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Trip to Nainital-Reviving my memories during the lockdown.

If you want a break from your monotonous life and daily job pressure, worries and tensions.

Then I seriously recommend you to enjoy your weekend on the lap of nature.

Nainital is a very famous hill station and only 345 km away from Delhi. However, Nainital is a place where you will find tourists coming throughout the year.

However, the off-seasons are from July-October. I prefer to pay a visit to the city of lakes during the rainy season or between Nov-March.

Mesmerized with the alluring beauty of nature, the huge mountains and extended greenery are what your eyes are seeking for.

Let’s see Nainital through my eyes. As it was the rainy season I avoided going by road. However, buses and cabs are available, you can even go by your own vehicle.

So I booked my seat in Shatabdi express. It left at 6:20 am in the morning from Delhi Station and I reached Kathgodam at 11:40 am. From there I took a taxi and reached the Dynasty Resort.

Dynasty resort is in Khurpatal, 10 km away from the hustles & bustles of the city. The place gives you a breathtaking view of big mountains covered with pine trees and greenery all around. Khurpatal (lake) changes its colour and beauty is so amazing that even it can’t be explained by adjectives that I can use to make you imagine. Even the place is actually more beautiful than the pictures on the website or taken by us.

View of Khurpatal and mountains from my balcony, Dynasty resort.

So I relaxed there for the day as I wanted to capture all the scenic views and inhale the pure oxygen. It was raining when I reached but at around 3 pm the sky was clear and the sun peeped out from the clouds.

From the balcony, I could see the sun rays falling on some mountains while the other mountains were full of clouds. The spectacular view made me feel like being in paradise.

Next day, I left for the sight scene. The resort provides paid cab services for the whole day.

Nainital Sight scenes:

There are many places to visit in Nainital. You can find a list on Google but I picked a few points. I am going to share about those places I visited:

1. Golu Devta Temple

I started my journey with the temple, though off the track for a romantic trip but believe me, this God is known for fulfilling wishes and my prayers were also heard and he fulfilled my wish. What else you want in this world full of negativity, where everyone is busy in backbiting and backstabbing, God is there for you.

This temple is situated in Bhowali, near to Nainital.

Golu Devta is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This temple is also known as bell temples. Devotes make petition to the temple, to seek their desires or wishes on the accomplishment of the wish the deity is shown gratitude or tribute by hanging bells in the Temple.

I reached the temple, bought the puja thali along with a bell and started to climb stairs of the temple.

2. Waterfall

There is a small waterfall near Nainital, it is on the list of side scenes. There you can click some amazing pictures and enjoy a cup of coffee with snacks.

3. Tiffin Top.

It is located in Ayarpatta hills, best for a mesmerizing view. It bestows a spectacular view of Himalayas.

4. Snow View Point

This is the oldest viewpoint from where you can have had a glance of the snow-clad Himalayan range. You can see through the telescope, few people sit there with a telescope who charge 10-20 INR. You can enjoy horse riding in both snow viewpoint and Tiffin top.

Apart from tea or coffee, you can enjoy boiled chickpeas or grams, roasted corns.

5. Lovers point & suicide point.

Between tiffin top and snow viewpoint, two other halts are also famous with the name as lovers point and suicide point.

6. Eco-cave gardens.

This place stands for caves, it encompasses seven caves and is enjoyed especially by children. You can enjoy the amidst nature and the beautiful flowers in the park.

This park is closed during rainy season.

7. Tea Garden

Shyamkhet tea garden in Bhowali, near the vicinity of Dynasty hotel and Golu Devta temple lies the tea garden. Not just you will find a beautiful tea garden in the wide expanse, your pictures are also going to come out really lovely.

8. Naini lake

Here comes the queen of the kingdom, Naini lake is a freshwater body which is kidney-shaped and is located right in between of the township Nainital.

It’s like a dream when you reach there, beautiful hotels and colourful boats in the lake, surrounded by people and lots of food option to spoil you with the chilling air.

You can enjoy boating, shopping and eating or just gaze upon.

9. Naini Temple

Just beside Naini lake, Naini temple is situated you can seek blessings from there.

10. Mall Road

A popular shopping area of Nainital, here you find shops for handicraft, candles, restaurants, clothes, jewellery, etc.

However, my suggestion to Delhiites is to avoid buying winter wears like jackets or sweater. Delhi markets provide us with the more cheaper option with varieties.

Things to buy: You can buy candles, stoles, shawls for gift purpose or for yourself.

Handicraft items for decoration are also good to go.

Things to eat: Nainital does not have any special cuisine but you can enjoy momos, hot chocolate otherwise you will find a lot of Delhi food chain or restaurants inspired by Delhi Cuisine.

Some kind of sweets are famous in Uttarakhand you can enjoy that.

Travel diaries- Lansdowne

Lansdowne trip-A drop of Heaven. Best time to visit |Suggestions related to the trip | Hotels| Sightseeing | Guide

A hill station not generally known to many people can turn down to be your heaven on earth.

