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Best hand painted home decor items of the year.

Due to lock down many of us started their own business.RoMi Handicrafts laid their first stone in September 2020.

RoMi handicrafts offer ingenious handpainted decorative items, lamps and lighting in the Indian market.

Be it the creation of art or building customer relationship, unswerving loyalty is my virtue.

Somoshree Bhattacharyya

Within a short span, it received humongous love and support from all over the country.

RoMi Handicrafts products are used for:

  • Interiors
  • Home decor
  • Wedding decorations
  • Party and function decoration
  • Return & corporate gifts
  • Gifting purpose &
  • Many more…

Let’s have a look over the handicraft items that you can easily purchase online to decorate your beautiful interiors.

All products are unique and converted from traditional, waste and antique products for today’s elegant, classy and glorious makeover.

1. Handpainted antique lanterns electric lamps.

The incarnation of the old iron lantern/ laltein/ hurricane into the handpainted electric lantern lamp. You can light up your place with the handpainted iron lantern which comes with an electric bulb. The paintings on the glass of the lantern make it more beautiful and vibrant.

Purpose: Hospitality industries interiors, home interiors, organic and vintage style interiors, giftings, corporate and return gifts, wedding and party decorations.

Art: Pakistani truck art, contemporary design, mandala dot art.

Completely handpainted with different types of acrylic and pearl colours.

2. Handpainted Bottle lamps

India has now started to decorate their space, occasion and homes with handpainted bottle lamps.

You can decorate and cultivate a star-studded romantic ambience to your home, garden, resorts, restaurants or even you can use them for party and wedding decorations.

These products are always in huge demand for gifting purposes and a wedding return gifts and corporate gifting.

3. Hand Painted Wooden trays

An enchanting serving handpainted trays with creative designs that make a statement on your presentation. It adds a dash of style to your interiors and kitchen decor.

You can use them as dresser trays, serving trays, decoration and gifting purpose.

4. Handpainted bed sheets

These bedsheets will lighten up your room with its charisma, magnetism and creativity.

You can simply book online or contact RoMi Handicrafts and they will provide you with freshly painted bedsheets with love and care.

5. Wall decor paintings

Upgrade your home makeover with real handpainted home decor items on wooden boards, frames and canvas boards.

Different kind of paintings offered by RoMi Handicrafts will make your living room, dining room and bedroom more graceful and attractive.

Founder & Maker:

Somoshree Bhattacharyya is the Founder and Maker of all the products manufactured by RoMi Handicrafts.

Her creative mind and blessed hands launched her painted products in the market online, soon it was adored and admired by all.

Handicrafts are the second-largest source of employment after agriculture in India.

RoMi handicrafts have the goal and vision of growing and bringing more talented young creative painters under one umbrella to make your home and life beautiful.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of forbearance and patience. Middle-class families don’t understand the concept of business as a profession. If we see the positive side of Covid-19 it gave us new aspirations and courage to fulfil their dreams.

Somoshree Bhattacharyya

RoMi Handicrafts:
Catalogue link:

Facebook page:

Find us on Google:
RoMi Handicrafts


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Former president of India dies.

India lost a great politician and former president today.

During his five decades-long spans of serving politics and was a senior leader of Indian National Congress

He passed away at the age of 85 after a brain clot surgery.

While the nation is mourning, I have gotten aback by the post.

I am simply trying to understand the meaning of the post.

Why did she mention “Allah is great” ?

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Anushka and Virat are going to have a baby: Look how fans reacted.

After so many bad things happening this announcement brought a smile whereas a few sick-minded people have started trolling the unborn child.

What was more interesting is that Sushant’s fans requesting his name for the baby. Have a look:

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#CBITakes Over: Trending on Twitter after the approval of Sushant’s case.

Today is not just a normal day its the victory of the entire nation and a big win for justice, faith, democracy and hope.

Now, CBI is going to hold a dummy test at the crime scene. This is certainly a moment of joy also grief at the same time because we lost a beautiful soul.

Most of us weren’t a big fan of Sushant Singh Rajput but when we heard of his demise we were in shock. The mystery of his suicide and when we started to know more about him it left us all off in grief.

