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Buddha-Bottle paint.

I painted Lord Buddha on a bottle. It’s easy you can also give it a try.

Step 1.

Soak the empty bottle in water for 24 hours so that the label comes out and it gets clean.

Step 2.

To paint your glass bottles, you can use glass paint or acrylic paint.

Lord Buddha face

On the first day, I painted the face of Lord Buddha here and formed the base.

Buddha painted in the bottle.

Completed the front side. I have used both acrylic and glass paints. The base is formed by glass paints.

I am creating this bamboo tree so that the bottle gives a complete theme of Lord Buddha meditating somewhere in the forest which is surrounded by bamboo, trees, Bodhi tree and lotus.

Bottle art Led lamp.

Basically, I want to paint my entire imagination on this bottle. So after the painting is completed I filled the bottle with Led light. So I bought an LED cork light which is easily available on Amazon or Flipkart.

Buddha art painting

So I shared both the videos with you, one is how it looks in dark and the other when lights are turned on.