

You need to calm down..!! you take some time, Sanjali. Have your lunch, see how you can manage and we can figure this out after lunch.

Arey bhai! Madam k liye kuch thanda, garam manga do. ( Director addresses spot boy to give her something to drink).

Spot boy: Mam what will you have coffee, cold coffee or cold drink?

Sanjali murmuring: Bullshit! Senior actors… We girls are always exploited in this industry.

Sanjali: Sun idhar aa, paise pakad ek vodka r nariyal Pani kharid k cocktail bna k le aa, ja bhai!

Aur sun.. jo bhi bache change sab tera

(Listen, take this money, buy vodka and coconut water, make a cocktail and bring, keep the change). Sanjali called out her manager and started to discuss about the dates.

Raghav was also there during the argument, he went back to Nillie for lunch.

Raghav: Hey Nillie! I must say, you are looking ravishing today. I think there will be no shooting after lunch today, we can go somewhere.

Nillie: What happened? You said that Parth will come to meet today ?

Raghav: Parth is actually stuck due to some work which was unavoidable. He could not

Nillie: Oh! is it, so sad. I just came to see him today though I am not feeling well.

Raghav: What happened to you?

Nillie: Nothing, just feeling feverish. Why the heroine is upset?

Raghav: This is nothing new, everyone has their own ego and throw their tantrums. You will get used to this when you enter this industry, maybe then you will not recognise me as well.

Nillie: Maybe or maybe not, I will appoint you my manager ( both laughed). Let’s go and eat now, I am so hungry.

Raghav: So what I was saying, how about spending the day. We will go to some club first and later at my place from there?

Nillie: I really want to, but as I just said, I am not that well. I will go home and take some rest but do not worry, I will not leave you so soon, will be with you until 5.

Raghav: Cool, I will drop you then.

Nillie: Don’t worry about me, focus on your work, we can meet tomorrow as well.

Both went for lunch. In the meantime after the lunchtime was over, the director went inside Sanjali’s van to discuss.

Sanjali: Listen, I checked with my manager. I have to leave for my show but what I can do is to return immediately after the show and finish my shoot. Make sure, you take the dates from Parth before the shoot starts because this item dance can be a milestone for me and set my bar. I cannot compromise on that.

Director: Okay, you just give me the dates and I will take care of everything.

Cool! Shall we complete the close-up shots now?

Sanjali: Fine! I will get ready in 30 minutes and we can resume.

Did Nillie hide something? Yes, she didn’t say anything about the telephonic conversation neither informed Raghav about the date?

Is Sanjali going to Italy? Why Sanjali why?? You should stay at home now, stock your food and don’t step a foot out. Even if you urge for Vodka.

Stay safe and be at home πŸ™ We are saving the world!!

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Must Watch on Netflix during #Lockdown #Quarantine mode #Coronvirus

As we are relaxing and chilling with Netflix a few series and movies we can pick during spare time.

When you enter the world of Netflix you will find n number of option to confuse you. Every series that’s there doesn’t match your choice.

We will end up our time-wasting in the search of a show that matches our taste and preference and if we get nothing we will get bored.

So let me refer you by sharing the shows I watched and liked, let’s see if our choices match.

1. She

This is on top of the trending list now. The Indian series released on 20th March, 2020.

Created and written by: Imtiaz Ali & Divya Johri

Lead actress,Aditi Pohankar, is playing the role of a police constable who goes undercover and impersonates as a sex worker to expose a gang who are involved into drug – ring. During the journey,the simple girl also enjoys to explore the potential in herself.

Click here:

2. Guilty

This ranks 2nd on the list now after She replaced the movie. Guilty is a Netflix original drama film produced by Karan Johar under Dharma production.

The film released on 6th March,2020.

Must Read:

I got attracted because of Kiara Advani’s new look. Colored and highlights with tattoos on her body.

The story starts with the interrogation where the lawyers are investigating for a case. This is about #Me too movement where Nanki’s ( Kiara Advani ) boyfriend is accused by a girl for rape case. This story evolves around finding out the real fact where Nanki find the traces with the lawyer defending his boyfriend.

Click here:

3. Locke & Key

This is an American supernatural horror series. The season 1 premiered on 7th Feb, 2020.