I remember a conversation with my friend, where I claimed that it’s not just a suicide as the person drank juice and did party last night she said that it’s difficult to figure out what goes in people’s mind.

From the stories of his depression to nepotism, his case took so sharp turns. While we understood shortly that “nepotism tool” is just being used to divert the attention of people. Finally, we have won, however, let’s have a look at the reactions:

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Pandit Jasraj passes away- Another loss in 2020

The Indian vocalist Pandit Jasraj passes away at the age of 90.

Pandit Jasraj was born on 28 January 1930 in Haryana. He belonged from Mewati Gharana.

He travelled to various parts to learn music.

In 1946, Jasraj started singing classical music for Calcutta radio.

He won multiple awards and honours along with the Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan.

He died today, i.e. on 17th August 2020 at 5:15 pm due to cardiac arrest in New Jersey, USA.

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भारत को छोटी सोच से आज़ादी कब मिलेगी?

हमने कभी गुलामी को अनुभव नहीं किया क्योंकि हम आज़ाद भारत में पैदा हुए है पर पल पल एक गुलामी महसूस कि है जो समाज कि जटिल प्रक्रिया ने समझाया है।

जहां एक और हम सबको पता है कि आज पूरी दुनिया कोरोना वायरस से लड़ रही है और हमारा देश उतार चढाव से आज भी जूझ रहा है।

एक तरफ जहां उभरते हुए एक कलाकार सुशांत सिंह राजपूत की मौत से सवाल उठते है निपोटिज्म पर तो दूसरी ओर हमारे न्याय व्यवस्था पर।

जहां राम मंदिर का निर्माण हुआ वहीं दूसरी ओर कहीं आग लगा दिया गया।

हम सभी जानते है कि देश करप्शन, गरीबी, सोशल इनिक्वालिटी, घरेलू हिंसा , असाक्षरता से पीड़ित हैं।

भारतीय समाज मुख्यतः पितृसत्तात्मक है पर ये केवल एक समस्या नई है में आज बात करना चाहती हूं हर घर में रोज होने वाली उन बातों को जिन्हें हम नजरंदाज कर देते है इसलिए कि हमें बात को बढावा नहीं देना ।

गलत ये नहीं है जब ये कहां जाए कि एक लड़की को ढंग के कपड़े पहने चाहिए पर कूटनीति और पाखंड तब होता है जब हम अपनी बेटी को बिकिनी पहनने कि भी अनुमति देते है और बहू को पल्लू करने बोलते है।

हमें ससुराल में कैसे रहना है इसकी सीख हम अपने बच्चों को देने से ज्यादा बहू को देना पसंद करते है।

माँ एक बहुत बड़ा शब्द होता है वो अपने बच्चे की हर संभव रक्षा करती है पर दूसरे घर से आई बेटी को अपमानित करती है और दूसरे घरवालों को भी बढ़ावा देती है वो गलत है साथ ही कहीं ना कहीं ये भी सच है कि एक औरत ही औरत की सबसे बड़ी दुश्मन है।

2020 में जीने वाले हमलोग सोच के मामले में आज भी 18 वीं सदी में जी रहे है।

अब हमें लड़की ऐसी चाहिए जो पढ़ी लिखी, सुन्दर और अच्छे घर से हो पर उसी के साथ गूंगी और बहरी भी होनी चाहिए।

रुढ़िवादी आज भी कायम है। छोटे शहरों और गांवों में पर्दा प्रथा का आज भी प्रचलन है। दूसरे की कामिया निकालना तो एक आम बात है पर अपनी कमिया नहीं दिखती। कहते है कि कोई सही नहीं और गलत भी नहीं क्योंकि अपने आप को कभी कोई गलत मानता ही नहीं है।

दहेज कि प्रथा तो काफी आम है और जो लोग आजकल दहेज नहीं मांगते उम्मीद करते है कि शादी में बहुत अच्छे गिफ्ट्स मिले और बहुत अच्छी शादी हो ताकि सबको दिखा सके भले ही एक पिता इसके लिए अपनी सारी जमा पूंजी ही ना लगा दे।

आज भी हमारे समाज में इतनी कुरीतियों और अन्धविश्वास को जगह मिली है कि लोग जादू टोना जैसी चीजों पे विश्वास करते है। नींबू मिर्च लगाना हो या फिर बिल्ली का रास्ता काटना हम सब मानते आए हैं।