Welcome to Lansdowne. A peaceful hill station in Uttarakhand.

This place is a beacon of serene beauty, the baton of positive energy because of its greenery, fountains. Most importantly, it is not polluted or overcrowded. As fewer people know about this place you will discover peace, away from all the hustles and bustles of your life. The fog will pass through you and silence over the place will bring in more positivity and calmness in you.


Lansdowne was founded and then developed by the British in 1887. It was developed by the British to cater the Recruits Training centre of the Garhwal rifles.

Presently, the famous Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army has its command office here.

How to reach Lansdowne: Based upon my trip.

Based in Delhi, I went to Lansdowne through private conveyance.

It is the nearest hill station from Delhi with the distance of 250 km from it.

We can reach Lansdowne by three ways:

Train: Kotdwar is the nearest railway station. One has to either hire a taxi/ take a shared taxi or opt for bus.

The distance from there is 44 km and on the way to Lansdowne, you can enjoy the spectacular & panoramic views.

Aeroplane: The nearest airport is Dehradun which is 152 km far away.

After landing you can again opt from multiple options to reach Lansdowne.

I am adding the below option because I chose it for my journey.

Ola Outstation: I will recommend booking an Ola outstation because you get a trained driver, a pick and drop facility, goes with you wherever you want, hence solves all your purpose for sight-seeing and shopping.

The driver’s accommodation and food is not your responsibility. Ola provides them with their daily wages to stay.

Charges: It cost us around Rs.8500 for the entire trip and is advisable when you are planning to visit Lansdowne in a group.

As there is no direct mode of commutation, hiring a cab is beneficial. Alternatively, you can take your own 🚖.

Likewise, I shared the easiest way of travelling to Nainital in my previous blog. If you are planning to visit Nainital, you can click on the link below

Journey begins:

Our Ola cab reached Nehru place at 11 pm. It was the meeting point for us friends, and then we headed towards The Oberoi to collect the pastries and Champagne we ordered to celebrate our anniversary.

We had a whole night journey and we halted at some roadside eating joints (Dhaba) twice.

Around morning 7, we entered kothdwara and paid the toll allowing us to open the doors of heaven.

The road trip was mesmerizing and can’t be just expressed in words. The greenery and the flowing rivers with the cloudy weather were all adding woos to the journey.

The view was so picturesque and fascinating that even a blink of my eye will make me miss some of its beauty.

We reached our resort at 9 am and went straight to our respective rooms to freshen up and catch up some rest.

After our lunch, we headed to sight-scene at 1 pm.

Places to visit:

  1. Tip N Top

Tip and top or tiffin top is a small hilltop viewpoint and a perfect place to watch over horizon. This is the best place to watch complete skyline, Shivalik range, panoramic Garhwal hills with majestic Himalayan range.

To our disappointment, it kept raining the whole day and fog all over, so we weren’t able to watch the mountain ranges but still, it was beautiful. There is a small cafe which provides Maggi, tea-coffee, pakodas( fritters), honey chilli potato etc.. After clicking pictures, we enjoyed Maggi and coffee there. Though I am not able to recollect the name, the taste is awesome and we enjoyed our scrumptious treats.

2. St. John’s Church

The church was built-in 1936, it’s a small yet beautiful Church. In winters it gets covered by snow enhancing its beauty manifold.

3. Darwan Singh Regimental Museum

The museum has the collection of arms, uniforms, rarest photographs of army generals, certificates and details about the origin and achievements of Garhwal Rifles.

A place where you can turn the pages of history.

4. Bhulla lake

Bhulla Lake is loved for its tranquillity amidst greenery. It is a famous picnic spot. You can also enjoy boating here.

Lansdowne is a small place and we completed our trip by 5 pm. We stayed there for one night and skipped some of the temples because our motive was to relax and sit with friends. We took a round to the market which is very small and provides basic necessities. We went there to buy a cake for the midnight celebration. After asking from the localities we finally found a small bakery, it was the only cake-shop in entire Lansdowne which was indeed very small and had limited items.

The resort where we stayed had an activity zone. We tried a few of them, sat on the lawn outside our rooms and ordered food, played several games and enjoyed the sunset. By 7 pm, it was all dark and silent.

The very next morning after breakfast we checked out and returned to Delhi.

A beautiful journey I won’t forget and a day’s stay is enough.

Best time to visit Lansdowne:

The best time to visit is from February-August


Try to avoid the rainy season as landslides happen a lot. In winters the temperature fluctuates between 0-20 degrees. Extreme cold causes snowfall.

Hotels and Resorts to stay:

Blue pine resort gives you amazing stay.

Rio resort: You will find a beautiful view of the river and mountains.

Windsor Cottages: We booked our cottage here and it was a little away from the main city as it is constructed a way higher than the market.

The food and place is good.

Share your experiences with us and let me know if my blog was useful to you.