After her husband’s mysterious death, she moved with her three kids to the ancestral property, Keyhouse.

The youngest kid starts discovering magical keys that unlocks power soon he involves his siblings. Obviously there is an evil woman who is also searching for the keys to become more powerful.

There are total 10 episodes and I liked watching this series. Waiting for season 2.

Click here to watch:

4 Stranger things

I will say this is the most favourite series of mine.

This is an American sci-fi and horror series which has already released 3 seasons. It is about a girl with supernatural powers who saves the world and her friends from the monsters of other world. All the actors have acted so well that you will get attached with all the characters.

This series has a huge fan base from all over the world. This series has already received multiple awards.

To watch, click here:

5. House Arrest

This film was released on Netflix in Nov,19. We can seriously relate to the story during this situation.

Ali Faizal plays a character who never left his apartment in these six months and has no upcoming plans to leave his flat. This is a comedy film and you will like the plot and presentation. Actors have done justice with their acting.

This film is directed by Samit Basu and Shashanka Ghosh.

6. The Witcher

The Witcher is an American fantasy series, you will watch a lot of witches, monsters, enchantment and witchcraft.

The first season released on Dec, 19. If you like to watch action and adventure then you will love it. The second season will release in 2021.

To watch, click on:

7. Little things:

It has already released it’s 3 series and people loved watching the innocent, comedy and romantic series. Both the actors are so real you will feel that you are just keeping into the real life of a cute couple.

These are a few series and movies I shared in detail. I will name a few I watched on Netflix.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S- My and our all-time favourite, FRIENDS is available on Netflix along with a few other popular series.



Big Bang Theory

Altered Carbon


Sacred Games

You can enjoy other Indian Netflix movies like:


Ghost stories

Qarib Qarib Single again a masterpiece, you must watch this as well.


Lust stories

Be safe and stay at homeπŸ™

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The positive impact of Coronavirus in India.

2020 started with a virus, the earth choking with pollution. The humongous threat has not only affected human lives but has affected the economy globally as well. Not just our generation, even our parents haven’t witnessed all these before. A massive lockdown has made life a standstill, 144 section has been implemented in various cities. We are all confined to our homes, only a few grocery stores open, and all the non-essential stores shut down. Even the cab services have been deterred until 31st March.

We are constantly chasing money, working day and night to give ourselves a good lifestyle. The developed countries get a chance to spend some quality time with their families during festivals or winters but countries like India keep on working every time, day and night. Many companies have a 6 days working policy and just get a day off to their employees.

Besides all the bad situation we are dealing with, we can still see a glimmer of happiness by looking at the positive aspects of lockdown.

Decrease in air pollution

Air quality has improved significantly in all the parts of India. Especially the metro cities where everyday people witness overcrowded streets, highways and flyovers and number of vehicles plying down the streets have reduced resulting in a rise of air quality levels in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru and other major metro cities.

Not just in India but the whole world is enjoying healthy and good air after decades. Pictures were taken from satellites proves that.

Return of dolphins and fishes

Due to less footfall around the river or seaside, halt in the movement of ships and steamers sailing on a daily basis, after decades people witnessed the return of dolphins at Kochi fort in Kerala, also in Mumbai as per the videos tweeted by celebrities like Juhi Chawla.

In Italy, dolphins and swans are returning to its canals, waterways and ports.

Spending time with family.

People are able to spend some time with their families. Especially kids are having fun, they are able to get more and more attention from their parents which they craved for.

Enjoying home-cooked food

In this busy world, where everyone is so busy, we don’t get enough time to cook food and prepare special dishes, as it takes longer time than usual. However, now everyone is enjoying discovering their cooking skills.

Adapting to a world where stocks are limited

As it’s advised to stay at home unless it’s an emergency. People are trying to live with the sources they have and satisfying themselves with the limited stock.

Witnessing a phenomenal life

When we will turn as parents or grandparents we can share our experience with the upcoming generations. Not just our generation even our parents haven’t experienced this scenario before. We are adapting to survive.

Education is not everything

As we can see that even educated people are behaving like an idiot, hiding their travel history or avoiding to be isolated.

Our prime minister requested to clap, ring bells or utensils, at 5 pm to cheer from our balconies to those who were actively working during the lockdown period for us.