जिस देश में देवी की पूजा होती है वहां पुजारिन काम दिखते है। लक्ष्मी घरेलू हिंसा कि शिकार है तो सरस्वती को पढ़ने नहीं दिया जाता। कितने घरों में आज भी औरतों का काम पे जाना गलत माना जाता है। आए दिन न्यूज में छोटे बच्चो के साथ हुए रेप की घटनाओं को पढ़ते है।

ऐसे बहुत से मुद्दे है जिनसे हमें आजादी आज तक नहीं मिली है मैंने तो संक्षेप में अपनी बात रखी हैं।

हमें कब सही मायनों में आज़ादी मिलेगी?

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August 5: An Historical Political day| Ram Mandir

Symbol of fate, victory or controversies and disputes..

Ram Janmabhoomi or Lord Ram’s birthplace is believed to be in Ayodhya from the epic Ramayana. Lord Rama is not only our Hindu God, believed to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu but his name is constantly taken for the religious perspective in the political world. Very few people know that Ayodhya was the capital of Kosala in Buddhist time ( 5th – 6th BCE)

History of Ram Janmabhoomi:

I will mention in crux about the history of this sacred place as we all know about it since our childhood.

In 1528, the then Mughal emperor Babar built a mosque in this disputed land. It is claimed that there was a Hindu temple of Lord Rama so the Mughals demolished it. History had it that many temples were demolished by many foreign rulers who ruled our country.

In 1853, some people claimed that the Babri Masjid stands on the exact place of Lord Ram’s birthplace. That led to several riots and Britishers played the divide and rule policy very well then. Later, a decision was taken that the Muslims will pray inside the mosque and Hindus will worship outside the same.

After Independence, in 1949 idols of Lord Rama were found in the mosque. On which, Hindus claimed that Lord Rama manifested, on the contrary, Muslims blamed that someone kept the idols intentionally a day before. The government then sealed the disputed place to avoid unrests, riots and violence.

West Bengal governor celebrated 5th August

On 6th December 1992, supporters and political activists of BJP, shivsena and other Hindu political organisations destroyed the disputed building in the rally which resulted in several riots. Time to time, India has witnessed violence and turmoil regarding the land.

On 9th November 2019, the Supreme Court announced the verdict stating that the land belongs to the Government based on the taxes records and ordered to build a Hindu temple.

Then came August 5, 2020, which embarks as one of the most important dates in Indian political history of the BJP RSS ideological agenda.

Many of us support the Modi government, some oppose and there are a few who are neutral but being a Hindu I am very much pleased that this is a great decision taken by the government, not just because of political reasons but also it’s how you save Hinduism, 100-200 years from now people will remember this history and the temple.

Modi government has played some masterstrokes like the changes in Jammu and Kashmir as well.

Transitions and Evolution of India

28 years ago when the mosque was brought down, most of them never even thought about a temple would be built, many said it’s injustice, other institutions claimed to rebuild a mosque and punish those were involved in breaking it down.

Today, if we see, no one has opposed it, not even the opposition parties, secularists and in fact everyone has welcomed the decision. Even a few of my Muslim friends are also pleased with the reincarnation of the temple wholeheartedly.

The only opposition leader who has opposed the decision of the Supreme Court to construct a temple is AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. However, apart from that we found the entire nation to be united for the national project.

However, a post went viral claiming that Kerala government imposed a blackout barring the locals to watch the live telecast of Bhoomi pujan Ceremony.

I did check her account, she is quite active on social media and tweets almost every hour. She has, however, claimed West Bengal is also facing the same issue.

As I have mentioned several times in my blogs that we have an enormous and vast abundance of keyboard warriors who simply post anything just to get views and likes. Media houses later found the post to be misleading.

So has Ram Mandir polarized national politics and are we heading towards a communist government or dictatorship?

Because we are a Democratic country we know that politics cannot just be polarized.

Social distancing was violated

The question that arises in my mind, are we going to worship Modi as God?

Because he already has a huge fan base, many out of those are willing to worship him.

