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Is Jacqueline with Salman Khan during lockdown?

We all know, that Salman Khan is staying with his friends and family in the farmhouse. Also, Salman Khan in his YouTube video mentioned that some friends are also staying here.

Now Jacqueline’s picture on Instagram can prove that she is stuck in the farmhouse and enjoying every single moment with nature.

She is also endorsing and promoting brands staying at home. Her album with Badshah ” Genda Phool” released during the lockdown and is a superhit.

She has even promoted the trailer of her upcoming Netflix movie, Mrs Serial killer.

You can find the details of Mrs Serial Killer here:

She is also requesting and asking us to stay at home and stay safe in her video.

Salman Khan’s youtube channel is out now.

Jacqueline missing her mom during the lockdown.

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Four more shots, please! Is just not only about feminism. A must watch web-series.

Recently, I saw the ads of Four more shots, please! again. Last year, my friends did praise about the web-series but I assumed that it might be inspired by Kareena Kapoor’s Veerey Di Wedding and I decided to skip it because I wasn’t interested in watching any show based on feminism which shows how women have all rights to be badass.

This year, as we are in lockdown there is sufficient time to watch shows which varies by our taste.

So I started with Season 1 last Thursday night and finished the last episode of season 2 on Saturday afternoon.

I just loved the web-series. I tell you why?

Review in my way:

I am not going to write here the review for that you can just google it and find many articles and blogs on the same. Mine is a little twisted, I am not here to simply narrate the story but to make you understand why we must watch it. This web series is about four girls and the journey of their life. Why I liked the plot so much is because

  • All the actors have done justice to their acting.
  • Hats of to the leading ladies, all the four have justified their given roles and are a perfect fit.
  • Damini (Sayani Gupta), Umang (Bani J), Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) and Siddhi (Maanvi Gaagro) so the four girls met at a bar a few years back and bonded together.
  • The beautifully scripted storyline begins with someone’s success to others sorrow and sadness due to personal problems.
  • It actually shows the bond of friends and how important is it to have real friends in life.
  • Many of the times, we listen to others and do what pleases us because we trust a stranger more than others and we intentionally like to fall in the trap. Just like Anjana, who believed in someone.
  • Sidhi’s character shows how the family controls her since childhood and how she deals with body-shaming and finally starts to love herself.
  • In our society, we girls are grown and adapted the way our family and friends body-shame us, make fun of us. If we do something good, our own family doubt on our capabilities.
  • In my family, I am being fat-shamed and body-shamed since childhood. In many families, even in-laws mock and body-shame.
  • One of my cousins mocked at me for having readers and having fans on my page. Where this blog is even liked by Rangita Pritish Nandy and Maanvi Gagroo.
  • One of my knowns keeps abusing and threatening me when I give my views and opinions related to politics.

Must read:

  • Though it was not required the way she gained the confidence, learned self-love and discovers her skills and abilities.
  • Bani J as Umang is a bisexual and falls in love with Samaira (Lisa Ray).
  • Umang’s character was actually interesting, it showed how she wanted to live her life with her own individuality. Being a Punjabi village girl she transformed herself, sustained and survived. Though her partner initially refused to admit their relationship later on everything goes well and they head towards marriage.
  • The one thing, that Umang said, at last, was not to choose a person who keeps career over you and try to mould someone according to own. I fully agree, there must be mutual concern and agreement. A relationship must always be equal in the sense of loving, adjusting, understanding, compromising and sacrificing. I can say that Bani was a real fit for the character.
  • Damini’s character is about a girl who is a journalist and founder of her company. She has a strong will, striking confidence, responsibility and maturity. Her, life shows different shades related to different topics be it office politics, anti-nationalism, righteousness. She is someone having a strong will-power, writing about and standing by the truth.

The story covers topics like misogyny, inequalities, trolling. It’s actually difficult for girls to survive even in Modern India where there are so many idiots in this world. Even on Facebook, so many people keep messaging, calling continuously unnecessarily from Facebook messenger.

Must read:

  • Anjana is a lawyer and excellent at her work, however, her personal life is a total mess and she tries to fix out all the issues with her ex-husband. Trying to equally balance her life.
  • Being a successful lawyer, even she deals with the misogynistic behaviour of her boss. In my working career, even I have faced the same issue where higher authorities recommended my name for promotion based on my performance, but my immediate boss suggested a male colleague of mine because he could handle it better as he will not have to deal with home responsibilities.
  • Her character throws life about how difficult it is to raise a child, being a single mother, open relationship, infidelity, adultery.
  • I just loved her dress sense along with her makeover and lip-shades.