At some places, it went wrong as people gathered in mass to beat utensils, danced and walked on roads at 5 pm.

So we got to know that education is not only important but a sense of awareness and knowledge is the other factor as well. As the proverb goes, half knowledge is dangerous.

The sky is blue

As factories are closed and almost no pollution on roads we can see the clear sky with less pollution.

We are getting more hygienic

Sanitizer in India wasn’t a popular or essential product for us. Also, people never used to wash their hands so many times like now.

Focusing on talent

You get time to focus on your passion, dreams and talent. Enhance your writing skills, dancing, singing, photography etc..

Doing daily chores

As most of the families have given paid leaves to their maids so daily chores are been handled by family members. Everyone has got their own duties now, it’s like a big boss house these days.

Many celebrities are posting their videos working at home. Be it be Sara sharing her cooking video or Hina posting a Tiktok video everyone is working.

Stay safe and stay at home πŸ™

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Things to do at home during Quarantine or Lockdown

Today entire India is participating in Janta Curfew. A curfew which is made for the public by the public. Our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi, called up the curfew today, i.e. on 22nd March which starts from morning 7 am-9 pm. However, all the schools, most of the IT companies, colleges, malls, cinema halls, pubs & bars we’re already been closed by the state government till 31st March yet people were coming out of their houses. Many companies are still working. Why Janta Curfew A day’s lockdown is a primary initiative by the government to stop the spread of the virus. However, rumours that coronavirus survives for 12 hours and lockdown phase for 14 hours to break the chain is a myth. According to a study, the virus could remain in the air up to 3 hours, up to 4 hours on copper, 24hours on cardboard, 3 days on plastic or stainless steel. So as it’s advisable to stay at home even some of the state government has issued that if someone is found on the streets will be arrested if he argues or doesn’t obey the rules. Let’s now come up with a point what can we do today. Many of them will spend quality time with families. There are many people who stay away from families, most of the bachelors don’t know even to cook and has no cooking facilities with them. Most of them will be sitting alone. Sleep until you get tired Always you dreamt of sleeping for a longer period but still, there were so many things to do on Sundays even. Today is the day, Janta curfew starts at 7 am, who cares you sleep till 23rd March, just get up to have some food, story your energy and again get into the hibernation mode. Watch shows or Movies Netflix is not only the only option to chill, but you also can get spoilt by YouTube, voot and a few other free apps where unlimited shows, series and movies are uploaded. Otherwise, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, zee and similar other apps are there. You always dreamt of having a day where you can just sit and relax, today is the day. Make Tiktok videos Don’t such watch TikTok videos, like me today, make some. Unleash your acting talent and let the world know about it Join Online Classes This advice is for those who are already working from home past a week and will continue until 31st March. You are already saving your time and energy by working from home so utilise that time for your own personal development. You wanted to do some certification courses or learn some language and literature. There are many such online classes that are providing you online learnings. Face time/ video call Call your all close ones, family and friends and talk to them. Build your bond again. Exercises at home Those who are missing the gym you can do simple exercises at home. There are so many apps on your mobile and videos on YouTube. Turn on the music and begin your day. Cook-bake-eat-repeat Best time to discover the real chef in you, prepare new recipes, play with spices and desserts and add smiles on the face of yours and family members. Clean your house I know it’s not Diwali yet now it’s the time you can clean your house. You always wanted a day to dedicate in cleaning while staring at the dust on windows. Come on, stand up! Play some music and start dusting! Wake up the artist in you Everyone has a hobby and wanted to become a singer, dancer, artist one day but later on ended up to be a sales manager, executive, engineer, HR, admin etc.. Today painters let some colours 🎨 roll down to your canvas. Show your moves dancers and singers you have your audience. Also, you can make videos or click pictures of your art, upload them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and let the world see your talent, follow and like it. Write your heart out People like me who love to write can try again, pen down your life experiences, journey, poems and stories. D. I. Y and Crafts There are so many DIY videos we watch daily on Facebook and always wished to try a few. Today is the day. Meditation and yoga Meditate and allow your mind to get calm, give it some rest and bring positivity in you. Try some yoga postures and be fit! Indoor picnic Families, it’s your time, decorate the house with the theme of picnic and enjoy your meals sitting together. Romantic dinner Couples lit up the fairy lights, cook your favourite food, pour some wine and let the romance heat up. Play with your kids Give time to your kids they will always cherish the memories lifetime. Coronavirus is a global pandemic, everyone is scared but I was also looking at the other side. Master in make-up skills What you always wanted? To apply a perfect make-up in no time, so this is the time, learn from free tutorial videos. Thanks to CoronaVirus Couples who always wanted more time to spend together has a golden opportunity to spend quality time together. But I tell you this is not going to work for married couples, locked together 24*7 more than two days is life-risking. Children who always wanted attention and time from parents are getting enough of it. Granddads and moms are finally able to see all their kids nearby. House in festive mode again. You have realised how life is sitting at home all day. So please πŸ™ take care, make Janta Curfew a success. .
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The devastation of Coronavirus in India.