The downfall of Congress party because of the cell less torchbearer somehow makes us realise the hollowness and absence of a strong opposition party.

Genuine democracies do not have party-less democracies and genuine democracies do not have an ideology-less democracy.

Shekhar Gupta

Nevertheless, I came across an article, the headline just grabbed my eyeball:

At Ayodhya Bhoomi Pujan, Modi Became All-in-One; Proper Rituals Not Followed, Allege Pundits

The Wire

The article claimed that a prime minister can attend such type of ceremony as a chief guest, while the rituals should have been followed by the religious administrators.

Shankaracharya’s were absent during the pooja. We all know India is now governed by one man. It’s not a team, party or group anymore. He takes his own decision and we are his followers.

Personally, I didn’t like this picture.

Are we blind followers?

Nevertheless, the entire world celebrated the D-Day, even temples all across the US organised special events.

I am just a normal Indian citizen, I don’t support any political party as such, neither I am secular. I am simply a neutral person who simply observes the changes and behaviour within the society.

I simply raised a few questions and I would love it if you can share your views on the same.


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Review and rewind April 2020-Part 2

In my previous blog, I mentioned about January-March how my life changed with the world’s situation. We are witnessing a big change in our lives and trying to withstand and overcome the phase. In history, the year will be remembered and if we survive we will have tales and stories to tell our grandchildren.


As the days were passing by, it was not just difficult to accept the fact that staying home is difficult but also hopeless. The newly married couples were somehow managing to sustain by bringing the romanticism in themselves with their intoxication and smoke of love. They were trying to know each other and trying to utilise most of the time building up a bond. Trust me, in these 100 years a few are lucky who were able to spend every minute together but it was not the case everywhere. With work from home, many women were in deep turmoil of working for home and from home. Domestic violence increased, bachelors who were clasped in their rooms find it difficult to manage their lives, food spending time alone which led to depression.

The onset of the deadly coronavirus not just killed people furthermore brought the world to its knees by every means. Everything was closed, malls were empty, deserted airports, stranded migrants and tourists.

The virus was at the early stage of its journey though shattered the health infrastructure of many countries.

Though India took a bold step and decided to call for an early lockdown they didn’t organize the after plans on how to manage such a huge population, poor people, migrants and labours. People those who are stuck in different parts of the country. Soon the failure of proper planning started to show up along with that every day numbers of corona cases were doubling up.

Tablighi Jamaat

On March 20, in Telangana 10 Indonesians were tested positive, they participated in a religious event named Tablighi Jamaat at Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi.

The entire social media, news channels were flooding with the news of Tablighi Jamaat which became a burning topic and took the turn to religious angle.

Case in point is the irresponsible behaviour of particular sect in the muslim community, The Tablighi jamaat, which led to a sharp rise in the number of cases in India and endangered further spread. Not just India, Tablighi congregation drove the spread in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Pakistan as well.

For the first time, the city of Raiwind in Pakistan is under complete lockdown due to the same.

With all this happening in the world, then we found a few who were trying to help poor and needy with ration were also clicking their pictures and posting in social media which raised opinion in for and against of the same.

Tablighi Jamaat turned out to be a bombshell with 300 confirmed cases and 10 deaths became a new super spreader of Corona Virus. We witnessed keyboard fights in our country where many Hindus accused and made fun of Muslims. On the other hand, many Muslims blamed the government and were disheartened the reason was the handful of Muslims of such psyche plops the whole community answerable.

Trump and Hydroxychloroquine

If we all remember, President Trump was also creating headlines with his public statements. We got to know that India is the major supplier of hydroxychloroquine in the world. America demanded and ordered the supply from India and stated:

I don’t like that decision, I have not heard that it was his decision. I only know that he stopped the export for his country. We are in very good talk, I’ll see if it’s like this because India does very well with the United States from many years it has been taking advantage of the United States on trade so I will be surprised if he has taken such decision. If he allows the supply then it’s okay but if he doesn’t then there will be retaliation, why wouldn’t there be?


Meanwhile, during the lockdown in April we witnessed that India is no-more the peaceful place where every religion leaves in peace and harmony. Some people were successfully bowing the seeds of religious hatred.

Fake news was getting circulated, many were trolled in social media.