This is a complete entertainment during the lockdown. You can easily complete watching all the episode in just a days time.

Apart from the characters, you will love the editing, story-plot, sudden change of emotions in the storyline.

It’s a complete binge time for girls. You can rejuvenate your girl gangs memories while watching it and miss your friends.

Four more shots is bold, witty, fun to watch, delightful, glamourous, it gives you a message between all the glamour and shines of life.

Cinematography is very good.

While you are sitting at your homes you will be happy to virtually tour Istanbul, Jaipur, Goa and even you will love them to watch walking freely on streets and spending time in bars.

The web-series will remind you of FRIENDS as well. Just the coffee shop turned into a bar.

The series will make you miss your sleeping over at friends place, gossip and sharing.

Make you miss your friends and recollect the memories when they were with you during your wedding.

It will make you miss and encourage to plan a trip after things get normal.


Amazon Prime

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A Chinese love story

It was a beautiful morning, spring is approaching. Though it’s still cold in Shanghai yet everyone is getting ready for their office.

Shanghai, is the biggest city in China and the global business hub. Many big and small businesses run over there. People from different countries, villages, small towns and cities migrate to Shanghai in the search of work. A showpiece “Shanghai” is an example of booming industries of China.

Living in Shanghai has always been romanticised and another romantic story was about to start. The air was fresh, blowing romantically.

Jack Chen, a handsome and charming young boy who also lives in Shanghai is also getting ready for his office like all the other days. He stepped out of his house and walked towards his office. He was leaves nearby his office. He wants to earn lots of money and start his own business soon. He works hard every day and in the spare time, he loves to devote his time in personality development. He is a fun-loving guy and a helpful lad but still single in search of a right partner.

Today, as usual after marking his attendance he grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down on a chair in the pantry and kept reading something and scrolling down his messages on wechat.

Suddenly he heard the beautiful voice of a girl and looked up coming out from his mobile screen.

Girl: Can I sit next to you? (She pointed towards a chair lying beside Jack, all the chairs were occupied and that was only vacated).

Jack: (Hesitated and then stood up to great) Yes, of course, you can!

The girl liked the chivalry of Jack and sat with a smile. She initiated the conversation with Jack.

Girl: My name is Taurus, so you will work on the sales team?

Jack: Hello Taurus! It’s a unique and beautiful name, I work with the International sales team.

They continued to talk and after they finished the coffee left the pantry. When they walked by, Taurus giggled and laughed at Jack’s jokes and both exchanged their numbers.

They started to like each other’s company and spend time more time together.

One day, while they were talking, Taurus suddenly asked Jack:

Taurus: Why are you still single? Why you don’t find a girl for yourself?

Jack: Why I will find another girl for myself when I have you if you like, we can know each other far better.

Jack smiled and pulled Taurus closer, her hands tingled when he grabbed.

Taurus: Nice lines! Sure, we can do that.

Days passed and holidays started for Qingming festival, Taurus and Jack went shopping, watched movies, played games together. Jack realised more and more that she is the soul-mate. He thought to get propose her.

Already it was late evening they headed towards home. Jack dropped Taurus at her home but then he parked his car a little far from her home. He wanted to walk with her, it was drizzling, both started to walk. Jack grabbed Taurus’s hand and they both walked silently. Suddenly Jack stopped and said,

Jack: The way I feel now, I never felt before. I am the happiest person when I am with you. I always keep thinking about us all the time.

So will you, many years from now still hold my hands in yours and walk with me in all the phases of life? Will you marry me?

Taurus: (whispered) You are the one I can think about, you are very gentleman with a great sense of humour. She giggled and continued, ” I like your sun sign as well, I read somewhere a Piscean can be an ideal life partner. I love you! I will marry you!

After some time, Jack decided to start his own business, Taurus supported her. They both started their own business. They travelled to different parts of Asia for business and leisure. Soon after they returned from Thailand, they got engaged.

A few days later, Taurus discovered that she is pregnant. They went to the Philippines for photo-shoot.

While Jack and Taurus were looking at the sky holding hands, Jack said:

Jack: I am the happiest person on Earth today, and I will keep you always happy. I promise you, my fiancee, I will take you to all coasts of the world.

They soon got married and now they are expecting the baby in August.

All my best wishes to Jack and Taurus for their beautiful journey of life!!

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Sonakshi Sinha asks help from Mumbai police to deal with Vivek Agnihotri’s fake news.

In these hard times, people are spreading fake news.Why?

Vivek Agnihotri who is a Bollywood filmmaker, tweeted by sharing a picture where Sonakshi Sinha is standing outside of the studio with a caption, “Who shoots in such times”.