Precautions and prevention taken by the government.

It’s not been much time when we first read about COVID-19 emanating from China. A virus that largely affected the country and forced the government to shut down all businesses, people being locked down in their houses, thousand of confirmed cases and scores of death.

In no time, it became a global pandemic and now India is fighting with COVID-19. It’s been months since it began with no signs of possible vaccination or medicine yet although the clinical trials has started.

When coronavirus appeared in India.

The first case of Coronavirus was reported on 30th January 2020 in Kerala, a person returned from Wuhan, China.

Soon it spread all over in Karnataka, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bihar, Punjab, Andra Pradesh, Rajasthan and now West-Bengal.

India initially successfully managed to rein in Coronavirus to spread out but all went in vain when on 3rd March, a 69 years old Italian who visited Rajasthan carried the virus with himself and single-handedly helped the virus to find 16 new Italian hosts along with one Indian driver.

Initially, people were found infected by COVID-19 in Delhi, Hyderabad, Orissa and other states who returned from Italy, Japan, China, Thailand, Dubai and Bangkok.

Preventive measures India has taken against CoronaVirus

Social media especially Twitter, Facebook, TikTok is flooded with articles, links, videos and photos of coronavirus.

Where songs and jokes related to coronavirus are getting viral on one hand, on the other, fear is increasing while reading the reports of COVID-19.

World second largest population has succeeded as of now in controlling the outbreak of COVID-19 and compared to the population, the cases are really less.

Although India has managed to control the spread, health experts presume that there might be many undetected cases.

Ban to international travels.

India was one of the first nations to take the vital step of shutting down its borders.

All visas travelling to and from China or other countries have been cancelled.

All visas are being suspended issued to the nationals of Italy, Iran, Japan, South Korea etc.


The body-temperature is being checked in certain offices like Bombay-stock exchange or people travelling internally even by train or cars.

Almost in all the airports, seaports and borders, thermal screening is installed.

Also, the other factor to worry about the attitude and mentality of we Indians, as we like to avert the situation until the worst arrives.

Evacuation from countries

Soon after COVID-19 spread, India evacuated its citizens from China, Maldives, Iran and other countries.

Trains cancelled

As per reports from Economic Times, railways has cancelled 76 trains as a precaution as well as due to low occupancy.

Not just humans Corona Virus hits Start-ups

Corona Virus has hit many small businesses as they have come under the grip of it.

As RoMi Business English Online classes are only designed for Chinese professionals. Hence the platform provides, free live online classes through WeChat or skype.

Similarly other Educational platforms like Byju’s, Vedantu_learn are offering the same.

Work from Home

Many multi-national companies like Nutanix, Capgemini, Infosys, Wipro have globally restricted the travel of employees and have regulated work from home.

Also read:

Similarly, other companies in Bangalore have strictly regulated work @ home till 31st March as per the Karnataka government policy, a new era is brought by Corona where companies were asked to adopt the culture.

Work from home is actually a problem for many companies as they don’t have proper software and apps to provide easy access to all employees.

India is not only about IT companies, but the vast majority of people also work in unorganized sectors and MSME’s like small firms, shops, delivery businesses like Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo etc. or run small businesses.

As the market has gotten slow and almost shut due to the fear and tremor of COVID-19 it’s breaking the spine of the business health.

Sales employees are under enhanced pressure due to the financial year-end as travelling or meetings has been restricted, again the new form of work has made the work more difficult hence creating a lot of pressure of meeting the targets along with the hard push created by the bosses.

