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Body shaming is nothing new.

Emily a 25 years old girl, got married in a well-educated family. One fine day, while Emily and her sister-in-law were preparing snacks for a family function. They suddenly heard her mother-in law’s discussion with her relatives.
Must Read: Both my daughters-in-law are not beautiful. “Sheila kali hai, height bhi Kam hai”(Sheila is not fair and slightly short-sighted )and Emily ki aankh choti hai, billi jaisi lagti hai” ( Emily’s eyes are small, she looks like a cat). She continued, my sons deserve more beautiful girls, after all, they are so handsome.
Must read: Though both Emily and Sheila are highly educated still they are bullied and body shamed by their own family members, they are the bride-in-a-hostile-family.
Zoe was a fat girl and since childhood, she was bullied in school, she was always suggested to eat less and start exercising. People laughed behind her back. She locked herself in the room and every day she used to pray to God to make her slim. On the other hand, Amanda waited for a miracle to happen which could make her skin tone lighter. In our society, we are not just been judged by nature but immensely judged by the looks. We have often heard people taunting and commenting on us. The mindset of people can’t change so easily but the Government has always taken a stand to abolish this discrimination. ASCI ( Advertising Standards Council of India) has always taken time to time measures on the advertisement. In 2014, ASCI states not to reinforce advertisement that communicates negative social stereotyping on the basis of skin colour. In 2018, the government banned creams which contained steroids. Government announces 50 lacs fine Or jail for 5 years on ads communicating urge of fairness. This rule is implemented at any means whether in the form of advertisement whether audio-visual, banner, online marketing, poster. Etc. Companies cannot advertise that sends a message that people are upset, discriminated, neglected or crying on the basis of skin tone, obesity, weight & height. I hope all the Emily, Sheila, Zoe and other beautiful girls get to live in a world free of unbiased people.
Zoe-Light of Moon

Zoe-Page 11

Remember Nile.!!
Zoe’s college friend, Nile & Zoe joined Niti’s group of girls, these girls were much more interested in hanging out with boys rather than studying. Both the girls were enjoying the new company.
Niti, Nile, Zoe and a girl called Pooja went for shopping together, watched movies and use to hang out.

On the other hand, Gunj never called Zoe or Rudra. Rudra kept losing hope and stopped waiting for her call.

One day, Pooja introduced her boyfriend to the girls and all made a plan for the movie together.

Pooja’s boyfriend Ajay was an average looking boy he was working in a company and was around 7-8 years older than Pooja whereas Pooja was a dumb girl with dusky looks. Pooja was madly in love with Ajay, however, Ajay wasn’t.

On the very decided day, the girls reached the PVR complex and were waiting for Ajay.

Zoe was looking very cute in her Mickey mouse pink top & skirt.

Finally, Ajay came along with his three more friends. Ajay’s plan was to get his friends to introduce with the girls. One of the boys, Mohit feel for Zoe during their first interaction. Pooja and Ajay got a mission to bring Zoe and Mohit together. They made them sit together and kept teasing both.

Zoe wasn’t enjoying the company at all, Mohit was not the man Zoe was looking for as he didn’t match Zoe’s parameters of being a boyfriend. Mohit was a sleek guy with dusky looks and had the Bundelkhandi accent. He seemed to be very desperate to make a girlfriend.
After the movie, Mohit asked Zoe for her number and she refused. Nile and Zoe made excuse to leave and returned to their respective place.

After they left, Pooja had a fight with Ajay. Ajay was forcing Pooja to share the number of Zoe with Mohit though Pooja was earlier part of the plan she didn’t expect things would turn so ugly.

Zoe was sitting in her room suddenly Sam called her. This time Sam, called Zoe after 10 days, Zoe was so excited and she shared everything with Sam along her friendship with Rudra and how she spent her day, about her studies.

Sam was disappointed to know that Zoe was in touch with Rudra and he started abusing him. He asked Zoe, not to stay with Rudra as he is not a decent boy to make friendship with. He stated that Rudra used to make fun of her bulkiness. Sam had no idea that how much weight she has reduced. So he tried to play with her emotions portraying Rudra a villain.

Zoe wasn’t ready to hear against Rudra though Sam was a best friend she listened to him. Zoe was upset and she convinced herself that Rudra was never the boy for her.

She ignored Rudra’s call and messages for a few days but suddenly one evening, she got a call from an unknown number.

She picked up the call, it was around 9 pm.

Unknown: Hello Zoe, I like you and I want to talk to you.

Zoe: Who’s on the line?

Unknown: I am Mohit, you remember we met.

Zoe: How did you get my number?

Mohit: That’s not the concern, I can easily get the number. You talk to me.

Zoe: I am not interested in talking to you.

Mohit: Don’t hang up the call otherwise I will come to your hostel now.

Zoe was scared however she hanged up the call and switched off her mobile.

Next morning, when she reached College she found Mohit was already waiting for her outside the main entrance.

Seeing Zoe, he started following her with his bike and stopped her.

Mohit: I asked you to talk to me, why did you hang up the call?

Zoe: I didn’t want to talk to you, go out of my way.

Mohit: Recieve my call else I will keep following you. You are mine and you must keep this in your mind from now.

Zoe was scared with the threatening, she was so scared that she left immediately from college to her hostel.
Mohit called her now and then and she used to avoid her calls.

She was in real need of help, Rudra called her but she avoided her as well.
Finally, she called Sam and he was least interested in helping her. Sam suggested her to remain in the hostel for a few days and asked for Mohit’s number but the call didn’t stop.

Mohit and his friends started to stand outside his hostel. It became difficult for Zoe to step out of her hostel even.

A week passed and Zoe didn’t go to college; she wasn’t responding friends calls, so Nile got worried and visited her hostel along with Pooja.

Nile knocked at the door and Zoe opened it, she was happy to see her but her happiness flew away in a moment when she saw the next face arousing.

Zoe narrated the whole story and both Nile and Zoe busted on Pooja. Nile got furious to her finally she admitted that she did share the number as Ajay was pressurizing her a lot.

Zoe asked Pooja to leave her hostel immediately. Nile suggested Zoe to take help of another friend who can talk to Mohit else complaint to police.

After Nile left, Zoe was worried she wasn’t able to figure out anybody and she had no local male friends, hostel girls won’t help her. While she was thinking, her phone rang and it was Rudra’s call.

Zoe picked up the call :

Rudra: Hey, how are you? I have been calling you for a week, either your number is switched off or busy.
What has happened, why are you ignoring me?

Zoe: I am in trouble, a guy called Mohit is threatening me since a week it has become difficult for me to step out from my hostel. I haven’t been to college for a week.

Zoe narrated the whole story to Rudra.

Rudra: …Took a deep breath..

don’t worry I have few friends in Gwalior and give me his number. I will speak to him and try to solve it else we will go to the police station.

Zoe shared Mohit’s number with Rudra.

After the call ended, Rudra started thinking if he could really help Zoe. He checked his phonebook to find out his friend’s number to find his reach in Gwalior .

Will Rudra help Zoe or Sam will be the one who will get her out from the troubles ?

What will happen to Zoe ?

Mohit will stop threatening her or the world is unsafe for a girl residing alone ..

Many guys keeps sending messages on Facebook or WhatsApp even when a girl ignores. They start to follow and force a girl to fall in love …

This isn’t love nor a girl likes those kind of boy .

What’s your opinion about this ?

Share with me..