Soon it was tweeted, Sonakshi replied back by clearing the air also she decided to report the same to Mumbai police and seek help.

Must read:

What is the procedure to stop people from spreading rumours and fake news at a time like this? Asking for a responsible citizen, sitting at home, practising social distancing and NOT shooting – ME.

-Sonakshi Sinha

Bravo girl!

Sonakshi replied to the tweet and asked Vivek to clarify on the fake news, he is circulating.

So the picture shared by Vivek Agnihotri and Sonakshi’s tweet was liked, shared and retweeted. Many fans came out in her support and commented on the tweets.

Have a look:



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Domestic Violence has increased during lockdown.

There are two sides to every coin, on one side you find a happy relationship where the married couples are happy as they are able to spend time together.

As we are in the lockdown phase, many women are stuck to their houses, everyone doesn’t seem to have a simple and happy life. Some do survive in this toxic environment, where they are abused by family members and as everyone has not much now, some become victim and a few love to create problems.

Must read:

While people are avoiding the virus, they are also facing challenges by staying at home. Children are giving a hard time as they need a lot of attention and care, they love to play and get some time with friends. The lockdown has forced the kids to stay at home. They either watch television the whole day, fight with siblings, play at home or other problems.

During office con calls, I hear the voices of my seniors whole time asking their kids to be silent.

The kids don’t understand why their parents are unable to give them time when they are at home.

Women are in a greater risk of becoming a victim and similar incidents have been reported from different countries.

Based on my learnings from different articles shared by News18, The New York times, psychiatrists, views of my lawyer friends, opinions of some other friends and family members of mine, I thought of writing and sharing some useful tips:

But before I share the tips let’s first understand what are the different forms of abuse:

Abuse is not just about power and control, people do it out of the purpose to create troubles in other’s lives as well. A few families member can take advantage of this situation to create troubles in several ways, let’s see how:

  • Not providing shelter, driving them away from their house. Say Corona or no corona effect, we have witnessed such events where family members forced their daughter-in-law to leave the house which led her to live a miserable life.
  • Emotional and verbal abusing: Now as there is not much work, people have time, and instead of building and maintaining a healthy relationship a few choose to abuse others.
  • Family politics has increased, people have more time to call each other, gossip and play with other’s emotions leading to domestic terrorism or intimate terrorism.

I was taken aback when I read that a few are not providing masks to the women, allow them to wash hands or use sanitizer. They send the women out to buy groceries thinking that she might get infected by the virus and die.

Can you believe that? These Covidiots, don’t understand that if she contracts the same, all in her contact will also gets the same.

Many counties across the world like the UK, Brazil, Spain, China, the US, Italy, France, Australia etc are reporting a panicking rise.

As the burden of work for women has increased, rather than raising the hand to help, the perpetrators are loving to enjoy the time relaxing.

According to a sociologist who studies abusive relationships, domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer vacations, she said.

As entire India is in a lockdown state, Neha found herself all the time in the kitchen working all the time and trying to resolve the problems or fighting with her husband.

In another house, Fatima is holding her 3 years and 11 years old child, her husband began to beat her and locked her along with the children in a room. The kids and mother are starving for three days.

Somewhere in Delhi, Twinkle’s husband got frustrated as he is unable to meet his friends, drink alcohol and enjoy outside food and releases his frustration on his wife, the poor girl was bleeding and marks were all over her body. As his husband chocked her, her neck was in pain.

According to a Beijing-based NGO dedicated to combating violence against women says that there are cases reported of insecure husbands, who are keeping their wives under surveillance.

My opinion:

I feel the cases are rising in countries like America, China and the UK as the women are brave enough to take a stand. In India, whenever a woman wants to make a decision, she first thinks about society, parents and children. Calling the police will be the last option.

According to The Guardian, in Hubei province, domestic violence has tripled down.

If you are reading this, please imagine:

  • Staying in fear with a person yet limited options to move away
  • Getting body-shamed and fat-shamed
  • Deliberate poking by family members to create trouble.
  • Abusing and criticising
  • Stating comments
  • Controlling by every means
  • Sexual assault.

A home which is the safest place to many but a few are trapped inside with an abuser.

As News18 shared contact numbers, hereby I have just copied and pasted here.

Here are some phone numbers that can help you:

Elder abuse

Help Age India: 1800-180-1253

Dignity Foundation: 080 2654 2229

Child abuse

If you suspect that a child might be facing or witnessing abuse at home, call the police at 100 or Childline at 1098.