All educational places closed

Schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes are closed till 31st March.

Entertainment hubs closed

Almost all the tourist spots, pubs, bars, malls, cinema halls are shut down as per the government’s regulation.

Even Goa has shut down all its casinos, multiplexes clubs and bars.

Sports have been cancelled or postponed.

As multiplex and cinema halls are closed, it results in a huge loss to the entertainment industry. The movies which have already released are bearing losses and others have postponed their release dates.

All public gatherings are avoided, weddings and other functions are being cancelled.

Religious places closed

Most of the famous and well-known temples like Iskon temple, Siddhi Vinayaka temple, Mumbai and others are closed to avoid spreading of the COVID-19.

Churches, mosques, temples, gurdwaras and other religious places are cancelling general prayers meet, worship services, closing religious schools.

Film and television shootings might stop due to Coronavirus.

Bad news for cricket lovers, IPL has been shifted to 15th April and now FWICE is considering to stop the shootings of films and television shows as well.

Contactless food delivery

Zomato & swiggy has come up with contactless food delivery for safety measures.

Also, the platforms are trying to guarantee that all the food-partners follows the safety and hygiene guidelines.

Current report:

According to current states by India, more than 7447 confirmed cases and the death toll have now reached 239.

To support the government’s initiative and for our own safety, we must follow the instructions provided to avoid getting infected or spreading COVID-19.

Avoid mass gatherings, use sanitizers and wash your hands in short intervals. Not only disinfect your hands but also your mobiles, laptops with sanitizers. The virus remains alive for 17 hours in the mobile screen.

Avoid mass gatherings, don’t touch your face after coming in contact with susceptible compromised surfaces like public door handles, lift buttons and remember the most important part- flatten the curve, maintain social distancing and break the chain.

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Precautions to fight with Coronavirus.

Yesterday our honourable prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi addressed the nation and informed that the whole country will be on complete lockdown mode for 21 days.

We are asked to stay at home to save ourselves and our family from getting infected. Only essential items are available in the market. The intention is to break the chain of transmission.

As I teach Business English to Chinese professionals, I discussed with them yesterday about the current situation. They were in the same situation as we are now. The clampdown has been taken must earlier so let’s help and support our nation.

My student and owner of a Company advise us.

Based on the research and studies, I am sharing the preventive measures that you should take to protect yourself even at home.

All points she mentioned.

Preventive measures at home to avoid CoronaVirus.

  • Wash your hands before putting the mask and after removing.
  • Disinfect your dustbin where you thrash your masks.
A Chinese friend of mine believes in prayers, we also have various chants and mantras to fight with virus and disease.
Watch the video of mahamari stotram
  • Take proper rest and get sufficient sleep, staying at home doesn’t mean you watch Netflix whole night.
  • Take some time for exercising.
  • Frequently wash your hands with proper handwash and follow the steps of handwashing properly.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper while coughing or sneezing.
  • Do not touch your mouth with dirty hands and be more careful if you are outside.
  • Sanitise your phone and laptop each time you take them outside.
  • Disinfect the doorknobs and any product you bring from outside.
  • Maintain indoor ventilation.
  • Allow air to pass in, fresh air is required during the lockdown period.
  • Even disinfect your air-conditioners.
  • Disinfect your grills and windows.

After returning from outside, immediately take a shower and wash the clothes that you wore with Dettol and detergent. Don’t touch anything especial

Also read:

What and how to eat.

  • Try to avoid the consumption of meat now but if you do make sure to wash and cook it properly.
  • Improve your immunity system, though we are staying at home yet try to involve protein-rich diet involve curd, turmeric, basil leaves, beans and green vegetables.
  • Buy fresh meat or by-products, avoid preserved meat, chicken or fish.
  • At this point, try to separate utensils and knives for raw meats and cooked one.
  • Avoid gatherings, staying at home doesn’t mean that you host parties, or attend others.
  • If possible, disinfect your milk and food packages.
  • Drink hot beverages like tea, coffee, turmeric powder with milk.
  • Eat citrus fruits daily.
  • Drink lukewarm water
  • Avoid consuming ice cream or chilled beverages.

We are been hearing so much about Coronavirus day & night. We find so many videos and articles on coronavirus. If we login to Tiktok we find funny videos or informative ideas.