Read in details:

Plasma Therapy

With all these happening in the world, scientists were busy inventing vaccines, different countries also initiated clinical trials.

Even in India, The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given approval to convalescent plasma therapy in Kerala.

The therapy takes antibodies from the blood of a person who has recovered from a virus and then it is transferred into a person sick with that virus.

In details:

After lockdown-1, India decided to extend the lockdown.

the priority of the government is to save each and every life.


Our lovable Modi gave us the task to beat utensils, bells on a fixed time. But people like me were also realising the fact that lockdown is not the ultimate solution.

The Indian lockdown is the severest in the world, the economist carried a chart based on studied by a group in Oxford which ranked the countries on a severity index on their response to COVID-19.

India topped the chart in the world, while India topped the chart according to the intensity of the lockdown, on the other side India was at the bottom of the chart when it came to a fiscal stimulus for the economy in terms of percentage of GDP.

Detailed information:

While all these were happening, Indians from all over the world joined the battle which landed with a tweet to PM Modi objecting to a tweet from a BJP minister.

It all started with the first major cause, an Indian named Saurabh Upadhyay who runs a company in Dubai tweeted some provoking tweets. He never thought in his dreams that his tweet might get so famous for all the wrong reasons. Though he apologised and deleted his account, people started to dig in more tweets, several posts of Indian spreading hate speech and fake news were found. 

Detailed blog:

India remained under lockdown throughout the month of April. I was a master chef in making. Every day I used to come up with new food recipes. However, my life is simple and sorted but a lot of things we’re happening all over the world. Not just our common keyboard warriors even celebrities were uploading objectionable and communal posts which resulted in police arrests and suspension of various accounts.

Migrants, Mob lynching, Bandra station migrants attack communal posts by celebrities.

But then it happened that the migrants started to walk barefooted towards their villages from the dream cities. They were hungry, anxious and worried about their life and future.

It showed us how the sudden unplanned lockdown built chaos in their lives.

Now what I am going to cover raised many questions about humanity in India.

Today, after closing our eyes to such heinous atrocities, I cannot say that the whole country has stood up to support what is right and what is agenda driven.

How ruthless this India is, the coronoviruses entering India are not spreading as fast as the cruel mentality of India is being exposed in this effort.

It said that there were rumors that gathered at Bandra station to board the train.

On 16 April 2020, the incident brought tears to our eyes when two Hindu monks were brutally executed. The public has become so cruel that it takes the law into its own hands.


Policemen and health workers were attacked in many parts of India. Even the attack on Arnab Goswami was furthermore a highlight.

This lockdown has brought in many perspectives that are happening in the world, brings out inherent human nature to the forefront and history will remember every action we as an individual, society or as a country do. Remember, the world will remember this. Our maiming by this virus has brought the finest and ugliest of us.

Geopolitics – China, USA and the world.

Geo-politics and economy are intertwined in itself in this globalized world.

The US wants to maintain its supremacy and by attacking WHO.

However, China recovered early and hence its economy is back on track, forcing the US to accept the deaths yet not slow down the economy. Japan, Germany, Australia coming together and trying to hold China responsible. 

RBI accepting Sri Lankan gov. offer of deposit as bonds. China flexing its muscle in South China sea and threatening Vietnam by allowing illegal fishing of Chinese fisherman backed by its navy in Vietnamese waters because it recently did an exercise with US Navy or making sure Pakistan gets emergency bailout and the very next day Pakistan testing missile and doing gunnery exercise, giving India direct message that it is not happy with India’s proposition in recasting WHO.

Many countries were now blaming China openly for the virus.

If you want to read details about Geopolitics related to the topic, click the link:

Burning Bengal:

Let’s now come back to our country because have a lot of drama here and this time it’s our Drama Queen, our West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee.

Coronavirus did change the course of Indian politics. Along with that, also exposed not only the mentality of politicians and media people but also the common men.

Detailed blog:

The Bengal Chief Minister was clear of locking horns with the Prime Minister since the beginning of the fight against Coronavirus. She refused the plea of lighting lamps. 

The demise of Irfan Khan

Irfan khan the multi-talented actor who’s loved by everyone died on 29th Aprilat the age of 54.