Domestic Violence


•NIMHANS Center for Well-Being – 9480829670

•Bembala – 99806 60548

•Parivarthan – 7676602602

•NIMHANS Perinatal Helpline – 8105711277


•iCALL – 9372048501/9920241248

•SNEHA – 98330 52684 / 91675 35765


•JAGORI – (011) 26692700

•Sakshi Violence Intervention Center: (0124) 2562336/5018873


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Ideas to surprise your partner after the lockdown is over.

We all are locked in our homes to fight against Corona for 21 days. This is a hard time for many couples who are not together at this moment. Some stay with their parents and even talking on the phone has become difficult for them. Some couples are staying in a long-distance relationship and they are away from their love as well as family. Everyone wants this phase to over and get back to our normal lives again. I have always been in the long-distance relationship hence anytime we meet it’s our Valentine’s Day. In all these eleven years, I have always shown my affection, love, care by sending gifts through courier or by online portals. You need to cherish the moment of reunion and celebrate it more than any other events of your love life. So when are you sitting at home idle you can show your talent on some of the arts and crafts. Before I share my ideas with you, let’s first know more about the origin of this festival. Earlier formal messages or letters were sent on the day. Then cards replaced messages. 1. Ideas to celebrate after lockdown : After lockdown still, it’s not safe to visit crowded places, if still, you want you can wear a mask and go for a long ride. So this suggestion is mainly for boys. 2. Gift something to your girls, as they didn’t go shopping for a long time or you can pamper her by booking Urbanclap services.3. Now, this is creative and girls can do. I have done this and sent a big box to my boyfriend a long time back. I remember when I was in graduation and bought 14 different gifts included, shirt, sweater cards on all 8 days, roses, chocolates to tell him how much you missed him.4.Handmade gifts: You can make handmade cards, a lot of videos and image you can search on YouTube and Pinterest where they teach you how to make cards or gifts. Explosion card box made by Mimi I made this explosion card 3 years back, so it’s not in good shape now. You can easily learn to make it or you can order in Amazon there you will find readymade cards or can be ordered as well. Similarly, you can make handmade cards, sketch and paintings. Fabric painting on bed sheet by Mimi 3. Scrapbooks: A beautiful idea to write your feelings, and rejoice the memories spent together by attaching pictures of all moments in a scrapbook is something that can make your lover shed tears. 4. Love message bottles You can write short messages and pour them in cute bottles and gift them to your lover. Again you can find this kind of gifts on Amazon and other online portals. Combine all small gifts and fill them in a basket, tie the basket with ribbon and your gift is ready. 5. Start: An innovate idea of gifting is you can find many apps where you can find how the starts were positioned on the day you met or said “yes”, got married and you can take a print out and frame it. Gift this to your love. 6. Cook romantic dishes when you meet: Pamper your lover or husband with homemade food, bake a romantic cake, prepare some favourite dishes for him and add more zest, seasoning, enthusiasm and sweetness in your relationship. You can comment so that our lovers can get more ideas to celebrate the beautifully.
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It’s a friendship day…!! But my friends are far away!!

The greatest gift you to yourself is making friends. This blog is dedicated to my friends who turned to my family. I am sure while reading this there is a smile on your face thinking of your friends. I am dedicating this blog to my best friends. She used to be with me all the time even we went to different cities as we grew, we kept travelling to meet each other. Distance never parted us.

Twinkle- We are together past 12 years, we  grew up together. We passed different phases of life and all I know that you are always with me. It’s lucky to have you who knows all secrets, struggles, sorrows and sufferings. We cherished and celebrated every moments, occasions and success together. Thanks for being with me…!!

How annoying they are, right? Still, they are so valuable to endure. A city we live in becomes so strange and difficult to live in without friends. If you close friends with whom you spent years and have witnessed the entire journey with you stand out to incredible. Read the love-story: Being an introvert person, I had fewer friends during school but yes out of those school friend one became my life partner and others became my family. I cried with them, laughed with them, we had parties together and they were always been there for me. My classmate turned out to be my soulmate.

Must read: You were like my network, wherever I go you were always with me. You were there when I wanted you during the most important event of my life. You managed everything like a sister.

5 years ago you were simply colleagues and then became friends. Companies did change but our bond grew stronger with time. You made my birthday’s special, a conversation with you every day over a cup of tea made my life easy. This blog is dedicated to my friends. “Har Ek friend jaruri hota hai” Be it be in your school or college, office or locality if you lack friendship it becomes arduous and strenuous to sustain.
I don’t know how to explain my feelings and friendship. You are too young to be my mother but you took care of my life her. I remember how you used to wake up early and cook breakfast and lunch for me on special occasions. You taught me the lessons of life today under your guidance I am a mature person.