We all know that there is not a cure for coronavirus until now. However, the latest updates State that vaccination has been invented and has gone for a trial. If it succeeds we can win the global battle.

I have recollected information and sharing here so that you be safe and sound.

Home remedies

  1. The most important thing, try to avoid public gathering. If you feel sick stay at home.
  2. Use alcohol-based sanitizers, though all sanitizers contain alcohol, buy immediately one which has 60% of alcohol in it.
  3. Use sanitizer very often.
  4. Wear masks, buy N-95 masks, it’s available in surgical store or you can order online through Amazon, Flipkart of various other sites.
  5. Coronavirus is spreading more through physical contact than by air. So it’s better to wear hand gloves.
  6. Gurgle with lukewarm water and add antiseptic products like turmeric, potassium permanganate, salt .

Herbal medicines

Some of my Chinese friends mentioned about herbal remedies.

Chinese ancient practices involve treatment through herbs.

To name a few:

  • Radix astragali (Huangqi),
  • Radix saposhnikoviae (Fangfeng)
  • Fructus forsythia (Lianqiao)

You can find more information on :

Look what I shared: Coronavirus Alternative Treatments: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs Help? – MedicineNet Health News @MIUI|

Even China is using traditional medicines to cure patients of coronavirus.

I am sharing the chat where my Chinese friend mentioned about the traditional way of curing the infected person.

In fact, in China people have started working and getting back to normal life.

One of my Chinese friends from Hunan city shared a video while she was returning from office.

China is resuming to work.

How to Quarantine a person

We know that a lot of people who are quarantined, so let us understand first how to detect a suspected case.

  • A person with travel history who has returned from foreign even at this point who has travelled domestically follow the instructions if they have communicated by flights or trains.
  • A person must stay in a single room as Sonam Kapoor did.
  • Avoid all visitors and even the entrance of another family member.
  • Disinfect all the furniture.
  • Clothes and utensils used by the quarantined person should be washed separately.
  • Only one individual should take care of the person. The caregiver must always wear a mask and gloves.
  • Wash your hands, after coming in touch with the objects used by the quarantined person or coming in touch with him.

Also read:

A reader of my blogs and stories from China reader’s group throwing light on the benefits of lockdown.

People with low immunity, suffering from other health issues like diabetes, elderly people, pregnant women, the problem in respiration, a sufferer of chronic disease are prone to get affected and the condition can get worse.

Any individual who is suffering from cough, fever or diarrhoea should immediately go for a check-up.

Be safe and avoid public gatherings till then!!

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In a long-distance relationship during the lockdown or Quarantine phase?

This is for you.

This blog is for those couples who are in a long-distance relationship or unable to meet their lovers due to lockdown phase,I maintained my 10+ years long-distance relationship being miles and miles away from each other.

I agree it’s difficult to maintain the long-distance bond and many couples tear apart.

We also faced the difficulties as you do, when we were as college students it was difficult to sustain due to :

  • Financial Crisis
  • Immaturity
  • Lack of physical presence of a partner
  • Finding Your partner nowhere in weekends, sickness and during the thick & thin time.
  • Missing your partner

But at a certain age though departing is never happy we get habituated to it.

Few tips to help us to maintain the charisma, here they are :

  • The excitement of reunion: In a long-distance relationship or lockdown phase, the best moment is when we will book our tickets and then the countdown begins. It keeps your bond lively & fresh. After missing each other and urge to spend time together as we did earlier will make our bond stronger.
  • Preparing yourself for the day: After the lockdown phase is over and we will plan to meet, we will go for shopping, start making plans and buy lots and lots of stuff to gift our partner. Excitement is always at its peak.
  • Cherish memories: Departing is very painful but the happiest part is we built memories.
  • Ignore fights: The best part is we ignore fights and arguments because it’s there in our mind that if we continue this fight we have a few hours left and ruining it is not a good idea.
  • Fulfil the wishlist: Everyone does discuss their to-do list with their partner either it’s a long drive or being or a romantic dinner date. We do miss our partners, we all wish to fulfil dreams of our love during this short time frame. These are the “Awwwwwww” moments now coming to the point, trust me it’s not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Any suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

Stay happy & cherish your life because you are precious !!