Bollywood mourned with the death of Rishi Kapoor:

I am shattered and saddened after reading the news that Rishi Kapoor passes away. The entire nation hasn’t even didn’t come out from the demise of Irrfan khan yet when another legendary actor left us.

I covered three months in one blog and even though I tried to compress the month of April you can yourself see how many things have happened during the month.

Be with me to memorise everything that happened during the rest of the remaining months.

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It’s friendship day…!! But my friends are far away!!

The greatest gift you to yourself is making friends.

This blog is dedicated to my friends who turned out to be my family.

I am sure while reading this blog, there is a smile on your face thinking about your friends.

Twinkle- We are together past 12 years, we grew up together. We passed different phases of life and all I know that you are always with me. It’s lucky to have you who knows all secrets, struggles, sorrows and sufferings. We cherished and celebrated every moments, occasions and success together. Thanks for being with me…!!

How annoying they are, right?

Still, they are so valuable to endure. A city we live in becomes so strange and difficult to live in without friends. If you close friends with whom you spent years and have witnessed the entire journey with you stand out to incredible.

Being an introvert person, I had fewer friends during school but yes out of those school friend one became my life partner and others became my family. I cried with them, laughed with them, we had parties together and they were always been there for me.

My classmate turned out to be my soulmate.

You were like my network, wherever I go you were always with me.You were there when I wanted you during the most important event of my life. You managed everything like a sister.

5 years ago you were simply colleagues and then became friends. Companies did change but our bond grew stronger with time. You made my birthday’s special, a conversation with you every day over a cup of tea made my life easy.

“Har Ek friend jaruri hota hai” be it in your school or college, office or locality if you lack friendship it becomes arduous and strenuous to sustain.

I don’t know how to explain my feelings and friendship. You are too young to be my mother but you took care of my life her. I remember how you used to wake up early and cook breakfast and lunch for me on special occasions. You taught me the lessons of life today under your guidance I am a mature person.

Any friendship that was born during the period of 17-25 lasts till the end. I truly believe in it.

Friends reduce stress and make you overcome your depression. Your friends influence your weight. I do agree on the part as when I am on a crash diet they also feel the urge of reducing weight but the same doesn’t apply to me. When I eat, I don’t care if my friend is spending hours in the gym or dieting. Share your thoughts, dirty secrets, passion with each other. A true friend is one who stands with you in all phases of life. Every decision you take, they guide you always.

It’s been 13 years now and still, we are besties. You always looked after me and I wonder now, why? Now you are a mom but never forget your first child.

You can’t discuss everything with your family members, but you can with your friend. People who care for you will find a reason to be with you. According to studies, close friends share 1% of DNA with you. Isn’t that great? Your close friend always understands when you are in danger. They also dislike the person whose equation is not good with you.

Though we were schoolmates till now we never met in person. From Orkut to ludo partner it’s been 13 years now we can say we are a peculiar kind of best friends bound by social networking.

Not just an apple keeps a doctor away, friends also do. People with a large number of friends live longer. A mutual bond which grows with time.

On average, people have 3-5 best friends. I have six, what’s your score?

We are concerned about our friend, means a best friend is our responsibility, a sense of love and loyalty.

We get protective and possessive for our friend. We learn from each other, it’s more a commitment.

We urge to be in contact with each other, gossip, discuss and learn.

All I can say they are all family beyond blood relation.

Many great poets, authors have written books on friendship and one of the most popular show FRIENDS which was loved all over the places.

If you are missing your friend after reading this, remember your friend is a call away!!

Happy Friendship Day!!!

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Unlock 3 Guidelines.

Ministry of Health Affairs issued guidelines for Unlock 3 which will come into effect from August 1.

  • Night curfew is removed, now you are no more restricted to stay at home during the night.
  • Good news for fitness freaks: Gyms and yoga centres will reopen.
  • After a long time, we are about to celebrate function, independence function is allowed to celebrate ensuring that guidelines are protocols are followed.
  • International air travel has been permitted but in a limited manner.
  • All schools, colleges and coaching institutes will remain closed until 31st August.

However, the opening of cinema halls, entertainment parks, theaters, bar and similar places have not been yet decided.

Are you pleased with the guidelines of Unlock 3 or worried about your health?