Benefits of Friendship:
Not just an apple keeps a doctor away, friends also do. People with a large number of friends live longer. A mutual bond which grows with time. On average, people have 3-5 best friends.
It’s been 13 years now and still, we are besties. You always looked after I and I wonder now, why? Now you are a mom but never forget your first child.
You can’t discuss everything with your family members, but you can with your friend. People who care for you will find a reason to be with you. According to studies, close friends share 1% of DNA with you. Isn’t that great? Your close friend always understands when you are in danger. They also dislike the person whose equation is not good with you.
Any friendship that was born during the period of 17-25 lasts till the end. I truly believe in it. Friends reduce stress and make you overcome your depression. Your friends influence your weight. I do agree on the part as when I am on a crash diet they also feel the urge of reducing weight but the same doesn’t apply to me. When I eat, I don’t care if my friend is spending hours in the gym or dieting. Share your thoughts, dirty secrets, passion with each other. A true friend is one who stands with you in all phases of life. Every decision you take, they guide you always.
Essence of friendship You are concerned about your friend, means a best friend is your responsibility, a sense of love and loyalty. We get protective and possessive for our friend. You learn from each other, it’s more a commitment. Urge to be in contact with each other. A family beyond blood relation. Many great poets, authors have written books on friendship and one of the most popular show FRIENDS which was loved all over the places. If you are missing your friend after reading this, remember your friend is a call away!!
Happy Friendship Day!!!
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Signs to know that your partner loves you.

The world is full of fake emotions, fake people and fake love. In my life, I have seen people cheating, spending time with someone but not in love. It’s such heartbreak when you catch your partner cheating red-handed or when you are seeing future with him, he breaks up and never returns. When we buy even a dress we try it, take suggestion from our friends, bargain ( not in the fixed price shop), find if it’s worthy or not, compare the price with other stores or online apps and then we purchase it. Must Read: Why then we give our heart trusting blindly to someone? It’s always necessary to figure out whether you are in love with the right person. Remember on your tips the golden symbols : If your partner loves you he/she won’t be able to lie to you. More eye contact means true love. Trust is there, your partner will have faith in you. You will find unconditional love. Your partner will be happier when he sees you happy and smiling. Romance vanishes at a certain phase of time then it’s about commitment and being together, fighting for each other, that’s real love. Your true love has the ability of telepathy. Your partner can listen to your unsaid words, pain in you behind your smile will know your next step and you both will have the same thinking going in your mind. You will find immediate happiness within your partner while acknowledging. They will take your advice, suggestion and allow you to take the decision. They will always admire the way you are. They will love spending time with you. Follow me on Facebook:
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Couples get romantic during Lockdown phase!!..

Never ever in your life, you will get this opportunity again, even three generations haven’t spent so much time together.

Things couple can do in this lockdown mode:

Grooming each other:

I and my partner are enjoying this lockdown phase as we discuss the scope of improvement in our fields, as we know the feedback is always genuine and for our betterment.

We are our own hairstylist, personality developer, instructor, trainer and enjoying every part of it.

Just cuddling:

Let’s do nothing, just cuddle each other and forget all the problems that the virus is giving us for some time. Let’s live the moment of peace and relax our mind and soul.

Watch shows together

Now DD1 is trending with the highest TRP ever in decades, all our favourite shows Shaktiman, Ramayana being telecasted. We can watch them together or tune into some comedy shows, watching movies.

If you don’t like these options then Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube are similar apps are always available for you.

Bring Spa to your home

Nothing is more relaxing than a little massage, you can make it more romantic by lighting scented or normal candles, dim lights, soothing music, spraying room freshener.

Set a work-out time together

Fix your time every day for yoga, Zumba or any other exercise. As we all are staying all the time in our home and eating a lot, hence it’s beneficial for us to give some time for fitness activities.

It’s a win-win situation when you do it together as you both can motivate each other. You both can set goals and persuade each other.

Play indoor games together

You can spend time playing video games, board games, Uno, tombola, cards together.

Playing together is good, it’s freshening also it does makes you competitive but it’s always fun playing with your partner.

Turn house into club

Turn the house into the club with lights, music and dance. As we can’t go out and spend our weekends it clubs, nevertheless, you have your drinks at home.

Show your dance moves as no one is to judge you, you are not limited to a smaller section and squeezed between others, you have the whole floor to rock and roll.

Movie time

As all cinema halls are closed, book your ticket at the hall you own, watch it on your own screen with popcorn and coke.

Romantic dinner

Cook your favourite cuisine together, create a romantic ambience and enjoying your food with a lot of healthy conversation.